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What is a Tamagotchi?
So, you're wondering what a Tamagotchi is. Well, a Tamagotchi is a toy manufactured by Bandai which first originated in Japan. Now, the Tamagotchi has hit the market in America and is being sold out in almost every store in America. There are three different versions of Tamagotchi. The three versions are American, German, and Japanese. They all have the same number of buttons and options. The differnce between the three versions is feeding and death. In the American and German version, you feed Tamagotchi bread and when Tamagotchi dies, it leaves our planet. In the Japanese version, you feed Tamagotchi rice and when Tamagotchi dies, you see it flying with wings at a cemetary. The reason Tamagotchi does not die in the American version is that Americans cannot handle death like the Japanese can. The Japanese version was the first Tamagotchi ever to be manufactured. It is now really hard to find, and can cost hundreds to purchase. The American and German version is newer, easier to find, and costs much less than the Japanese version. The American and German version comes in a variety of colors. The most favorable colors are clear blue, clear green, and white, which are hard to find. The other colors are aqua, blue, light green, light purple, magenta, orange, pink, purple, and yellow A Tamagotchi is very small and has the shape of a chicken egg with a key chain attached to it.

So, How Much Would I Have to Pay For One?
An American Tamagotchi usually sells for $20 and the Japanese Tamagotchi usually sells for $50 in America. A Tamagotchi in Asia is rare and hard to find, so people are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands for one. Tamagotchi in America are usuallly sold out at stores such as Toys 'R' Us and FAO Swartz in minutes. However, if you can find a Tamagotchi from small Asian stores if you are lucky. There are also many imitation versions of Tamagotchi out on the market. The most famous imitations are manufactured by Playmates and Tiger Electronics. The Playmates imitations are called Nano Babies and they usually cost $18. There are three differnt types of Nano Babies, and they are Nano Baby, Nano Kitty, and Nano Puppy. The Tiger imitations are called Giga Pets and they usually costs $15. The other imitation versions of Tamagotchi are mostly made from generic companies in China, Japan, and Taiwan and they cost from $10 to $60. The imitation versions come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and number of buttons. Also, they have other types of animals that you can take care of. The most popular animals are cats, dinosaurs, dogs, and monsters. Bandai is also currently making other animals for the Tamagotchi.

Official Instructions
Official instructions from Bandai on how to play with your Tamagotchi.

Tamagotchi Growth Chart
See the growth chart. See how the secret character is found and where your Tamagotchi will end up if he isn't cared for.

Tamagotchi Central's Picture Galleries
Visit Tamagotchi Central's picture galleries! Look at the many different types of Tamagotchi. You'll even find animated characters!

Tamagotchi PC Accessories!
Tamagotchi Central is very proud to give you very cool Tamagotchi accesories for your PC! There are some great Tamagotchi icons for your desktop, virtual pets which run around on your computer screen (Great way to annoy your parents!), Tamagotchi simulators, clocks, and screen-savers!

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