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		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation (2/?)
				by:  Tara Depp
	Johnny Cage felt like his lungs were on fire and that the oxygen
was being liquefied even as he dropped half of his bags down the stair
	"Do you need help with those?" Liu Kang asked, pausing to
stare down at Johnny who was resting on a step.
	"No Liu. "Johnny said with a sarcastic smile. "I'm just fine."
	"Okay." Kang replied and walked on. 
	Sonya Blade stood just above the step Johnny was sitting on,
staring at him. She couldn't tell what it was about him that was so
attractive. Sure, he was gorgeous, but there was something other than
that. Something that wasn't on his face----
	She gave up and continued on up the stairs.	
*				*				*

	The three, some how, reached the top of the staircase without
one of them falling by the wayside. 
	Liu and Sonya walked side by side, reaching the peak of the
staircase together. Johnny was lagging behind. But, he did make it to the
top. He rushed forward with a short smile on his face. He bumped into
Sonya before stopping completely.
	Swiping the expensive sunglasses off of his face, Johnny looked
around him. "Ah ha ha! No more steps."
	Sonya cast a look around her. A beautiful courtyard was lying
before them. Statues, exotic flowers and cobblestone walkways were
scattered around. They were actually standing on one of the many
walkways that led in many different directions. Sonya was amazed by
the great surroundings, but her thoughts were directed back to Johnny. 
As the group began to walk away, Sonya looked at Johnny. She shook
her head a little. He appeared to be in the worst condition of his
pampered life. 
	"Liu, um, this may be a stupid question but where the Hell are
we?" Johnny asked, trying to catch his breath.
	"I already asked that question." Sonya snapped at him,
applauding herself for acting unconcerned toward Cage. 
	Johnny stopped as Liu moved farther into the courtyard. He
took a step backwards so he and Sonya could walk together. 
	A cocky smile came over his face. "You like teasing me don't
	Sonya rolled her eyes. "No. For your information, Mr. Cage,
I'm not teasing you. It's called a reality check."
	"Reality?" Johnny asked, speaking the word as if it was foreign
to him. "Now what is that?" 
	"Something that's lacking in your life." she growled, staring
around her. 
	They were approaching Liu, who was stopped by a statue of a
strange looking animal. Only, Liu's eyes weren't concentrated on the
statue; They were fixed on a richly dressed woman who was sitting
under an umbrella. 
	"You know," Johnny started, "When a woman looks at you like
that, it usually means something."
	"How would you know?" Sonya asked, granting him a slight
	Johnny grinned widely. He moved a fraction of an inch closer to
Sonya and quietly said to her, "It's the same look you gave me on the
	This time, Sonya stared at him with a look of disbelief on her
face. "Excuse me? I don't recall giving you anything."
	"That would be your loss." Johnny grinned. 
	Blade clenched  her teeth. He was the most pretentious man
she'd ever had the pleasure of meeting. "Don't flatter yourself, Cage."
	"Call me Johnny." he responded. 
	Suddenly, Liu spoke up. "Listen guys, I'm going to try to talk to
that woman over there. I think she may be able to help us. You two go
onto the feast."
	"Feast?!" Johnny said, his spirits lifting. "Where's the feast at?
I'm starving."
	Liu smiled at little at Cage's enthusiasm. "See that open door
way over there?"
	Johnny looked to where Kang was pointing. "Yup." 
	"Just go through there and there's supposed to be a great feast
awaiting the combatants." Liu explained, glancing at Sonya. "I'll catch up
with you later."
	"How do you know all of this?" Johnny asked as Liu turned to
	"It's written in the legends." Kang smirked and started toward
the woman.
	"What legends?" Sonya dead-panned. 
	Johnny turned to look at her. "I already asked that question." 



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