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You can contact our D.O.R.K. at with any questions, or to join, fill out and mail in the following application!

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An Elfquest Fan Club

Sweetwater is a WaRP (ed) Fan Club and we strive to be stronger in mood than mechanics. Fictional enjoyment is one of our primary purposes. If you have a love for the material and characters, you may well surprise yourself with what you have to offer.

We accept art, stories, poems, and much more. All of which are published in our tri-annual Fanzine, Shade of the Tree (SotT). All members are invited to create a character, using the "borrowed" World of Two Moons (WoTM), to interact with the rest of the Club. It is understood that all fan clubs operate on Wendy and Richard Pini's sufferance. We are guests in this fantasy realm and we have to have respect for our hosts and tread lightly, as if we were in their home.

New membership fees are $16.50, which includes 3 issues of our Fanzine (SotT) and a New Members Guide. Out-of-town memberships must add $3.50 to cover mailing costs (**Members outside of the USA will be charged individually as needed for mailing.**) Continuing Memberships are $12.50. Renewals are due one year (3 issues) from joining date.

All members and their families are welcome to join in the fun of the Club Activities and all inquiring minds are invited to two free meetings before joining. Meeting dates are on the third Saturday of every month. Contact by snail-mail or e-mail for time and place.

Please check one:

  • Send more information (Self-addressed stamped env.)
  • 3rd Edition Handbook ($8.00)
  • New Membership ($16.50) (Out-of-town add $4.00)**
  • Recent Fanzine ($4.00) Continuing Membership ($12.50) (Out-of-town add $4.00)**

Make checks or money orders payable to Tamarien Fläten (U.S. Funds Please).

Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________



Phone/E-mail (optional): _________________________________________________

What type of character/s are you interested in?

  • Wolfrider
  • Sun Folk
  • Glider
  • Sea Elf
  • Other (Please explain):___________________________________________________

Send To:

Sweetwater Fan Club
c/o Tamarien Fläten
1217 S. Cedar St.
Owners Box
Spokane, WA 99204

Proud Friends of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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