A PRAY FOR LOVE , found with Popeís Kyrillos handwriting :
LORD , God and savior Jesus Christ ,
who knows whatís in everyoneís heart and kidneys , who gives love and implants it in the heart so that we feel it and understand its value , even if we apart from each other . Yes LORD , this is a great heavenly gift , You give it to people who unite in one heart , always asking in their prayers and supplications saying " O LORD plant the tree of pure love in us . " We ask You O God to keep the tree growing more and more to give its fruits thirty , sixty and a hundred .
Christ of God who is rich in mercy , protect us with Your powerful hand from the evil one , who makes our souls grim with anger in an instant , without us noticing . He can also make us say things that can hurt others , while when we think it over again on our own we regret it . And , as You know , O Master , that we are powerless against his tricks , make us victorious over him , and control him so that he canít come over us . Set a guard , O LORD , over my mouth ; keep watch over the door of my lips . Make us able to consider the insults from others to our benefits , to feel humble . Hold us with Your right hand and protect us by the shadow of Your wings , and guide our steps on the path of righteousness . Glory , honor , dominion and worship are due to You together with Your Father and the Life - Giving and consubstantial Holy Spirit , now and forever .
" Amen ." added to the home page 08.08.98.