The SweetWater Fan Club!

Pictures and Reviews!

Here are pictures and reviews of some SweetWater events!

The Howl, 1998

The 1998 Howl took place the second weekend of August, 1998 in a campsite near St. Maries, Idaho. The land is property of Potlatch (a logging company), but they permit the public to use it if it's taken care of.

St. Maries isn't far from our home base of Spokane, Washington, but from there it was at least another hour, mostly through unkept dirt logging roads. A truck was almost mandatory to get in.

The best of the activities didn't get photographed. The photographer's digital camera doesn't have a flash, so there are no pictures of the campfire, the feast, or any of the really good festivities! Click on the descriptions to see the pictures. Use your browser's "back" button to return here.

Some of our members relaxing during the heat of the day, most of them reading our newest fanzine issue (handed out at the Howl). This was a very hot weekend! We nearly cancelled altogether due to the fire danger.

Our elf, Riverlily, who really resents cameras.

The lower portion of the campsite. Showing the river (aah! refreshing!), the train tracks (we're in the middle of nowhere, honestly! And logging trains don't run on the weekend) and the red zwoot (Bessie) of One-Shot and Starfire, which they were sleeping on [in?].

A view of the upper side of the camp area. Remember I mentioned that trucks are almost mandatory? I can't believe that swoot in the foreground made it. The owner (Rillrunner) did discover 2 flat hooves before he left though.

Puckernuts, it's hot. Reminds me of The Burning Waste! You know, when I was a cub we had to walk an eight-of-days through it to school. . . uphill. . .

Sunday morning, getting breakfast and trying to wake up.

Tearning down camp. Another howl brought to a close.