The date is the Thirtith of the Coptic month of Amshir .
His Christian name before entering the monastery was : Azzer Yousef Atta. He was born on the 8th of August 1902 , in Damanhour, to Christian parents , lovers of Church and Christian principals.
When he grew , it was his privilege to sit alone in his room and concentrate on reading the Holy Bible and studying religious subjects and Hymns. In July 1927 He decided to enter the monastery, so he resigned from his good civil position and was enrolled in El Baramous Monastery during the Era of Pope Kyrillos the fifth.
He remained for several months under probation, till he was accepted by the monastery leaders to join them as a monk . He was announced on the 17th of Amshir ( 24th February 1928) under the name of MINA EL-BARAMOSY . On the 18th of July 1928 he was appointed as Highomenous MINA El_BARAMOUSY . He continued for some time to study in the Coptic Faculty for Spiritual studies ( El Eklerikia ) . When he heard that he was promoted by POPE JOUANES to be appointed as a Church Bishop , he escaped to the monastery of Saint Shinouda in Souhag . But when he was ordered by the Pope to return back , he declared that he prefers to live in solitary. He was granted this request, under the supervision of the Senior member of EL Baramous Monastery Highomenous Abd El-Mesih El- Masoudy . He lived in solitary in a cave , one hour-walking apart from the monastery .
At the beginning of 1936, he lived in a wind mill, in the desert of Old Cairo, where he continued his daily prayers. In 1941 he was appointed as Head of Monastery Saint Samuel in Al-Kalmun Mountain near Maghagha. He renewed the monastery and its churches , built rooms for the monks of the monastery . Lots of well known spiritual men were his students in this monastery ( e.g. Father Andraws El Samou’ily ) .
In 1947, he moved to old Coptic Cairo, where he built the Church of Saint Mina the Martyr , with the little money he received . He practiced building by himself with the laborers. The elite of his students were appointed as bishops in the same church. In 1949 he established a house for the living of foreign students. He was known for his deep faith and continual worship . Patients from every where in Egypt came to visit him, he prayed for their healing . Because of his strong faith, God gave him the privilege of heeling , during his life, and still after he passed away.
The Holy Spirit chose him to be the POPE OF ALEXANDRIA , on the 10th of May 1959 (2nd of Beshans 1675).
On 28th of June 1959 he appointed Artibishop Gathlik for Ethiopia . A decree was held between both Egyptian and Ethiopian Churches to persist holy love between them.
In November 1959 he laid the foundation stone of the Big Monastery of Saint Mina in Mariuot Desert . A part of his Holy Relics was returned to the monastery . A Cathedral and 3 churches were also built in the huge area of the monastery .
In January 1965 He ruled the Committee of Eastern Orthodox Churches in Addis Ababa , which was the first (Masconic) and ( Non-Khalkadonic) committee for the Eastern Churches held in the recent era. The committee discussed important topics related to the Holy Services and Preaching in this era , also the relation between the attendant churches and other churches.
In the same year he upgraded the Big Cathedral of Saint Marcos in Cairo , which was built more than 100 years before , and decorated it with new paintings.
In 1967 He processed the holy Miron ,which was considered a very important event, as it was the 26th turn in the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
On the 2nd of April 1968 , The Holy Virgin , Saint Mary showed over the domes of Her Church of Zeitun in Cairo . It was a great Holy announcement , unprecedented since the Holy Spirit held on the Apostles fifty days after reprcussion . The Holy show was by huge resurrection lights that could not be predicted by human beings. This Holly Event dominated for several months, during which thousands of patients were healed from their severe illness : The blind eyes opened, the crippled walked, the evil spirits departed. God was glorified by all people of different religions and nations who obtained sympathy and faith .
In June 1968 Pope Kyrillos received the Holy Relics of Saint Marcos after being absent from his land Egypt for more than eleven centuries . The Holy Corpse was buried in a specially built grave , under the Alters of the Great New Cathedral of Saint Reways built by The Pope and was opened in a great holy festival attended by President Nasser and Emperor Hila Slasy of Ethiopia and delegates from most of the world Churches .
Pope Kyrillos the Sixth did not forget at any time that he is the poor monk Mina the solitary . His meals were so poor and simple. Many days he lived on dry bread and salt. In all his fastenings he used to have one single meal after sunset and the Holy Service which he used to hold every day. His dress was so simple. Slept very few hours.
He continued his daily prayers , starting early in the morning, followed by the Holy Service , praying in a low solemn voice, his head bent down , with closed eyes. Many times he could not stop his tears from falling . He was so humble , his door opened for any body who wanted to sit with him and talk about his problems. He was a guide to many lost souls . So many were saved by his prayers, so many were healed from their sickness, so many evil spirits departed those they possessed with simple prayers coming from his heart.
He used to pray almost the whole day, from the early morning till the late nights , in the church, in his room, during his meetings, during walking, even during eating , concentrating his mind and heart on GOD ,It was truly said that he is a man of prayers and miracles.
He bore so many hard experiences , in and out the church . he was the man for whom Saint Paul the Apostle said " All those who want to live in purity with Jesus Christ are attacked " . But Hand of God always saved him, none of those who opposed him ever won .
When at last The Almighty wanted to give an end to his sufferings, he was informed several times in dreams and holy announcements, which he declared to his intimates . He sickened shortly. On the day he passed out, he met some of his followers, when the last person departed , he raised the cross, that was always held in his hands and said " God shall guard you " , He entered his bed room and passed away . He was buried under the Alter of the new Cathedral.
His body was transferred in a great solemn festival to the Monastery of Saint Mina the Martyr in Mariuot , following his will, to be near the Great Saint, in a day when it rained and thundered in a way that never happened before .
Blessings of this Great Saint be with us. Glory of God for ever, Amen.