3 new pix, 2 fr8s from SAG ONE and a chemist char from this summer down on the southside...my camera is awol so the only updates we'll be getting for a while are ones that you send too *me*


about 20-30 random pixs, some fr8s, southside, polish hill,various, and bombing..and some sketches...none of these pix are too new to the city, but this site was due for an update..


after a long summer we have some updates...let *me* know if you find any bugs..


added 2 new fr8s, from LA and ohio


well, i fix alot of the credits, mostly in the busway section, dealing with kids in nsf, pfg and sda crews, most of the info sent in from MIKRO....if ya see anything else fucked up let me know...


got 3 pix from under the bridge on the way into homested from 376, and some formatting junk...planning on a outline section, but i can't do it unless you send something to me..


rescanned and compressed some of the pix from oakland and polish hilll


another page or so of south side stuff thats pretty juicy...i made the thumbnails really low resolution this time, so they're more blury than i'd like, but for you suckers with slow modems the tables load faster...oh yeah-> some of you kiddies should quit trying to cop fame so much on this message board and go and earn it....


well its been pretty busy around here lately, finals r all next week, and somehow i justfied spending boo-koo time on this...the first big addition is the freights page, with all the flix sent in by ONOROK. thanx. there is also a south side section...i have another 10-15 pix i havn't scanned yet, so check 4 those soon...also added another pix to the oakland section, which is no longer 'north oakland' cause theres not enough graf for north and south to have there on sections....


put 11 new pix in the busway page...a couple of the orginal pictures were underexposed, that why the last few are lookin kinda swag...if it bothers you than go take good pix and send em to me.


added 10 new pix to the busway page...


I got another 10 names of writers to go with their pieces, from NECSKE NSF, who's been a great resource for this page...


well, try out this slick little feature i added today, a message board. The idead is that ya'lls can say whatever the fuck you want about anything you want...come up with your own little topics bout the pittsburgh scene, or whatever...let me know whatcha think.


wow...i usually get around to this thing bout once a month...but i got bout 10 credits to the pix on the "east busway" sect. courtesy of MIKRO


the first new thing is this little "new shit" section duh...well, i bout doubled the number of pix in the "east busway" section, some oldies in there from like '90...OH YEAH: i made (very) low resolution thumbnails of all the pix so the tables load alot faster...so even though some are blury, the pix still view fine, and its 2 quik...speakin of tables, yes i know there fucked up, but ive been sittin on some of these pix 4 2 long and i just wanted to get em out there...well i did some basic formatting shit 2...and i have some pix from Bmore and DC, i was there last week...i don't think ill post em, but if you wanna see em or trade let me know, they should develop this week...