This is a pittsburgh graffiti page. If you've never been before and your looking for a place to start...theres a LIES production running on the busway that's nice, another LIES production down southside with some of them kids from pheonix[sp?]. Be sure to check that busway for some hall of fame type shit, the mad active southside and of course them freights.. otherwise check the what's new section.

In other news i spent the whole summer with my boy ST woking on a page that had a heavy graphics and java-oriented interface, but decided to scrap the project so as not to exclude any of the kids with the older computers. Even though the only parts that work are the 'what's new' and 'trains', you may wanna check it out..

If you have any pixs that you me to post, then just scan em and email em to me..the only things i wont post is shit ganked from other pages...


last updated 03/20/99