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Ben || PG-13
An unexpected event draws Mulder and Scully closer than ever.

Binding the Edges || PG-13
When a mysterious case brings Mulder and Scully back to Texas, they find themselves suddenly thrust deeper into the conspiracy than they've ever been before. And with the threat of colonization at their heels, its a race against time as they try to fight the future, only to find themselves at the center of it all.

Elysium || G
Letting go. . .

Enough || G
"Before, I might have told you that is impossible to be in love with one person and be with another. It was painful to recognize that not only is it entirely possible, it is sometimes the only way...."

Exeunt || PG
It's Dianafic. No Scully. Pre-Scully, in fact. There are rings, though not for long. Just read.

Field of Dreams || PG
A typical night at a familiar household, but is everything as it seems?

Flight 912, Row 19 || PG
A chance meeting in an airport reunites Scully with a friend from the past, as told from his POV.
NEW! Any Other Way || PG
A chance meeting in an airport reunites Scully with someone from the past.

Forty || PG
Mulder's midlife crisis.

No Visible Sign of Injury || PG
Scully's thoughts on how the loss of her daughter has affected her life.

A Perfect Fit || PG
Can Mulder move on after he's lost Scully to someone else? (Follow-up to "Enough")

Personal || PG
Scully contemplates her partnership with Mulder in wake of the events from One Son.

Ring of Fire || PG
An overdue conversation, a ring, and Diana Fowley. You decide.

Spring Interludes || PG-13
After five years of secrets, Scully decides its time for things to move forward.

Two Weeks || PG
After two years have passed, Mulder remembers his partner on the day he is assigned a new one.

The "A Simple Kiss" Series

A Simple Kiss || PG
How can something as simple as a kiss become so complicated?

Beginnings || PG-12
Mulder and Scully are on their first case since becoming lovers when a fellow agent tries to seduce Mulder. Can their new relationship survive its first hurtle?

Revelations || PG-13
During the Fourth of July weekend at Margaret Scully's, more than a few revelations are made; and what began as a simple kiss leads to a promise for the future.

Changes || PG
Mulder and Scully adjust to their new lives together after their marriage.

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