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That R. Talsorian Games released a role-playing game sourcebook for Bubblegum Crash! is common knowledge. However, aside from that, there are other books related to the series. Two books written to take place after Bubblegum Crash!, both of which are meant to tie together the original BGC/BGC! series and the upcoming series, are available in Japan, and quite possibly at the local International Districts in any given area. Unfortunately, it does not appear that any of the English-language distributors plan on translating the books, one of which is entitled Paradise Lost and the other of which did not have a title at the time of the Animerica interview in which they were mentioned. Hopefully when the new series arrives Viz Communications or another distributor will take the time to translate the novels for the fans. Otherwise the audience could miss some important incidents and situations which may be of extreme value in understanding the new series.


In addition to the RPG, there are also the Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal graphic novels/comic series, but they have been noted by the majority of fans to be less than appealing. Characters were altered and incidents were fabricated or stretched, thus resulting in a decline in fan interset in the Grand Mal series currently available. Another one, called Bubblegum Crisis: Meat Jacket is in the works by Adam Warren, who created Grand Mal.


There are multiple source books pertaining to Bubblegum Crash!, including a volume the the B-Club Special. None of these are available in English, but from word alone one can deduce that they hold invaluable images and explanations that even the Japanese-impaired can appreciate.


As a final note in books, despite Dead End City, a.k.a. AD. Police 25:00, being an AD. Police graphic novel in name, it has some very interesting information that has lead to one theory about where Largo came from and is a very good source for information on the AD. Police, Boomers, and Mason/Largo.


As mentioned, there are already RPGs for BGC/BGC!/AD.P.F. fans to use. There is also a little known Bubblegum Crash! video game, though. It apparently focuses on Nene and the AD. Police running around stopping Boomer crimes or something along those lines. From the little information available, it seems that the game goes with the Turbo Graphx 16-Bit system from the early nineteen-nineties. The video game, like so many things, is not available at most stores, but if your into thumbing through the bins in China Town, but all means, try and find it!


There is, as everyone knows, a new Bubblegum Crisis series coming forth. Information on that is available at AIC, or, if you'd prefer a site that does not try to steal away all the things that make anime great, try The Unofficial BGC Website, the place for all the information there is to be had on BGC.


On the side, for oddities there is the animation called Scramble Wars, which uses characters from several series to have them battle it out for the GENOM Trophy (an odd looking thing with Quincy and a Boomer standing and pointing to the sky on top of it). The show is anything but serious, and Sylia goes utterly mad trying to make up for the fact that the Silky Doll has not been reaching adequate sales of late. Tons of cameos to be seen, including some with Largo, Sylvie, Anri, Vision/Reika Chang and Kou, Leon, the AD. Police, and several familiar mecha, such as the D.D. Battlemover and the Genki.


There is an entire section in this site dedicated to Soldier Blue, the Bubblegum Crash! Drama CD, and there was also the Masquerade 2034 CD which has the BGC! seiyuus singing songs specifically for that CD. There is no known animation to go with Masquerade. Several of the songs are available here in the music section and more are expected to appear at The Unofficial BGC Website in about a month.

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