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This page is intended to assist my students in being successful in their courses.
The following are some brief suggestions:

  • READ-READ-READ It is very important to keep up with the assigned readings in the text books. If you fall behind it is very difficult to catch up!
  • PRACTICE-PRACTICE-PRACTICE Utilize the college lab frequently. Always have a partner to practice with in the lab. Remember, we never practice on our patients!
  • Study in a group whenever possible.
  • Invest in a test review book Practice answering questions whenever you can.

Sample Test Questions

Do you know the correct answers?


(1)When fluid intake is not adequate the urine will probably be:
a. dark amber
b. colorless
c. light yellow
d. straw colored
(2)Which of the following could be a cause of hematuria?
a. diabetes
b. trauma
c. dehydration
d. incontinence
(3)How much urine will accumulate in the adult bladder before the urge to void is felt?
a. 150cc
b. 400cc
c. 500cc
d. 1,000cc
(4) An 84 year old male patient has one weak leg and one strong leg, and is able to use both arms. Which of the following devices would be safest to help him ambulate?
a. quad cane
b. walker
c. ambulation belt
d. crutches
(5) When the patient is in the lateral position, the top leg is supported on pillows and
a. extended with the pelvis turned inward
b. flexed with the leg brought slightly forward
c. placed slightly behind the lower leg
d. straightened in line with the lower leg
(6) When the patient is in the supine position, how should his feet be positioned?
a. dorsiflexion
b. extension
c. inversion
d. plantar flexion
(See Answers at bottom of page)

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