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WARNING:  There are a couple of objectionable phrases in this
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	wouldn't read this story. But thanks for giving it a try :) 
		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation (4/?)
				by:  Tara Depp	

	After a few minutes of searching the grounds, Johnny
found Sonya sitting alone on the edge of a cliff overlooking the
beautiful rolling waves below.	
	He walked over to her and paused a second before saying,
"Is this seat taken?"
	Sonya glanced up at the sound of his voice. "No." 
	Johnny sat down. 
	Silence ensued.  
	Finally, Cage decided to break the stillness. "You look like
you're a million miles away."
	Sonya said, "So what if I am? It's safer and saner that what's
taking place here."
	"Saner?" Johnny questioned. "Nah. Rayden was quite clear
in what our mission was. I, for one, think it's sane to save the
	"I didn't want to save the world when I got on that
Goddamed boat." she hissed. "All I wanted was to arrest Kano and
get on with my life."
	"Who's Kano?" asked Johnny. 
	Sonya was filled with fury. "Why don't you mind your own
business?!" with that, she stood and stormed away. 
	Johnny jumped up and ran after her. He caught up with her
and grabbed her by the arm. Cage spun her around to face him. Her
beautiful features were twisted in rage. 
	"What is wrong with you, girl?!" Johnny demanded loudly.
"One minute, you sympathized with me about my life but when I
try to sympathize with you, I'm blocked out!!"
	Sonya jerked her arm away. "There are certain aspects of
my life that I don't feel that I need to share. Especially with some
guy I just met."
	An argument was beginning when a crack of thunder was
heard. Johnny and Sonya spun around to see Rayden approaching
them with Liu Kang walking behind him. 
	Rayden stopped a couple feet in front of the couple. "Why
such angry words?" 
	Sonya crossed her arms. "It's---"
	"None of my business?" Rayden finished for her. "If my
Earth Realm fighters are conflicting with each other, I must know
why. Then the confliction can be corrected."
	Sonya was unwilling to speak so Johnny reported, "Rayden,
I think that this problem can be smoothed out in our own time.
Right now, though, we need some answers."
	Rayden shrugged. "I have told you what you need to know.
Shall I recap the main points for you?"
	Liu interrupted. "We know that we're here to defend our
Realm from Shang Tsung and Emperor Kahn, but where exactly
are we?" 
	"In Outworld." Rayden answered. "On Shang Tsung's
island. And before you ask, you won't be fed again so I hope you
all ate well."
	Johnny groaned. "Thanks for running off Sonya. Now I've
gotta go the rest of this joyful excursion without eating."
	Blade glared an icy glare at him. Her anger was boiling but
she couldn't find the power to storm away from Johnny... at least
not yet. His eyes were pleading with her to stay. So, she turned
away from him and concentrated on Rayden. 
	"It is important," Rayden began, " that the three of you stick
together. If you don't, the Earth has no chance. Any questions
before I leave?"
	"Good." Rayden smiled. "The tournament starts tomorrow.
Until then, you can find a place to sleep in the quarters. Just follow
that path."
	There was a flash of lightening and thunder. Then the Lord
of Thunder and Lightening was gone.  
	Liu Kang faced Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade with a
distressed expression.
	"You catch Kitana?" Johnny asked.
	Liu shook his head. "Before I could talk to her, I was
attacked by guards. But they won't be around to report what
	Sonya exhaled and yawned. "I don't know about you two,
but I'm getting a little tired. Excuse me."
	"I'm getting tired too." Johnny said. "I'll go back to the
housing area with you Sonya. Coming Liu?"
	Kang shook his head no. "I'm going to meditate tonight.
There are some things that I need to think about." 
	Johnny understood and fired a helpful smile at Liu. He
returned Cage's grin and walked away. That left Sonya and Johnny
alone together. 
	Johnny began down the path with Sonya mutely walking
next to him. 
	Cage knew he had to try to apologize. If he didn't, then
there wouldn't be a chance in Hades for a more than platonic
relationship between them. "Sonya, I'm sorry about prying. I didn't
mean to. It's just that I've always been told that talking is the best
way to get things off your chest. So, I was an idiot and invaded
your privacy."
	"Thank you Johnny." Sonya said. She was touched by his
honesty. He didn't sound insincere about his words. "And what
you've heard is right. Talking is the best way to vent your
emotions. It's just that I'm not too good at talking."
	"What?!" Johnny squawked. "You? Not good at talking?
Who told you that?"
	"No one." Sonya shrugged, looking down at the ground.
"I'm just a private person. I don't like to air my dirty laundry at the
expense of others."
	Johnny replied, "I respect that you're a private person but--
how do you get close to someone without... airing dirty laundry?"
	She stopped short and turned to face him. "I don't get close
to people."
	"Why not?"
	"Because if I do, they end up getting hurt." Sonya said
	Johnny was taken aback. He didn't know what to say. He
just stared at her, wondering what the right words were. But before
he could stay anything, Sonya had taken off again, walking briskly
toward a group of huts. 
	Cage slowly turned and matched her pace, which allowed
him to easily catch up with her. "Sonya, will you ease up a little?"
	"Ease up?!" she yelled. Fighters who were standing around
the huts turned to stare. "Why the Hell should I do that? All I
wanted to do was capture the man who killed my partner but no! I
didn't even get a chance to capture the bastard because now, I've
gotta go save the Goddamed world! So you tell me Cage. How do I
ease up?!!" 
	Johnny stammered for words. He wasn't even thinking
when he said, "You could  try punching a pillow or something."
	Sonya glared at him with intense hatred. She suddenly
threw a punch at Johnny's head. Her first connected with his jaw
and the over-paid actor stumbled backwards. He caught himself
before he fell and put one hand gingerly to his jaw.
	A crowd of on-lookers had gathered to the right of the
feuding combatants. Some were floored and others were laughing
while exchanging rude comments. 
	"Shit." Johnny Cage said in a low voice. 
	Sonya saw the pained expression on Johnny's face and she
instantly felt rotten. She closed her eyes and exhaled as Johnny
walked up to her. 	
	His eyes were filled with fury for the woman he'd fallen
for. "I'm sorry for trying to be nice to you. I guess being a bitch is a
lot harder than I thought it was."
	Not wanting to challenge him further, Sonya pivoted on her
heel and pushed through the crowd, heading for an empty hut. She
needed a quiet place to think... now. 





---"I tore up my picture from its frame, just wanted to be one of
you. I'm standing on the outside, looking in. Funny how you see the
truth, but the feeling does come back to you..." ---
			~~~Sheryl Crow "On The Outside"~~~

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