St. Kyrillos and St.Minas the Martyr
It is very difficult to explain or describe the strong relation between both of them .
Many years before Saint Kyrillos joins the monastery or start his leadership to the church he was always asking for the assistance and help of Saint MENAS whom has joined the victorious church more than 1600 years before . Their relation was very strong , and was even more like friends , many people went to Pope Kyrillos VI asking for his prayers to solve a problem or to cure an illness , and SAINT KYRILLOS VI usually answered that he would send them Saint MENAS , and he always did .
SAINT KYRILLOS VI was very eager to return back the glory of the name of SAINT MENAS the MARTYR in Egypt , after his city in Mariott , which is known till now as " BOMNAH " or " BO MINA " which is slang language with the meaning " Saint MINAS " .
The visitor of the Saint MINAS Monastery today will see a dream of SAINT KYRILLOS VI which came into reality because of his good will , and his and Saint Minas prayers , and the assistance of all their lovers from all over the world .