About Me

So who the hell are you, anyway?

Glad you asked. My name is Jess, as those of you who are more observative than others may have already guessed. I'm seventeen years old, and I live in a rather...uneventful suburb in good ole Pennsylvania. Trust me, folks, there's nothing exciting happening in my neck of the woods.

How'd you get started on fanfiction?

Well, we all remember the infamous "Full Disclosure" back in February, don't we? Callous!Mulder jumped out at me, and, in a storm of emotion that needed to be controlled, I sat down during study hall and screamed my feelings out on paper. Apparently, I think I'm Scully, since I wrote it from her POV. That story became "Personal," my first fanfic, which I'm ::blushes:: rather attached to, although I hope I've matured a little, writing-wise, since then. The rest, as they say, is history...

Scullyist or Mulderist?

90% Scullyist. Call me a Scullderist. I tend to be able to see more clearly into Scully's mind, to understand her actions more than I can Mulder's. But then there are episodes, "Arcadia" coming to mind, when I see poor Moose offering and Squirrel refusing that I have to stick my tongue out at DS and offer comfort to FM. Yet, times like 2F/1S happen, and I find myself wishing the Foul One would kill Mulder then turn the knife on herself. Eh.

You seem to be stuck in a neverending circle of MSR. Are you ever going to try anything new?

I have a bunch of respect for those writers who can tackle a Scully/Skinner, Mulder/Krycek, slash, or /Other story, but frankly, it's just not my forte....and, beyond that, the thought of Skinner and Scully makes me giggle, and M and K makes me laugh. But that is entirely my opinion. So no, unless I throw in a Scully/Other once in awhile, I cannot stray from my beloved MSR.

So, during the 167 hours that you *aren't* watching The X-Files each week, what are you doing?

I'm, um, thinking about The X-Files, watching reruns on FX, organizing my ideas for more XF fanfiction, and wondering who Emily's father was. And when I tire of all of that, I'm usually online trying to convert my half-noromo friend Tracie, watching Friends, shopping, going to the movies, and reading. And sometimes, when I've done all that and there's still time left, I'm...sleeping.

What inspires you to write?

Basically...everything and anything. You'd be amazed at how my mind works. You say 'chocolate milk,'I think 'Joseph Stalin.' But seriously, Sarah McLachlan songs can usually put an abrupt end to any writer's block.

So, what else?

Nothing! You aren't here to read about me; you're supposed to be reading my work. Why are you still here? Write me feedback, read my stories, tell your friends what a horrible writer I am, whatever suits your fancy. ;-)

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