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	words, I wouldn't read this story. Also, there are some
	insinuations and innuendos. If you don't like story lines like
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*I swear to goodness that this does end.*	
		Mortal Kombat:  A Different Interpretation (8/?)
				by:  Tara Depp

	When the couple arrived back at their quarters, both were
starving. Luckily, sitting on one of the beds was a basket full of
fruits and a tall ceramic pitcher of water. 
	"Wow, they fed us again." Johnny said, his eyes bright as
he closed the door behind him. 
	Sonya walked to the bed and grabbed an apple. "Yeah.
Look at all this. We've got pineapple, grapes, oranges... all kinds of
stuff to choose from. Which one do you want to start with?"
	His eyebrows shot up and, quite cockily, he said, "I'll take
the beautiful blond one."	
	Sonya looked over at him and their eyes met. She couldn't
help it and started laughing. Johnny followed suit and wasn't
prepared when Sonya threw an orange at him. Luckily, the
superstar caught it. He continued to laugh as he threw it back at
her.  Blade ducked under the flying fruit and grabbed another item.
This time, she got her hands on the grapes. 
	Sonya flung each of the grapes at him, watching with glee
as the overpaid actor turned his head and put his hands up in mock
defense. She then stepped toward him, throwing the small fruit
with even more force. 
	"Ahh! Don't bruise the skin!" Johnny pleaded. "My face is
my livelihood!!! Please!!"
	Sonya's laughter picked up and she was forced to stop her
attack in order to catch her breath. Johnny took this to his
advantage and sprang at her. Blade was caught off guard as Johnny
tackled her, sending them both to the ground. The Special Forces
Lieutenant was now trapped underneath one of the richest actors
	Johnny grabbed the grapes from her and tossed them over
his shoulder. Sonya looked up at him and was surprised to see
Johnny gazing down at her, all looks of joking gone from his face. 
	"Um, I think you've proved your point." Sonya said, trying
not to stutter. "You can let me up now." 
	"I could." he said in a low voice. 
	"Or I could make you." she said, becoming slightly
	Johnny smirked. "Sounds like fun."
	She rolled her eyes and put her hands on his chest, pushing
him away with all of her power. Johnny simply reached down and
grabbed her wrists, yanking them away. She squawked at the
sudden movement as their faces came inches from each other. 
She gazed up into his eyes and he gazed right back.  
	"I--I think-- I think I--" Sonya started but didn't finish.
Johnny had already leaned in for a little kiss. Blade returned the
kiss but they were rudely interrupted when there was a heavy
knock on the door. 
	Johnny pulled away, a scowl look on his face. "I swear if
that's Liu, I'm going to kill him." 
	Sonya stood and smoothed out her tunic, trying to compose
herself as Cage walked toward the door. Just as Johnny was
turning the knob, an uneasy feeling crepted into the pit of Sonya's
	"Johnny--" she started but didn't finish before he threw
open to door to reveal...
	"Dammit!" Johnny cursed, taking a half step outside the
door. "There's no one here!!! This has to be the cruelest joke
anyone's ever pulled on me." 
	Sonya sighed in relief as Johnny turned around, resting his
weight on the still open door. 
	"So." he started, beginning to close the door. "Where were
 	"We--" Sonya stopped suddenly, movement catching her
eye. "Johnny, look out!!" 
	Instinctively, Johnny Cage turned around. He found himself
staring directly into the eyes of a frightfully familiar face. The
familiar face belonged to Scorpion, one of Shang Tsung's cronies. 
 	Scorpion reached out and grabbed Johnny by the throat,
and lifted him off the floor. Cage's feet dangled about a foot off the
floor as he tried to fight back, even though nothing helped. 
	Sonya stepped forward, her eyes catching Scorpions murky
depths. "Put him down."
	The ninja just glared at her for a second, then flung Johnny
into the nearest wall. Cage bounced off the wall and collapsed in a
heap, coughing spontaneously and then finally passing out. Purely
on reflex, Blade started toward Johnny but didn't make it. 
	"Get over here!!" boomed an ominous voice. 
	Sonya stopped for a second and turned her head to look at
Scorpion, who had suddenly spoken up. All she saw, before
darkness greeted her, was a spike-like creature flying toward her. 

*				*				      *	
	When Johnny Cage recovered his consciousness, he found
himself lying alone on the hut's floor with blood dripping from his
	"Sonya?" Johnny called weakly, hoping she was just in the
other room. 
	When she didn't respond, Johnny pulled himself to his feet
and touched his forehead gingerly. His fingers came away with
sticky blood.
	"Damn." Johnny swore under his breath. He stalked around
the hut, looking for clues. After a twenty minute search of the hut,
Johnny stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. That's when he
found what he was looking for. 
	Sonya's ponytail holder was lying on the closely cropped
grass. Johnny picked it up and curled his fist around it, fear and
hate creeping into his soul. Cage looked around, noticing that the
sky was starting to cloud over. He needed help. And he couldn't

*				*			            *

	Meanwhile, Sonya Blade was spending some quality time
with a 8x10 cell and a cold stone floor. (no, this has nothing to do
with Steve Austin)
	From what Sonya could tell, she had been out cold for
some time. Her last memory was that of Scorpion throwing some
thing spike shaped at her. She'd felt a small pain in her neck and
then nothing. The next thing she knew, she was slouched in the
corner of a small cell with her hair hanging around her face. 
	Blade pushed at her hair absently and then stood, trying to
get her eyes to adjust to the dim light. After a few moments, she
could view her entire cell.... and the figure standing outside of it. 
	"Who's there?" Sonya called, looking at the figure. 
	There was laughter. "My pretty, pretty girl. I'll give you
three guesses."
	"Shang Tsung." Sonya growled, her eyes narrowing. "What
the Hell am I doing here?!"
	"Well..." Shang started and waved his hand, causing flames
to spark the darkened spaces. 
	Sonya blinked at the bright light and noticed that Shang
was staring at her through rusty metal bars. She edged away
slightly, his gaze making her feel--well, dirty. 
	Tsung continued. "I'll put it in simple military terms:  You
are my... quite beautiful Prisoner of War." 
	Sonya was, puzzled. "Listen, bud, I think that I'm the least
of your worries. Why didn't you kidnap someone who would be a
real threat to you--- like Liu Kang?"
	"Because I have a plan for you, my dear." he said in a
sinister voice. "When I crush your dear mortals, the human race
will become subservient me. That, in turn, would make me king.
And every good king has his queen."
	Sonya shivered. "I still don't see what this has to do with
me." *Sound even more blond, why don't 'cha?* Sonya chided
herself as she spoke the words she knew the answer to. 
	"You have everything to do with it, young Sonya." Shang
told her. "And you must be my queen."
	"Never." she hissed, her eyes searing into his. "Never."
	Tsung shrugged. "Then I'll aide to your decision." he turned
his head and called, "Scorpion!" 
	Within a few seconds, the deadly ninja Scorpion appeared
next to his master. The ninja bowed his head in respect and waited
for his command. 
	Tsung turned back to Sonya and caught her eye line. Not
breaking eye contact with the young woman, he calmly said,
"Bring me Johnny Cage. Alive." 
	Scorpion nodded and then disappeared in a flash of fire
colored smoke. Sonya's breath caught in her throat. She could feel
the blood coursing through her veins.
	"Don't you dare drag Johnny into this." she said with more
vengeance than she thought she could ever summon up. 
	Tsung gave her a deadly serious look. "I do dare, lovely
Sonya. I do dare."
	With that, the sorcerer pivoted on his heel and walked
away. Sonya watched him leave as nausea flowed through her
stomach. She collapsed to the ground and hugged her knees to her
	"God, please no." she whispered. "No..." 


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