What you'll find here are my favorites among the vast amounts of fanfiction that litter the 'Net. I don't have these in any kind of order, nor do I have a particular favorite. They'll all gems in my book, and hopefully they'll be yours, too.

All stories taken off of their respective authors' webpages, according to their distribution rules. If your story is here, and you'd like it to be taken off, please e-mail me.

The Emilys - Rocketman

The Christopher Ryan Scully Series - Jori Remington

Leaving Las Vegas

Life On The Edge series - Kate Rickman
Choices With Sharp Edges
Double-Edged Sword
Knifed Through the Heart
Cuts Both Ways

Like A Turtle On Its Back - Jo-Ann Lassiter

Elysian Field - Amy Schatz

Cubed - Louise Marin

Kiss the Darkness II III IV - Suzanna Post

Blue Danube Two-Step - KMB

Spell - Kelli Rocherolle

Two Futures - Morgan

Searching For Ever After - Jamie Lyn

Dark Seed: Book I II
The First Fifty Times
The Butterfly Universe:
Butterflies All Tied Up
Even Doves Have Pride II

The Painters and the Painted - Molly Grue

Regular People - Cathleen Faye

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