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WARNING:  There are a couple of objectionable phrases in this story.
	If you aren't comfortable with two or three bad words, I 
	wouldn't read this story. But thanks for giving it a try :) 
		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation (3/?)
				by:  Tara Depp

	The feast was just that. A feast. All kinds of food and dishes
were assorted on heavy wooden tables. The tables were low to the
ground so the assorted fighters had to lounge on soft pillows. 
	Johnny grinned, taking in the site. "So, where do you want to
	*By you* thought Sonya, but instead she said, "Over at that far
table. No one seems to be sitting there."
	"That could be a bad sign." Johnny told her as they moved
toward the table. "One time, I was at Planet Hollywood and I decided
to sit in this table that was deserted. Long story short, I didn't touch the
french fries." 
	Sonya didn't respond. She just walked ahead of him and  fell
down onto a cushioned pillow. Johnny took the seat across from her
and hungerily eyed the food. 
	"If this is free, I'm in Heaven." Johnny commented.
	Sonya grinned a ghost smile. "I don't see any waitresses or
cashiers around. I think you're off the hook, Johnny." she paused. "But I
don't see why you'd be griping about money situations."
	Johnny piled fruit and smoked trout onto the plate in front of
him. "I may be a millionaire, but I do know the value of a dollar." 
	"Of course you do." Sonya said in a mimicing voice. She
reached for a serving plate of fried shrimp and greedily piled on the
	Johnny gazed at her, aghast. "Don't you women worry about
calories and gaining, like, five pounds."
	Sonya met his eyes. "Not I. Now, the way I see it, I'll probably
be taken down by a bullet before I obsess about my weight or calories."
	"I've never heard anyone say something like that before." Cage
said. "It's kind of a wake up call."
	"Wake up call?" Sonya asked, intrigued.
	He nodded and took a bite of rice before continuing. "I spend
my time looking over movie scripts, worrying about opening debutes
and setting up guest spots on talk shows. I can't remember the last time
I did what I wanted."
	"You take movie offers all the time." Sonya said, tilting her head
to one side. 
	Cage smiled but there wasn't emotion behind it. "Yeah, I do.
Because my damn agents *advise* me on which projects to take. Sure,
I have directed and produced movies from my own fucked up mind, but
I never felt like I was... letting go. I don't go out to a place where I can
think and just read a good book. I don't order a greasy hamburger and
fries with a large chocolate shake. I don't act on my emotions." he
emitted a short chuckled. "Hell, I can't remember the last time I went to
a movie with a girl."
	Sonya was wrapped up in his story almost as much as she was
wrapped up in this man. "You take your various girlfriends to those
elaborate Hollywood premiers. I've seen you on that annoying
Entertainment channel."
	Johnny kept shoveling food. "I ment a real movie. Something
that I wasn't in. Just her, me and a small movie theatre."
	Sonya detected a hint of fondness in Johnny's voice. For a
moment she was crestfallen. Either he had a girl back home, or he really
didn't like Hollywood. "I'm sure that you two would have a great time." 
	Cage looked over at Sonya. *She thinks I have a girlfriend.* he
thought suddenly. He began to say something when a booming voice
appeared from the front of the Grand Hall. 
	Johnny recognized him as the man who had been on the boat: 
Shang Tsung.  As Shang spoke, Cage felt his appetite melt away.
Suddenly, he was filled with fear mixed with loathing for Shang Tsung.
And a couple of times, he swore that Tsung would link eyes with
Sonya.  She seemed to pick up on this too and would avert her eyes to
the floor. 
	Half way through the speech, Sonya turned to Johnny. "I'm
going outside." she told him and stood, pacing away. 
	Cage waited a few minutes but couldn't stand to watch her walk
away alone, so he also rose and followed her. 


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