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Rating:  Uh, PG-13. 

WARNING:  There are a couple of objectionable phrases in this
	story. 	If you aren't comfortable with two or three bad
	words, I wouldn't read this story. Also, there are some
	insinuations and innuendos. If you don't like story lines like
	that, I apologize.  But thanks for giving it a try :) 
		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation (7/?)
				by:  Tara Depp


	While Johnny Cage was fighting Favam, Sonya Blade was
taken to a ring that was set in the heart of the island. There were
all kinds of Earth fighters assembled around the outside of the
ring, gearing up to watch the next fight. 
	Sonya stepped into the corner of the ring and began to
warm up with kicks and a few punches. She rotated her neck and
looked around for her opponent. 
	"Sonya Blade." said an eerily familiar voice. 
	She turned around to see Shang Tsung sitting in a high
backed chair right out side the ring. He was staring at her with a
sick smile. 
	"I have something for you, my dear." he told her.
	Sonya replied in a stone cold and unfeeling voice. "I don't
want anything from you."
	He held her gaze. "Actually, Miss Blade, I have something
that you want very much. Look over there."
	Shang pointed to his left and Sonya followed his directions.
Standing there was Kano, his red eye taunting her.
	"Behold, your next opponent. You'll thank me for this
later." Tsung smirked. 
	Kano spoke up. "Hello there Sonya. Did you miss me?"
	Sonya walked toward the center of the ring, glaring at her
nemesis and, possibly, arch enemy. She took a tentative step
toward Kano as he waved a knife in front of her face. 
	"Would you like to know where I got this?" Kano asked. 
	Sonya didn't reply. She was too busy calculating how
longer her arch rival was going to be among the living. 
	"Not talking today, are we?" he said suddenly. "Oh well---"
	He hadn't even gotten the words out of his mouth before
Sonya leapt at him, her right leg catching him square in his chest
while her left leg wrapped around  his knee. The upper part of
Kano's body went backwards while the lower half was pulled out
from underneath him. He hit the ground with a thump and stayed
here, paralyzed. Sonya landed with her feet on his chest and she
loomed over him. 
	Without thinking, she quickly put her ankles on either side
of his neck. She squeezed his neck and didn't let another word
escape his mouth before she snapped his neck between her
muscular ankles. 
	A voice spoke up. "Flawless victory." 
	Sonya stepped away from the lifeless body and turned to
look at the person who owned the voice. It was Shang Tsung and
he was watching her closely. 
	Blade didn't say anything and started for the edge of the
ring. She uncomfortably shifted her shoulders, as she felt like
someone was watching her. Trying to shake the feeling, Sonya
hastily jumped the boundary of the ring and paced toward the
barracks, her emotions running high. 
	She was about ten feet away from the ring when someone
stepped out in front of her. She stopped abruptly and scowled. 
	"I really must be on my way." Sonya said coldly to Shang
Tsung, who was blocking her path. 
	"You don't have another bout until tomorrow. I don't think
that there's anywhere pressing you need to be." Shang told her, not
	Sonya started to get pissed. "Listen, I don't want to be rude
but I really should----"
	"This is my island, Sonya." Tsung's eyes glowed with
power. "And when I say I want to talk with someone who is
standing on my dominion, they will talk with me."
	She'd had enough. Sonya didn't say anything. She went to
step by Shang but he stepped out in front of her, blocking her path. 
Sonya rolled her eyes and tried stepping the other way. Still, he
stood in front of her. Just then---
	"Why don't you let her be on her way? You've taken up
enough of her time." 
	Sonya turned around to see Johnny Cage standing behind
her, his eyes locked on the scene in front of him. He walked up to
Sonya and put his hand on her shoulder. 
	Shang's face darkened. "Mr. Cage, I see you've won your
first bout. I hope that your little warm up round hasn't tired you out
too much."
	Johnny grinned and removed his hand from Sonya's
shoulder. He then stepped slightly in front of her, taking a sort of
protective stance. "Not at all. Worried?" 
	"No." Tsung replied. He coolly looked at Sonya. "Well,
Miss Blade, we'll speak again soon."
	With that, Shang Tsung walked off in the opposite
direction with his head held high. Both Sonya and Johnny watched
him go with hatred in their eyes. 
	"What'd he say to you?" Johnny demanded, his hand
finding her elbow. 
	Sonya barely flinched out of his touch. "Nothing. I just
need some time alone to think. That's where I was headed right
now to the barracks when he stopped me."
	Johnny wasn't going to let her walk away yet. "I'm heading
back to our little hut too. Let me walk with you."
	Blade began to protest. But then she gazed up into Johnny's
eyes. Everything stopped. She was totally lost. "O--Okay." 
	Cage grinned and crooked his arm. Sonya hesitantly laced
her arm though his and they walked off toward the housing area. 


"There is a war raging and if you don't pull you head out of the
sand, you, me and five billion other people are going to go the way
of the dinosaurs. I'm talking planned invasion..... A struggle for
heaven and earth where there is one law:  Fight or Die. And one
rule:  Resist or Serve." 

				---Alex Krychek (Nicholas Lea)
					"The X-Files"

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