On the 9th of March our beloved Pope Kyrillos passed away .
Every step and every second in the life of Saint KYRILLOS VI and after he joined the victorious church was full of very nice and interesting stories and miracles . To know more about it , and to learn how to keep close to God and trace the steps of our beloved SAINT KYRILLOS VI , to reach his aim and have the pleasure of living for ever with JESUS CHRIST , we offer you a free book in English or Arabic , and a monthly e-mail .
Pope Shenouda the III with his father Saint Kyrillos the VI
Special request :
If you'd like to receive a monthly message with some of his miracles , or his teaching messages , please send us your e-mail address .
We will appreciate to receive any stories or miracles related to Pope KYRILLOS VI , and we will be happy to pass it to his monastery to arrange to be published , and also we may send it via e-mail to all our friends on the net .
Upon your request we can send you a book in Arabic or English about Saint KYRILLOS , and also blessed oil from the monastery of St. MINAS the Martyr ( THIS IS A FREE SERVICE ) .
Note : part of what is written in this page is abstracted from the book " The Miracles of Pope Kyrillos ( Ciryl ) VI , published by Sons of Saint Kyrillos VI .
May the blessing of our beloved Saint POPE KYRILLOS VI be with all of us . Amen .