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When I visited a farm as part of a science project from school, I was sickened to see the battery hen shed. The poor hens were kept four or five to a cage and had no room to stretch thier wings or move around. The conditions were so bad that my eyes watered with the ammonia in the air from the dirty cages, they also watered with pity for the poor creatures. The feet of the hens were grown around the bars that they were stood on and they would have to be cut into to be removed eventually.
I have recently received some inside information form an Ex-Jesus army member who states "The Jesus army in Lower Heyford, North Hamptonshire have thier own battery hen sheds and pig farm. These are as cruel as any other. My particular job was to remove the dead hens from the cages and burn them. We also wrung the necks of the non-layers and sold them for meat."


This moved me into looking into what happens in our farms and in the rest of the world, this is a result of my findings so far.

More on Hens

It is a standard practice to remove hen's beaks to stop them hurting each other, this is usually done with a red hot blade, no anasthetic is used.
Hens in battery farms and most free range farms (which are not as free range as we might think) are fed a mixture of ground meat , bonemeal (yes from mad cows!) and a colouring called E161g, this colouring has been banned in humans as it caused severe damage to the eyes. It makes the yolks lovely and yellow but imagine what it does to the poor chickens, also think, what if it is carried in the eggs? I would LOVE someone to tell me it isn't but no one has......


Sows are kept still with metal clamps whill they are pregnant, they can't move freely so thier legs suffer until they have thier babies, when they are free to suckle thier young. Not for long though, the babies are removed within a month and the sows made pregnant again, thier teeth are cut out at a young age so they can't hurt each other out of boredom. These poor animals have little more life than a baby machine.

Beef Cattle

In some slaughterhouses the cows are not stunned enough, and wake to find themselves hanging from a spiked hook and bleeding to death. Thier calves live inside tiny crates, chained so they cannot move, essentially like a battery hen but on it's own. It's diet is liquid and is packed full of drugs. When it is big enough it is hauled off to an abbatoir alive, as the meat stays fresher that way, once there it is killed in the manner of it's mother.

Dairy Cows

You would think that these animals have the best life wouldn't you? In reality they only live out about a quarter of thier lives as they are fed so many chemicals and hormones to make them produce more milk, and are not given the treatment they need for thier illnesses and diseases that they have no chance of living a full life. Thier udders suffer badly in the milking machines and I have heard of cases where the udders rot away with untreated disease. Please email me at with any horror stories you may have and I'll include them on a linked page.

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