Linna Yamazaki

Affiliation: Close Combat Specialist
Responsibilties: Offensive Duties in Close Combat

Official Biography

Like Priss, Linna also lost her parents. In the chaos following the Second Great Kanto Earthquake, a rampant Boomer wreaked havoc all over Mega Tokyo. The newly-formed AD. Police was unable to bring the situation under control, and as a result of their ineptitude, many citizens were sacrificed. Linna's parents were among these casualties.

But Linna was dishearted. Her natural cheerfulness helped her overcome her gried and she continued to train herself. Linna's life-long dream was to become a world-famous entertainner. Then, a chance to fulfill her dream came along. Linna did her best in an audition for a musical but the judges weren't satisfied with her performance. Linna's dream was shattered forever. Sylia, however, noticed Linna's excellent reflexes and her strong will.

Additional Information

Linna was born in the year 2012. She, like both Priss and Nene, started out with upper-middle class parents who cared for her and loved her. But like Priss and Sylia, the ease of life did not last. However, Linna did not become instantly embittered and swear revenge for her parents' like Sylia did, regardless of it being caused by a rampaging Boomer in 2027.

Linna is very athletic and she likes to prove it to the Boomers with her deadly grace. Her size helps her abilities out in combat, too. She is one-hundred seventy-six centimeters tall and weighs forty-seven kilograms. Her bust measures at eighty-five centimeters, her waist at fifty-seven, and her hips at eighty-six.

Linna's 'official' job was originally as an aerobics instructor, but she eventually switched over to working in a securities firm.

See Linna's Hardsuit Statistics at Raven's Garage.

Linna's seiyuu (voice actress) is Michi Tomizawa.

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