" The Lord took notice of the lowliness of His lord-slave…… the Almighty has done great things for me……. He dethroned princes and lifted up the lowly " .
Pope Kyrillos VI’s relationship with the Virgin Mary goes back to his childhood , when our LADY honored his family’s home by Her visit to a sick member of the family .
There is no doubt that this relation was still strong during his monastic life and the hole duration of his leadership of the church . And finally she honored his leadership time with Her appearance on the Zeitoun Church in Egypt .
Saint KYRILLOS predicted several times about the time of Her apparition , Winifred Cook , a reporter from the New Jersey Newspaper wrote in the issue of May 9th 1970 , what was told by Pearl - an American lady married to an Egyptian professor Dr. George Zaki . This lady was in Cairo for a visit . When she heard about the Virgin's apparition , she decided to go and see for herself ."
She kept on going to the church for four nights and every time she would stay for more than four hours in prayers and worship without seeing anything . On the fifth night , she decided to go and visit the pyramids , then she heard that the Virgin appeared . The American lady was very sad and went to meet Pope KYRILLOS VI who comforted her saying : " YOU WILL SEE HER TONIGHT " . The lady went to the church of Zietoun and at 4 o’clock in the morning , 4000 people started cheering and rejoicing the appearance of the Virgin Mary .