God's mercy in respond to the prayers of Pope Kyrillos and his intercessor St. MINA.

"I Found Pleasure in Her Words , and It Gave Me Peace." Added on 08.07.1998
"I Felt Fingers Were Moving Inside My HEAD." Added on 15.07.1998
"Pope Kyrillos VI and the Gift of Revelation of the Unknown ." Added on 25.07.1998
"He left His picture as a sign of recovery ." Added on 08.08.1998
"My Son Also ." Added on 28.09.1998
"SAY I'M INNOCENT , YOUR HOLINESS ." Added on 28.09.1998
"Leaving CHURCH ." Added on 28.09.1998
"A complicated childbirth ." Added on 28.09.1998
"He Knew all he did." Added on 28.09.1998
"Sent from Mr. Michael A. Sayed - Sydney NSW Australia ." Added on 01/1999