Hi! My name is Tom Orkney. I live in Olympia WA., USA. We have an annual picnic in Raymond, Wa. every year. My great-grandfather, Henry I, settled in Raymond in the early 1910's from Pa., 1890's, from Northumbria,England. I'm not sure when the picnics started but I seen a picture of one from the 1930's. I extend an invitation to anyone with an Orkney name or relative to our picnic. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.
Tom Orkney

My ancestors: F Henry R. Orkney III b. sept 24,1930 Raymond, Waashington, USA
M. Virginia K. Reeves b. jul 1, 1932 Tuscon, Az., USA
GF H. R. Orkney II b.1901 Roscoe, Pa.
GM Maria A. Morneau b. Aug 2, 1901
GGF Henry Orkney b. 1862,Usworth, England, UK
GGM Mariah Fitch (Fritcher?) b. Witton Gilbert
GGGF Alexander Orkney b. Aug 19, 1823 Spital, NBL, Eng
GGGM Hannah Richardson
GGGGF Tom Orkney b. ?
GGGGM Prenella or Priscilla - not sure yet

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