Chinese Cooking is one of the important culture in Chinese Society.  
Chinese Cooking is not only the way to cook food, but also the art of food preparation.  
I would like to share the ART of Chinese Cooking to everyone who loves Chinese Food.  

Ernestine Sun  

Graduated: California State of University, Fresno.1996 
Major: Graphic Design 
Birthplace: Hong Kong 
E-mail Address: ernestinesun@rocketmail.com 

This is my first home page. Your opinion is very important to me. If you find something doesn't look right or need to improve, please write to me. Thank you :) 
 Print Out the Recipe 

I understand that it is hard to get on the internet to read my recipe and cook in the kitchen at the same time. If you have a printer, you are welcome to make a printout of the recipe. If you don't have a printer,and you would like a printout. You can send me a e-mail to buy one at $7.5 for whole set full color print out.  

write to me at ernestinesun@rocketmail.com