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WARNING:  There are a couple of objectionable phrases in this
	story. 	If you aren't comfortable with two or three bad
	words, I wouldn't read this story. Also, there are some
	insinuations and innuendos. If you don't like story lines like
	that, I apologize.  But thanks for giving it a try :) 

		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation:  (10/10)
by:  Tara Depp

	And so it began.

	Johnny Cage watched uncertainly as  the guard facing him
moved forward, waving a metal spear in front of its face. Taking a
risk, Johnny glanced around at his friends. 
	Connor was battling against a tall, muscular guard with a
pair of sais while Sonya was paired up with another guard who was
holding a spear similar to the one matched against Johnny. 
	But Liu Kang was nowhere to be found. Johnny guessed
Shang had designated a place for them to fight. He filed this
information and turned back to his fight.
	The guard facing Cage was weaving back and forth,
looking for a time to strike against the actor. Deciding it would be
wise to attack first, Johnny feinted a punch to the guard's throat.
The guard blocked, as expected, and was immediately knocked to
the ground by a powerful roundhouse kick. 
	The guard fell, its spear clanging against the cobblestones.
But Cage's opponent shook off the attack and jumped to his feet,
leaving his only weapon where it had fallen. 
	Johnny set himself up into a stance and watched as the
guard jumped toward him, one leg flying out in a perfect flying
kick. The guard's foot caught Johnny in the chest and sent him
backwards into a wall. 
	Cage fell heavily and the breath was knocked out of him.
He looked up just in time to see an elbow smashing down toward
him. Johnny rolled to one side and jumped to his feet. The guard
was off balance and not ready for the heel of Cage's foot when it
drove its self into the back of his neck. 
	With a heavy groan, the guard fell and rolled around, trying
to pull himself together. Johnny felt no mercy for his fallen
opponent as he punched him twice in the back of the head.
Instantly, the guard fell to the floor unconscious or dead. Johnny
couldn't tell but he didn't stick around to find out. 
	Cage spun around to see Sonya expertly finishing off her
opponent while Connor---
	"Oh God..." Johnny started as his eyes fell up on young
Connor Ryan. 
	The boy was standing in front of his opponent, frozen
swirls of emotions on his face. A spear was sticking clear through
his body and blood was starting to pool at his feet. 
	Connor turned around to gaze at Cage. "Johnny?" he started
and then promptly crumpled to the ground.
	Filled with fear, anger and blinding hatred, Johnny leaped
toward his opponent's abandoned spear. He snatched up the free
weapon and then dove at Connor's antagonist. The remaining
guard, confused and off balance, could do nothing to prevent the
spear being drove through his own chest. 
	Johnny watched Connor's guard fall to the ground and
writhe for a few minutes before lying still. Cage turned away from
the attacker and knelt down by the fallen Ryan. 
	"Connor, buddy, it's going to be okay." Johnny said
	Connor smiled wanly and moved his eyes slightly upward.
Johnny followed his gaze to find Sonya next to his side. 
	Blade gave Connor a warm smile. "Hold on there, kid.
We're gonna get you out of here." 
	Connor looked over at her gratefully. "Thank you, but I
don't think it would do any good. At least I got to achieve my
dream of fighting along side you John---" Ryan went into a
coughing frenzy but then wrestled it down. He looked directly at
Johnny. "Now I know why you would have died for her, Johnny.
She's beautiful." 
	With that, the young Connor Ryan died. He sucked in one
final breath before his soul left his body for a Higher, more Sacred
	Johnny let out a shuddering breath and reached over to
close Connor's brilliant blue eyes. He then settled back on his
haunches, trying to keep his feelings hidden from Sonya. 
	Blade wasn't fooled. She stood and walked to Johnny's side,
holding her hands down to his. Johnny looked up at her and then
reluctantly grasped her hands, allowing the Special Forces
Lieutenant to help him to his feet. 
	Once standing, Johnny let his pride slip as he leaned
forward and embraced Sonya. Sonya was a little surprised and was
not expecting this type of treatment. But she gradually leaned into
the hug and ended up clinging to Johnny's body, praying he'd never
let go.
	But after a few minutes, Johnny released her and took a
step away from her. He gently touched her face. "Thank God you're
okay. I don't know what I would have done if---"
	Sonya interrupted. "Shh." she pressed a finger to his lips.
"I'm here, okay? *We're* here together. That's all that matters."
	Cage looked down at Connor for a second. "All he wanted
to do was be a hero. It's my fault he's dead. He followed me."
	"No." Sonya said, lightly grabbing a hold of Johnny's jaw
line and turning his head toward her. "He didn't follow you. He
followed his dream. We both know good and well that he didn't die
because of you. That boy died a hero, which is a proud death."
	Johnny took Sonya's hand and kissed the top of it. "I love
	She smiled warmly. "I love you too."
	Johnny dropped her hand and put his hands on her small
waist, pulling her ever so slightly toward him. Sonya moved
forward and tipped her mouth up toward his. Johnny lowered his
head and his hands gripped her sides, afraid she'd turn into thin air
if he let go. Their lips were about to meet when the ground below
them shook and the moment was lost.
	Sonya broke away from Cage, trying to regain her balance.
Johnny held tightly onto her hand until the trembling had ceased...
for the moment.
	"What's happening?!" Sonya asked, her nails digging into
Johnny's skin.
	He ignored the pain and looked around. An answer was
forming on his lips when another quake hit, causing huge cracks to
open up in the ground. 
	"Come on!" Johnny yelled over the roar and pulled Sonya
toward the door.  Sonya followed and they escaped seconds before
the entire floor of the room collapsed. 
	They stepped out of the holding room and into a large
hallway. There were many holes in the walls of the hall and debris
was falling around them. 
	Sonya noticed a door at the end of the hall and she tugged
on Johnny's hand. "There!!" she yelled and pointed.
	Johnny looked to where she was pointed and nodded.
"Show me the way." he grinned.
	"That's my favorite song." Blade quipped as she and Cage
started toward the door.
	Johnny grinned and filed the information while they
dodged falling debris. The door neared them, coming closer and
closer until they reached it. 
	Sonya reached down to turn the knob but found she
couldn't move it. She released Johnny's hand and used both of her
hands to turn the knob. But it was no use; The door was stuck.
	"Shit!!" Sonya swore as the ground began to shake harder. 
	Johnny stepped forward and tried his luck with the door.
He didn't help matters much. Cage stepped back away from the
door and studied it for a moment. 
	Sonya looked at him, puzzled. "What?"
	The ground shook harder and larger pieces of ceiling
started to rain down as Johnny replied, "Stand back." 
	Blade complied and took a spot behind Cage. She watched
as Johnny readied his strength and then launched a shadow kick at
the wooden door. 
	Upon contact, the door burst into a million pieces and
inward toward the awaiting corridor.  Sonya ran forward to see if
Johnny was all right but didn't get the words out of her mouth
before Cage grabbed her hand. 
	"Come on!" he screamed and pulled her through the
remainder of the door. 
	Blade said nothing and allowed Johnny to lead her blindly
down and unfamiliar hall. She didn't complain about the un
educated turns until  they hit a dead end--- and this was a dead end
to end all dead ends.
	The two barely stopped in time to catch themselves from
falling. They were standing on the edge of the huge fortress,
looking down at crystal blue water. The wall separating the inside
rooms for the outside was gone, fallen into the river below. 
	From where Johnny and Sonya were standing,  it was about
100 feet up. The water below them did not look pleasing. It was
rippled by a fierce wind and looked cold. 
	"Look!" Johnny yelled over the destruction.
	Sonya looked upward and saw the sunshine peeking
through the dark, ominous clouds. She smiled for a brief moment,
realizing that the good guys had won. But then the reality of the
moment came crashing back to her and she looked over at Johnny,
worried. She knew that Shang Tsung's demise could now be their
 	"What are we going to do?!" Sonya asked as more the
castle crashed down behind them. 
	Johnny looked down at the water. He gripped her hand
tightly. "Do you love me?" he asked.
	Sonya stared into his eyes. "Yes."
	Cage smiled broadly. "Then jump!"
	With that Johnny jumped off the edge of the walk way,
pulling Sonya after him. They fell for what seemed like minutes
before hitting the water and sinking into its depths. 

*				*				*	

	Liu Kang watched the scene unfolding from outside Shang
Tsung's former fortress. Standing beside him was Princess Kitana.
They both were staring up at the remnants of the huge castle,
waiting for an answer.
	"Where are they?!" Liu demanded to mostly himself, but
was hoping for some words of encouragement from his
	Kitana tried her best. "They are excellent fighter's Liu. I'm
sure they can over come this. Do not worry." 
	Kang began to reply when he saw two figures standing at
the edge of a fallen wall. He smiled and pointed upward. "There!!"
he shouted. 
	Kitana followed his pointing and saw what he was talking
about. She closed her eyes and prayed they would be safe.
	And then they jumped.

*				*				*
	The first to break the surface was Sonya, her expert
military training kicking in. She sucked in air greedily, filling her
deprived lungs. A slow smile came to her face as she splashed
	"We made it Johnny. We---" Sonya stopped suddenly, an
object catching her eye. 
	She swam toward the sparkling object and when she
reached it, a sinking feeling crept into her stomach. 
	"Oh God. Oh God." Sonya grabbed the object, a pair of
twisted Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, and desperately looked around.
"Johnny?! Johnny?! Where are you?"
	Sonya looked around for a few minutes and couldn't see
anything. Deciding her only course of action was to look beneath
the waves, Sonya tucked the sunglasses into her pocket, took a
huge breath, and dove beneath the water.
	Once under the surface, Sonya opened her eyes and looked
around. She pushed herself along until she saw a hand sticking out
from behind a rock. Sonya swam farther down until she could tell
who the body belonged to. 
	Sonya saw the person's face and then pushed herself down
next to them, her hands latching on under their arms. She then
kicked with all of the might and fought her way to the surface,
where she gasped in all the air she could.
	Still holding the person, she pulled them to land and safely
deposited her cargo on land. 
	Sonya felt tears in her eyes as she leaned over the person.
"Johnny. Johnny please..." she begged as she began CPR on the
unconscious body of Johnny Cage.
	Minutes passed and Sonya struggled to keep herself with
the CPR regimen but her feelings were compromising her work.
Tears started to flow freely down her face as she prayed. 
	Finally, Blade settled back on her haunches and began to
sob. "Why?" she cried and threw herself down on Cage's chest,  her
tears falling on his wet shirt. "Why did you leave me? Everyone
leaves me..."
	Suddenly, Johnny's chest heaved upward. Stunned, Sonya
recoiled and looked down at her love. He was breathing! His face
was turning back to a healthy flesh color. 
	Cage's eyes slowly opened. He looked around and he
finally focused on Sonya. He smiled and tried to speak but only
small squeaks came out. 
	Blade grinned widely and laughed. "Don't try to talk." she
brushed a fallen strand of hair away from his face and leaned down
to hug him. 
	Johnny weakly returned the hug and sat up with Sonya's
help. They held each other as Liu Kang and Princess Kitana
arrived, looking breathless. 
	Liu smiled, his face covered in dirt and sweat. "Hey there
John. How ya feeling?"
	Johnny glared at Liu. He said in a strained voice, "Do I
have to answer that?" 
	Sonya, Kitana and Liu laughed as they pulled Cage to his
feet. Johnny looked around uncertainly and then asked:
	"Can we get out of here?" 
	Princess Kitana smiled. She snapped her fingers and the
world began to spin. When their surroundings stopped spinning,
the trio of fighters found themselves standing in front of the
Temple of the Order of Light. 
	"Whoa." Johnny said. He stumbled back a step and Sonya
caught him. "Thanks."
	She smiled and pulled him closer to her. "You're welcome."
	Johnny looked past Sonya to see Liu and Kitana reuniting
with Liu's grandfather and Rayden. He smiled lightly and then
turned back to Sonya. She was frowning slightly.
	"What's wrong, hon?" Johnny asked, concerned. 
	Sonya avoided his gaze. "After we get back home, I'm
never going to see you again."
	Cage was puzzled. "Wh--Why do you say that?" 
	"Face it Johnny. You aren't going to want to be with me."
she said. "So, you should just leave now and---"
	Without thinking, Johnny grabbed Sonya around the waist,
and pulled her toward him. She fell into him and looked up
startled. Second later, his lips where pressed down full force on
	The kiss lasted for almost a full minute before Sonya
pulled away for air. She looked up questioningly up into his deep
blue eyes, searching for an answer. 
	Cage touched her face lightly. "Sonya, listen to me. I want
to be with you and I'm going to stay with you as long as you want
	"Then I'm stuck with you?" Sonya asked.
	"Oh yeah." grinned Johnny. 
	Sonya reached down for his hand. "Good." 
	Johnny leaned down for another kiss when they were
	"Excuse me." said a soft voice. 
	The couple looked up, feeling like they'd been caught doing
far worse. Sonya blushed deeply.
	"Hello Rayden." she said in a low voice. 
	"Hello Sonya, Johnny." the Thunder God smiled. "I see you
two are making up for lost time."
	They both looked at each other nervously.
	Rayden chuckled and continued, "I just wanted to
commend you on your job well done. Well, Johnny Cage and
Sonya Blade, you've just saved the world. What are you going to
do next?"
	Johnny put an arm around Sonya's waist. He looked down
at his love and then back up at Rayden. Cage paused and then said:
	"Sorry Rayden, I can't answer that."
	The Thunder God looked puzzled. "Why not?"
	Johnny started to walk away, pulling Sonya with him. As
he was passing Rayden, he leaned over and said, "This is rated PG-



Scully:  That girl is where she was meant to be. I feel certain of
	that now in my heart.

Mulder:  I still don't understand.

Scully:  Maybe I only was meant to. Maybe this was about letting
	go of something I was holding on to. Maybe it was about
	faith. As much as I have my faith, I am a scientist, trained
	to weigh evidence. But science only tells us how. Not why.

The X-Files
"All Souls"		

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