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WARNING:  There are a couple of objectionable phrases in this
	story. 	If you aren't comfortable with two or three bad
	words, I wouldn't read this story. But thanks for giving it a
	try :) 
		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation (5/?)
				by:  Tara Depp

	Johnny sighed and moved his jaw slightly. The crowd of
people began to disperse. Only one man stayed behind. He looked
around nervously before approaching Cage. 
	"Uh, Mr. Cage?" the man asked.
	Johnny turned to him, looking quite angry. "What?"
	The man held out his hand. "My--My name is Connor
Ryan. I've been a huge fan of yours since Fury Fighters II."
	Cage shook Connor's hand. "Nice to meet you Connor."
	"Yeah." Ryan echoed. "I was just passing by when I saw
what was going on and then I saw you--- I had to stop by and say
hi. You're, like, one of my heroes."
	Johnny smiled a little. "I'm still your hero even after a
woman beat me up?"
	"Of course." Connor said. "It was only one punch and I
admire how you didn't hit back. Most of these guys here would
attack anyone or anything that gave them trouble."
	Johnny looked around the small encampment. "How long
have you been here Connor?"
	The other man shrugged ."About five hours or so. I just got
done eating and listening to this guy talk about the tournament.
Only settled into my quarters a few minutes ago. Where are you
staying, Mr. Cage?" 
	Johnny paused. He really wanted to go stay with Sonya but
if he even tried that--- "Connor, how many people are to a--- um,
hut? Do you know?"
	"Two." Connor reported. 
	"Okay." Cage said. The egotistical part in his brain said to
go to Sonya, just so she wouldn't have to spend the night with
some creep. Quickly, the logical part of his brain said to stick with
this Connor guy. But when does a man ever use logic? "Well,
Connor, I think I'm going to try patch things up with Sonya.  I'll see
you around!" 
	Connor grinned as Johnny waved and walked away,
searching for Sonya. Cage certainly didn't know when to give up.
Ryan walked away as clouds covered the sky and thunder rolled in
the distance. 

	Sonya Blade viewed the small hut she had found. It nicely
furnished with two single beds equipped with nice night stands
next to the mattresses. There was a bathroom behind the main
room which had all the comforts of home. Also, two kerosene
lamps burned over the top of the door, sending bright light rays
into the room.  
	She closed the door behind her as raindrops began to fall
and walked over to the nearest bed. The other bed was sitting
vertically against the other wall. Her bed was across the room from
that one. She only hoped that she wouldn't have to share the hut
with someone else... who was bound to be a man. Of course
Johnny would always be welcomed but after what she'd done to
him, it would be out of the question for them to ever converse
	She pulled her feet up under her and relaxed her mind. She
let her memory wander back to the good old days before the army
or all the pain she had caused people she'd cared about. 
	But all the memories of home and safety weren't surfacing
in her mind. Sonya shook her head and her shoulders sagged. She
couldn't concentrate on anything when her thoughts of her
treatment of Johnny.  
	Blade knew that Cage hadn't deserved the punch she'd
thrown at him or the sore jaw. Once again, she'd driven away a
potentially meaningful relationship. That was just like her. Driving
away people she loved----
	"Dammit." she whispered. 
	It was a word that she didn't use often. Sonya refused to
believe that she was in love with Johnny Cage. Sure, he was
handsome and sounded like he meant well but---
	 Out of the blue, there was a knock at the door. Sonya
cautiously neared the entrance. 
	She hesitated before opening the door. "Who is it?" 
	"Santa Clause." came the muffled reply. 
	Sonya smiled and opened the door. Standing outside was
Johnny Cage. He was drenched to the bone and shivering but
wearing a shy smile while holding a small suitcase like bag. 
	"Johnny---" she started but decided to invite him in first.
"You're soaked. Please come in."
	Cage moved inside, rubbing his hands together for warmth.
	She shut the door and began toward the bathroom. "I'm sure
there's some towels in here."
	Johnny threw his bag down on a bed that was sitting
vertically against one stucco wall and tried not to drip water all
over the carpet. 
	Sonya returned with two large towels and Johnny accepted
them graciously. She tried to make conversation. "I thought you
lost all your bags."
	Johnny shrugged and toweled his hair with one towel while
sitting on the other. "So did I. But, while I was searching for you,
someone returned it. Good thing I put those little name tags on the
	Sonya smiled a bit but after a second the smile faded. She
sat down on the bed next to him. "Johnny, I'm sorry about
punching you. It was a stupid thing for me to do." 
	Johnny raised one hand. "I shouldn't have tried to spy in to
your life. We barely know each other and I inquire about personal
matters. Plus, I did say some very mean things." 
	Sonya nodded solemnly. "We both made some stupid
mistakes. How about we just make up?"
	Johnny grinned. "I like the sound of that."
	Sonya returned the smile. She extended her hand to him.
Johnny looked at her palm and gave her a strange look.
	Cage said, "I think that this calls for something a little
stronger than a mutual handshake."
	*Stay calm* Sonya told herself as her heart rate picked up.
"Excuse me?" 
	Johnny held out his arms to her. "Come one. Give Johnny a
	"But your shirt is all wet." she complained.
	"Then I'll take it off." Johnny decided and swept his shirt
over his head to reveal a nicely sculpted chest. "Better?"
	Sonya had to nod. 
	"You know," continued Johnny. "My pants have been are
sort of starting to chafe. Mind if I take them off too?"
	"God, no!" Sonya exclaimed. "If you want a hug, here!"
	She quickly threw her arms around him as his muscular
settled around her smaller frame. They stayed like that for a few
moments until Sonya pulled away, feeling embarrassed. She
quickly stood up and started for her bed.
	"We should... um, get to bed. Tomorrow's going to be an
important day." Sonya said distractedly, rubbing the back of her
	Johnny just stared at her. "Sonya you don't have to be afraid
of showing your emotions."
	"I've already told you--" she started, turning away from
	"You told me that you don't like to empty your soul to
another being. I do understand that, believe me. But showing
emotions and pouring out every detail of your life are two very
different things." Cage said, standing to stress his point. 
	Sonya turned around. "Johnny, I don't want to fight. It's late
and I'm tired. So, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to prepare for bed."
	She was half way to the bathroom when Johnny said,
"You're going to sleep in that?"
	Sonya looked down at  her long black shirt and black pants.
"It's the only thing I've got."
	Johnny opened his bag and tossed a shirt at her. Sonya
caught it and looked at it. It was a Tee-Shirt from a celebrity
baseball game with the name JOHNNY stitched on the front and
the name HOLLYWOOD STARS on the back. 
	She looked at him gratefully. "Thanks."
	Cage followed her with his  eyes until she had disappeared
from site. Getting her to return his feelings wasn't going to be as
hard as he thought it would be... but, he could be wrong.



~Who's there that makes you so afraid you're shaken to the bone.
You know I don't understand you deserve so much more than this.
So don't tell me why he's never been good to you - don't tell me
why he's never been there for you. I'll tell you that why is simply
not good enough. So just let me try & I will be good to you. Just let
me try & I will be there for you. I'll show you why you're so much
more than good enough...~ 
				--- Sarah McLachlan "Good Enough"
		from the CD, *Fumbling Toward Ecstasy*

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