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The Barn Raising
By Misaki
Typed by: Paige ('cause I was too sick and lazy...and I still am)

        "You ready to go woman? You've been in there all morning!"
Johnny Cage demanded. 
        "Yes, I'm just getting my corset laced, Lucy is helping." Sonya
replied from inside the locked bedroom.
        "We have got to get going! We ain't gonna be late this time!"
Johnny insisted.
        The door opened and Sonya Blade stepped out, her dress one
of those that would have been worn 100 years ago. It was a regular
blue with a white and red striped apron. The sleeves were long,
and the collar was like a turtle neck. She wore white and red
striped socks, and old black boots.
        "You're wearing that?" Sonya asked Johnny who wore duck
pants with spandex and a white shirt with buttons and white air
        "Nice shoes." she commented flatly.     
        "Yeah, I know. I saw this one kid on our lawn, asked him
what he was doing here, then he started begging me to forgive him.
I told him he had nice shoes.He gave them to me then ran off,"
Johnny shrugged, "You think he was scared of us?"
        "Us? Nah, we're perfectly normal 20th century Americans
who live in Minneapolis." Sonya responded.
        "Who knows then."
        "By the way, we need to pick Liu and Kit up. Kit walked 30
miles to tell me that their horse fell off that cliff near their house.
It took the wagon with it." Sonya explained putting her sunbonnet
        "I told Liu to build a nice lil' ol' house in the small ol' town of
Minneapolis. Start a nice lil' farm like us, I told him--" Johnny
        "Yup these 5 sq yards we have for a house sure is plenty."
Sonya interrupted.    
        "Oh gosh, golly gosh darn't, woman! Can't you ever be
thankful?" Johnny asked.
        "While the rest of the country goes to the mall for fun we go
to a barn raising!" she exclaimed.
        "Oh, but you forgot there's a hoe down afterward." Johnny
        "God, now I have something to live for!" Sonya exclaimed.       
        Johnny gasped, "Sonya! Don't take the name of the lord in
        "Oh, lord I'm so sorry!" She cried sarcastically 
        "Fine but don't be cryin' to me when you're burning in you
know where." Johny said pointing.
        "Just  say the gooddam word Johnny." Sonya replied.
        "No! I won't sin against our lord!" Johnny cried
        "Johnny why can't you start acting again? We can actually
have money! We can be happy!" 
        " I already told you, money can't buy happiness. With 
        "--but then again without money you can't have a 2000
chevrolet convertible with a CD player, with dynamic range, and
bass system, adjustable seats, air conditioning a top with a sun
roof, and a swimming pool in the backyard, with happiness either
can you?" Sonya asked.
        "I wish you would be happy that I've found my inner peace
with this life." Johnny sobbed. 
	 Sonya sighed, Johnny always did this when she
complained. "Fine, let's just go get Kitana and Liu now." 
        "Oh! I get to drive the wagon! ME! ME! ME!" Johnny started
running towards the wagon like an anxious 2 year old.
        "Are they ever going to come?" Kitana asked Liu Kang.
        "I doubt it." Liu said he was going to say more when he heard
something not too far away.
        "Yee-haw! Giddy up! Mwa haha! Faster!" 
        "Oh, no." Kitana mumbled, Johnny's driving
        In the distance they saw a huge dustcloud rise. Then they
heard a voice of a madman,"I'm king of the world! Woo-hoo!
Woo-hoo! I'm king of the world!"
        Through the dust they saw a speeding wagon with Johnny
standing up his hands in fists up towards the sky. Sonya was trying
to get him down.
        "Johnny! The reins! Get them! Johny get down! Johnny!
Watch out!" she shouted, "Watch out for the--" 
	Johnny was knocked off his feet by a branch of
a passing tree. He flew into the back of the wagon, out cold. Sonya
looked at him for a second before grabbing the out of control reins.
        "Kitana, Liu, move!" she yelled.
        But Liu was an easily confused person(not quite as much as
Johnny, but that was near impossible)
        "Liu!"  Thump,thump.
        Sonya stopped the horses, no horse because Johnny had
mistaken the other horse for his father in law, and shot him.
Needless to say Johnny didn't like Sonya's parents.
        "Liu!" she turned around        
        All this commotion woke Johnny up, he sat uprigth in the
back of the topless wagon. He spotted Liu laying face down in the
dirt. "Oh, hi Liu. Why ya takin a nap there?" 
        "Johnny, he got hit by the wagon." Sonya replied.
        "Again?" Johnny asked.
        Sonya nodded.
        "Do you have any advil? Got a bad headache. Sinus season?"
Johnny inquired.
        "Nope, you got hit by the tree." Kitana told him.
        "Uhgan?" came Liu's muffled voice. He was still lying on the
ground. Kitana helped him up.
        "This happens every time. Johnny always gets hit by the tree,
and Liu gets hit by the wagon." sighed Kitana, "Don't you guys
ever learn?"
        "No way!" They replied
        "Why not?" Sonya asked
        "Because--" Johnny & Liu said proudly, "--We're men!"
        "Figured." Sonya whispered
        "Come on let's get going. I'll drive, Sonya." Kitana offered
        "No! No! Me! Me!" Johnny cried
        "Sonya what happened to the cover of the wagon?" Kitana
        "Johnny went through the 7 tunnel. That's why the entire
frame is gone." Sonya explained.
        Johnny continued to whine, "My wagon! I control. Not you.
Me! Me, me me!"
        "No." Sonya replied
        Johnny shot Sonya a dirty look, then sat down in indian style

                                Near Minnesota/South Dakota Border
        Kitana was driving steering the wagon, going about 10 mph,
on a lousy Minnesota street.
        "Why are all the cars behind us honking?" Kitana asked
        Johnny who still sat in the back shrugged his shoulders.
        He and Liu were facing the car behind them and waving, "Hi!
        The man driving the car said something  Johnny couldn't quite
translate right.
        "Huh? No, I lost my pet monkey a few years ago. Suicide, but
thanks for asking." Johlnny had a extremely stupid grin on his face. 
        "Johnny, don't think he asked about your pet monkey." Liu
        The man was screaming at Johnny again, "No sir. My
monkey's name was Joe Bob." Johnny told him
        "Johnny, he's telling you to tell Kit to drive faster." Sonya said
        The man passed the wagon and held his middle finger at
        Johnny returned the guesture, "Good day to you too." 
        Sonya rolled her eyes, "I regret ever drinking whiskey before
Johnny proposed to me." she muttered under her breath
        "Hey, we're crossing the border." Kitana told the group
        "Wow, 5...4....3...." Johnny counted down.
        When Johnny hit 1 the lights, streets, and buildings of
Minneosota had  made a sudden change to the dull prarie features
of South Dakota.
        "We are now officially far away from civilization."

                                In the Dull Praries of South Dakota
        "So how many people are coming to this barn raising?" Sonya
        "Us, 83 Amish people, and all the people in South Dakota."
Liu replied
        "Oh, so that's--" Sonya counted on her fingers, "--about 89." 
        "No, 90 for your information." Johnny retorted
        "Oh wow." Sonya rolled her eyes
        "Look! It's a  prarie fire." Liu pointed to a flame spreading
across the dry grass.
        "Oooohhhh, Aaaahhh. Oh, oh." the group watched in awe for
a few minutes
        "So do we just sit here and wait for us to catch a flame or
what?" Sonya demanded.
        Kitana was about to go through the fire when they saw a
flaming man running around.
        "Look it's Bob!" Johnny exclaimed
        "Hi, Bob!" everyone shouted to the flaming man, who was
now a flaming skeleton.
        Bob stopped and waved back. Then he started pointing to the
        "Bob's always loved charades." Johnhny told the other 3,
"Sorry Bob, we need to figure a way out." he called out.
        The skeleton held a hand up moving his fingers to indicate a
fire. Using the other hand as the wagon he moved it around the
other hand.
        "Sorry Bob," Johnny called a little louder this time, "No
        Frustrated Bob puled out a mini wagon and a tiny lighted
match. He drove the little wagon around the flame. He looked up
at the confused group. Reacting the previous demonstration he
nodded yes. Next he drove the wagon through the
flame. It caught aflame. He motioned 'no'.
        "What's he saying?" Kitana asked
        Sonya shrugged, "No clue."
        Bob kicked the dirt. Then quickly pulled out a piece of paper
and he quickly scribbled down words. He held it up. 
        "Go around the fire not through it." Johnny read, "Oh, thank
you Bob."
        The skeleton turned the paper around:
        "My name is John." Liu read, " Oh right Bob! About fooled
me there. I recognize you!"
        The skeleton stuck up it's middle finger, which fell to the
ground. Followed
by his arm, head, then the rest of his body.
        "You're such a comedian, Bob!" Sonya laughed
        "See you around, Bob." Kitana said as she drove the wagon
around the fire
To Be Continued.....

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