Title: Mortal Kombat:  An Un-Told Story (1/?)

Rating:  Um... like, PG or PG-13. Nothing too bad.

Disclaimer:  I don't own these characters or Midway. I just use them
	for my evil purposes. There will prolly be a lot of similarities
	between the MK movie and what I write. Mostly, though, it's
	the same. But I've added some stuff... okay, a bunch of stuff.
	You'll recognize the first part... but the rest might leave you
	saying-- "That didn't happen!!"	In my imagination, it did.
	hehehhe... okay, I'll shut up. Sorry.

Dedication:  Okay, I always get a little weepy when I do this. I'd
	like to thank Jenni Jo (Rayden_Is_Gay@Mailcity.com),
	Jennifer Lee, Eliza, Mindy and Dawn. Also, there's Misaki
	(who'll you see below), all my Moms' (D'Ete, Esther, Jan,
	Joyce and Mindy's Mom... oh yeah, my biological mom:
	(Anita), Martha Stewart, Burt Reynolds and Linden. That's
	about it. I'd also like to thank Brian T. Without  him, I don't
	think that this would at all be possible. Oh yeah, also I'd like to
	thank Shawn (I love you hunny)

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		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation
			      By:  Tara Depp
	--Thanks to Misaki, who gives me all kinds of inspiration.--
			Go to her website:  	



	Sonya Blade wasn't afraid. She never had been in her life. 
	But something akin to fear crept into her stomach as she
boarded the dilapidated boat that was bound for a distant land. There
was no way she would have known where the boat  was heading but
she knew one thing:  She had to find Kano. 


	Johnny Cage wasn't afraid. He never had been in his life. 
	But this damn boat was freaking him out. People were standing
around, talking with one another, not seeming to take notice of the piece
of crap they were standing on. 
	Johnny got a better grip on his luggage and moved  farther onto
the deck of the ship. Floorboards creaked under his tailored shoe as he
searched the crowd of bystanders for the man who had thrown one
piece of his matching luggage into the murky South China Sea. 
	Finally, Cage spotted the guy. "Hey you..." 
	He started forward but, only a few steps away from the Jackie
Chan look-a-like, someone ran into him. His luggage flew onto the
slippery deck as he was nearly knocked to the ground. Quickly
recovering, Johnny spun around to stare at his attacker.
	"Hey tough guy, you wanna get---" Johnny started and then
stopped short. 
	There she was.


	Sonya gazed up into his eyes. They *were* beautiful, but that
didn't matter. Business was business.
	The rest of his words trailed off as she thrust her gun under his
chin. "--rough?"
	"No, do you?" Sonya said steely, wondering if there was
another meaning behind his words. 
	His facial features, handsome at that, relaxed as he tried to
introduce himself. "Hi. I'm Johnny Cage and you are?"
	"Where's Kano?" demanded Sonya, not missing a beat.
	"I don't know who you're talking about, but I'm sure I could
help you find him." Johnny Cage smiled slightly as he pushed the gun
away from his face. 
	For a second, Sonya Blade hesitated. She couldn't figure out
why. Maybe it was because she was falling into his eyes. Or his good
looks. Or---
	 Trying to regain her composure, Sonya pushed past him. "Out
of my way."
	She stomped off, holding her gun and searching around the ship. 

	Johnny Cage watched her leave. His jaw was near the floor.
She was beautiful, stubborn and she---
	She totally hated him. 
	Johnny smiled to himself. If he was lucky, he'd get to see her
again. But he couldn't wait that long. 
	Just then, the man who had destroyed a piece of his luggage
appeared in view. 
	He grinned, "Just another star-struck fan, eh?"
	The man playfully punched Cage in the shoulder and sauntered
away. Not wanting to lose him, just in case he knew something about
the amazing woman he's just met, Johnny followed.
	"Hey!" Johnny called after him, jogging up to his side. He struck
out his hand. "I'm Johnny Cage."
	The man shook his hand. "I'm Liu Kang."
	"Nice to meet you." Johnny pulled his hand away. "Uh, I was
just wondering, do you know who that girl who just bumped into me?"
	Liu smiled. "Why?"
	"Oh I don't know." Johnny stuffed his hands in the pockets of
his Armani sports jacket as they walked. "I thought that maybe, after
this tournament is over I could talk to her or something--"
	"Well, then!" Liu said as he stopped by a door that led into
another part of the ship. "I don't have a clue who she is. Sorry bud."
	Johnny rolled his eyes. "Great. I finally meet the woman of my
dreams and I don't even know her name!!"
	Liu shrugged and threw open the door. Johnny looked inside
and saw---
	She was standing with her back to him and seemed to be having
a conversation with a sinister looking man in really tasteful clothes.  
	From what Johnny could ascertain, Sonya wasn't having great
luck in questioning this man. Wanting to impress her, Johnny rushed
	"Don't bother the lady. She just doing her job." Cage sneered
	She wheeled around on him. "When I need back up, I'll radio
for it."
	"Why would you need back-up when you've got me?" Johnny
asked playfully. He was regarded with a dirty glare. 
	"Behold!" the man in the tasteful clothes was saying. "Sub-Zero
and Scorpion. The deadliest of enemies but slaves under my power."
	A door from in front the of the three creaked slowly open and
two figures emerged. One was clothed in yellow and the other was
clothed in blue. They looked coldly at the Earth Realm Fighters in front
of them. 
	Johnny dropped into a fighting stance. "Got that radio handy?" 
	The figures moved out, flanking the group. The blue one moved
in front of Sonya and stood there, ready for a fight. 
	"Move aside." Sonya commanded, bringing up her gun.
	The blue guy, who sorta looked like a Power Ranger, merely
reached out and touched the end of her gun. Instantly, ice crystals ran
along the ridges of the gun. The ice stopped an inch from her gloved
hand. The blue man quickly snapped off the end of the gun, leaving
Sonya startled. 
	At the same time, the yellow man positioned himself in front of
Johnny with the palm of his hand facing toward Johnny Cage. Johnny
watched the man with careful eyes as a two inch horizontal gash made
it's away across the yellow guy's hand. The corner of Johnny's eye
flinched upwards as a spike thingy came out of the hand and licked it's
lips at him. 
	Suddenly, a ball of energy flew into the small cabin knocking the
blue and yellow clothed men back into the wooden walls. The energy
ball flew past the fighters and materialized into a tall, man with long
white hair. 
	"ENOUGH!" the man with the white hair boomed.
	The other man, the one with the tailored clothes, bowed
respectfully. "Rayden, how wonderful it is for you to grace us with your
	Rayden just glared. "Your side show freaks attacked my
fighters, Shang Tsung."
	Shang Tsung gazed at Rayden, his eye line cool. "It won't
happen again, I promise." 
	Johnny watched the conversation without moving a muscle. He
really didn't notice that he was edging toward Sonya and she didn't
seem to notice either because she wasn't moving away. But Cage
jumped suddenly when he heard Sonya say:
	"What tournament?!" 
	Shang Tsung was now walking out of the room but he turned
back for a second. "You've been chosen, Sonya. Much to my delight."
	With that, Tsung left. Johnny snuck a look at Sonya. Her lovely
lips were turned into a scowl. Even when she was scowling, she looked
damn good. 
	Rayden spoke. "Come with me."

*			*				*

	Sonya followed behind Johnny Cage, looking around and
wondering if anyone was going to attack her.  The past few moments
had been weird. Johnny summed up what she was thinking when they
got to the top deck.
	"We've got a guy who freezes things and we've a guy with
things coming out of his hands and then there's a guy, from what I can
tell, is made of electricity!" Johnny sputtered, swinging his arms around
to emphasize his words.
	Sonya studied his face. She paused a minute and diverted her
gaze to Liu so she could speak. "Let's just think this out. There is a
rational explanation for this." 
	"He's Rayden, the God of  Lightening and protector of the
Realm of Earth." Liu said helpfully.
	Johnny sighed and nodded toward Liu with a corny smile.
"There's your rational explanation."
	Sonya looked toward Johnny for a split second. Their gazes
met and linked. Something flashed between them but they were
	"Listen." hissed a voice from behind them. It was Rayden. He
began to explain the tournament of Mortal Kombat and what it meant.
After his speech, all three fighters exchanged looks. They knew what
they had to do. 

	At dawn, small transport boats were pulled up to the monstrous
boat and people began to load onto them. Being the gentleman Johnny
was, he let Sonya walk before him on the plank, which led down into a
boat. As she was boarding her boat, she lost her footing and started to
sway on the slippery boarding plank. Johnny was by her side in a flash.
He dropped some of his luggage (two bags fell into the rolling waves)
and reached out to Sonya, one of his hands grasping her elbow and the
other grasping her other hand.
	Sonya, who lingered in his touch, regained her balanced before
nervously shifting away. She averted her eyes once they were seated in
the boat. 
	Trying to keep her mind off of the handsome man sitting behind
her, Sonya grabbed her radio and began to send messages to the home
	"Black Hawk, this is Cardinal, do you read?" Sonya spoke
slowly into the receiver, twisting the dial on the radio. "Black Hawk, do
you copy? Jax, this is Sonya, do you read?!"
	Johnny watched her with a smile on his face. "While you're at it,
why don't you call my agent?"
	She twisted around, glaring at him with loathing. "Do I look like
your secretary?"
	Johnny shrugged at her, keeping a smile off of his lips. He
swore he saw a sparkle in her eye when he helplessly shrugged his
shoulders again. "I thought I should at least try. And you can't blame me
for that."	
	Sonya kept the same look in her eyes. "Yes, I could." 
	Johnny laughed as the boat neared the sandy beach. Sonya
quickly jumped out of the boat and waded the rest of the way in.
Johnny, on the other hand, still had the problem of his bags.
	Contemplating his options, Johnny gathered the luggage under
his arms and carefully took a step on to the side of the boat. A second
later, he was falling toward the crystal clear water. 

	Sonya Blade was having a rather puzzling conversation with Liu
Kang when she heard a huge splash from her left. Sonya turned in that
direction to see Johnny Cage splashing around in the water, cussing and
throwing his bags about. She laughed, not caring if anyone was looking.
But, just as abruptly as she had started laughing, Sonya stopped and
regained her composure.
	Sonya turned back to Liu. "This is great." by that time, Johnny
was behind her so she turned to him. "Where the Hell are we?"
	Johnny wasn't in the mood for teasing now. "Do I look like your
travel agent?"
	"Fine!" Sonya spat and stomped off, looking around her
surroundings with extreme annoyance. 
	"Alright!" Johnny whined, "I give up! What is going on here?!"
	Shrugging, Liu still kept his enigma appearance. "But what if the
legends were true?"
	"What legends?" Johnny asked as Liu began to walk off. 
	Unwilling to be left behind Johnny walked after Liu, still carrying
his luggage behind him. A few minutes later, they caught up with Sonya.
Liu took the lead while Johnny stayed behind with Sonya. 
	"So, you come  here often?" Johnny asked with a snicker.
	Blade didn't even grant him a gaze. "If I were you, I'd just talk
to those wonderful voices in your head that keep you earning eighty four
million dollars a picture."
	"You know how much I earn?!" Johnny gaped at her, watching
the beautiful blonde grimace at him. "Wait a minute... are you the
President of my Fan Club?"
	The corners of her mouth began to turn up but abruptly fell
back into their normal flat line. "Don't even joke about that."
	Johnny was about to say something when he noticed that they
were at the bottom of a very tall staircase. Cage looked down  at the
	He was in store for a very long haul. 


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