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WARNING:  There are a couple of objectionable phrases in this
	story. 	If you aren't comfortable with two or three bad
	words, I wouldn't read this story. Also, there are some
	insinuations and innuendos. If you don't like story lines like
	that, I applogize.  But thanks for giving it a try :) 
		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation (6/?)
				by:  Tara Depp

	Sonya emerged from the bathroom feeling very cozy. She
had washed her face, brushed her long hair out into a loose braid
and changed into Johnny's shirt.Cage's shirt was one of the most
comfortable pieces of clothing she had ever worn. It smelled like
him too, which was an added plus. 
	Blade yawned and moved out into the large room that
housed the two beds. Johnny was sprawled on his bed, with his
shirt hanging from his headboard and he was reading a John
Grisham book. 
	"Bathroom's free." Sonya said with a smile.
	Johnny looked over at her and put down his book. "That
shirt looks great on you."
	"Thank you." Sonya told him as she climbed under the
covers of her bed. 
	Cage started toward the bath room, but Sonya's voice
stopped him before he reached the door.
	"Johnny, if I'm asleep by the time you finish up, I just want
you to know that I'm really thankful for--- what you've done and it's
just that---"  Sonya stopped, running out of words. 
	He smiled softly and walked over to her bed side. He
tenderly tucked a lock of fallen hair behind her ear. "Don't say
anything. Just go to sleep."
	Sonya's eyes closed slowly and she nestled down into the
soft covers. Johnny stood over her for a second, wanting desperatly
to tell her how beautiful and innocent she looked and how he
wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. 
	Cage drew in a long breath and once against started for the


	The sun broke through the clouds, spilling rays of light
through the un filtered windows. 
	Sonya Blade woke and sat up. She streached her arms and
swung her feet over the edge of the bed. Her eyes darted around
the room, searching for Johnny Cage. She found him sitting on his
bed, on which the covers were made, peacefully meditating. He
looked refreshed and it appeared that he'd showered; Cage was
wearing Adidas pants instead of normal sleep apparal. 
	Not wanting to disturb him, Blade quietly stood and
grabbed her clothes from her bedside. She was walking past him
toward the bath room when--
	"Morning sunshine." an alert voice said. 
	Sonya looked over at Johnny. His legs were untangled from
the Lotus position and his eyes were focused on her. 
	Blade smiled. "Good morning Johnny. Did you rest well?" 
	He smiled. "Yup. But I would have slept better if I wasn't
sleeping alone."
	"Well, next time, remember to bring your stuffed
dog."Sonya replied, wearing a fake smile. 
	Johnny had to grin. She held his gaze for a few seconds
before turning to enter the bathroom. Johnny returned to his
meditation stance and let his mind wander to things other than the
stakes of the tournament. 

	Sonya drew a bath, bathed and then changed quickly. She
decided to put her straight blonde locks back into a high pony tail
and was finishing with her hair when there was a hasty knock on
the door.
	"What?" she asked, slightly annoyed.
	It was Johnny. "Sonya, you better get out here. There's two
monks out here and, if I'm correct, they aren't here to sell us
	Blade fastened the rubber band in her hair and then exited
the bathroom. She found Johnny standing out side, wearing his sun
glasses and looking distressed. Together, they walked out to the
main room. Sure enough, two monks were waiting outside the
door. One pointed at Johnny and the other pointed at Sonya. 
	Before they parted, Johnny reached out and touched
Sonya's arm. "Good luck Sonya. Please don't get yourself hurt."
	Sonya was struck by his intense look and words. "I'll be
fine. You watch your back Cage." 
	Johnny almost said,  *Sonya, I don't want anything to
happen to you because I--* but caught himself. She'd think him
absurd if even a word of that had slipped out of his mouth. So, he
turned his back and walked away with the monk leading him.
	Sonya did the same. She focused on what had to be done. 


	Johnny Cage was led to a sandy beach, where he found a
ring had been outlined with smooth stones. The monk walked him
to the edge of the ring, bowed and took his place behind a granite
	Johnny took off his sunglasses and placed them a good
couple of feet from the outside of the ring. When he returned, a
man clothed only black wind pants was staring coldly at him. Cage
thought his opponate was human until he saw the guy's eyes. They
were small, beady and glowing red. 
	"Nice to meet ya buddy." the actor smiled and took a tense
step inside the ring. "I'm Johnny Cage." 
	The other man grunted. "I am Favam."
	Johnny bowed respectfully. "It's a shame that that we had to
resort to violence." 
	Favam laughed, which echoed off the high rising granite
cliffs. "Prepare yourself, mortal. Shao Kahn and his armies will
rise victorious against the pathetic worms that Rayden has deemed
his Earth Warriors!"
	Johnny blinked. "Okay. That's great. But just some advice.
When you talk to Mr. Kahn, since he'll be invading our Realm and
all, tell him that he only needs one HBO station. The rest are just
for show."
 	Favam was confused. Which kept him prone to attack.
Johnny took this to his advantage. He lept at the Outworlder and
kicked him in the head. Favam fell while Cage landed on his feet.
	Johnny's opponant jumped back to his feet and ran at Cage.
Johnny swung to the side and just missed a punch to his throat.
Slightly off balance, the actor couldn't jump out of the way when
his legs were swept out from under him. He landed on his back as
Favam loomed over him. The Outworlder waited a few seconds
and then brought the heel of his foot down toward Johnny's face.
Cage blocked the attack, grabbed Favam's foot and twisted his
ankle. Favam howled in pain as his ankle was bent in an un-natural
position. Johnny then jumped to his feet, held the man's wounded
ankle with one hand while punching Favam in the chest. 
	Favam's breath was driven from his body and he fell
backwards. Johnny let go of  his ankle and Favam fell onto his
back. Cage dropped down next to the man and punched the guy in
the face twice. Favam's body sagged as he went unconcious. 
	Johnny stood, nudged the guy with his foot and then looked
up. The monk scrawled something down on a piece of paper that
was sitting on the podiem before beckoning to Johnny.
	Cage stepped out of the ring and picked up his sunglasses.
He kept himself quiet as the monk led him away to his next bout.


~"This is not good! Worlds are colliding!! George is getting
	---George Costanza (Jason Alexander) in "Seinfeld" 
	EPISODE:  #112	
	FIRST AIRED:  11/16/95

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