Disclaimer:  The characters that I have used in this story are not
	mine. the only ones that belong to me are Annie and the
	Dalmator. The rest belong to the creators of Mortal
	Kombat. I use these characters for fun and do not intend on
	copying anything.

Beauty Can Be Terrifying

	"Sonya what happened to you?" Jax asked as his partner
Sonya flopped onto the couch. She had been wounded and she shut
her eyes. 
	"It's a long story Jax." She answered. Jax sat next to her.
             "How did you get those scratches all over your face?" He
said. He was clearly concerned about his best friend. "Do you
really want to know?" Sonya said. 
	The wounds were still sore. They wouldn't heal for a while
	"Of course I want to know" Jax exclaimed. Sonya smiled.
	"Okay but remember, this is totally unbelievable but true"
Sonya said. "It started like this---"

*				*				*

             The red porsche drove over the muddy road through a
lovely forest. The woman at the wheel, a former princess of
another realm watched the road carefully. Her name was Kitana
and she was the one that organized the four week holiday in the
mountains. Coming with her was her boyfriend Liu Kang. He was
changing radio stations on the car stereo, seeing if there was a
good song playing.
             Sonya popped her head over Liu's shoulder. "Hello Liu."
She giggled. 
             "Hello Sonya. Have you got any good cassettes in here?"
Liu asked. 
	Sonya nodded. "In the glove box." She told him. 
	Sonya sat back properly on her seat. Sonya and Liu were
both looking forward to the break. They both had tough jobs to
persevere with. Liu was the champion of Mortal Kombat, therefore
he had to be alert, watching for any problems with the Outworld. 
             Not that he was being very alert at that moment with his
head in the glove box and about five tapes in his lap.
             Sonya was a Special Forces agent whom just wanted a
little fun away from the tiny office on the third floor of the Special
Forces headquarters.
             Next to Sonya sat Johnny Cage. He was a martial arts
actor, taking time off from show business to be with his girlfriend
             It was still another day before the four of them would
reach their destination: A beautiful holiday house with a four day
trip to the mountains and several pit stops. It was very tiring.
             Suddenly there was a loud pop. The car shook violently
before stopping in the middle of the road.
             "What the hell was that?" Johnny shouted. Sonya had
already jumped out of the porsche.
             "Oh Shit!!!" She exclaimed. We lost a tire." 
	Johnny knelt down to investigate the cause of the tire
	"Look." Liu said. Behind the wrecked tire was a metal
             "A tire spike, thats' what did it." Liu said. 
             Kitana put her cell phone back in her Jeans pocket.
             "We're going to be stuck here for a while, the mechanic
said that he won't be here for at least another 24 hours. It's a bit of
a drive from here to the nearest repair shop." She explained. 
	Sonya slammed her fist on the top of the car. "Dammit!"
Sonya yelled. 
	"Well we're going to have to find shelter." Liu said.
	"Johnny and I will go, there should be a cabin or cave
somewhere." Sonya said. 
	"Good idea." Liu said.
             Sonya grabbed Johnny by the hand and dragged him into
the forest. Once in the forest, far from Liu and Kitana, Sonya spun
around to face Johnny.
             He pulled her closed to him. He kissed her. Soft,
passionate and comforting. It made them both forget that they were
stranded. Sonya pulled away. 
             "Did you here that?" she whispered. 
	"No." Johnny answered. "Must have been my imagination"
Sonya said. 
	"Wait I heard it just then, movement in the bushes." Johnny
	 "Someone's watching us." Sonya muttered.
             Suddenly a removed arm of a bear flew out from over the
             "Holy Shit!" Johnny yelled. A few seconds later, the whole
body of a fully grown grizzly bear came over the bush. It's stomach
had been ripped open, exposing it's insides. 
	"What could have done that!" Johnny exclaimed.
             "Something very powerful, come on Johnny lets get out of
here!" SonyaBEAUTY.TXT yelled.
             As they ran back to their friends, they heard the anguished
roar of a creature beyond imagination. 
	"Hey what is it with you two?" Kitana asked as the  couple
burst out of the forest. 
	"It's not a good idea to stay here Kitana." Sonya said.
             "Why?" Liu asked. 
	"Theres some sort of monster in that forest." Johnny said.
             Kitana and Liu burst out laughing. "Johnny give us a
break." Kitana said.
             "A monster? Have you gone completely mad?" Liu
	"No, there really is something out there." Sonya said.
Another roar, this time louder and more horrifying, stopped Liu
and Kitana's laughs. Kitana stared at Sonya with disbelief.
             "That was a bear." Liu said. He started towards the forest.
             Kitana tried to hold him back. "No, you can't go in there"
Kitana warned.
             "Who says?" Liu said. 
	He disappeared into the forest. A few moments later, a
scream rang out. The trio drew their attention to it. As they stopped 
in the middle of a clearing, Johnny saw what was left of Liu.
Kitana cried out and ran to the body. 
             He had been ripped to pieces.
             Sonya could barely tell that it was Liu. A trail of blood led
out into deep forestry. Kitana's anger had taken her over. 
	"I'm going to kill it." She growled.
             Sonya ran in front of her, blocking the path. "It will kill
you before you have the chance to even touch it." Sonya warned.
	Kitana knocked Sonya out of the way. "I don't care, I'm
going to make that thing pay for Liu's death" She said. 
	Johnny and Sonya followed Kitana. Sonya was worried and
thinking to herself : Will She survive? Will her friends survive?
	Whatever the creature was, it was very strong. It could
possibly destroy them all in one blow. She could hear the cries of
the monster. They were getting closer.
             To Sonya, that wasn't a good thing. Kitana stormed in front
of them. If only she hadn't been so self absorbed at that moment. If
only she hadn't been so traumatized.
             A creature about 6ft tall came out from behind a tree
suddenly. It's huge red hand grabbed Kitana's shoulder, It's claws
digging into her skin.
             Kitana screamed in shocked pain. Sonya could hear the
sickening crunch of Kitana's shoulder being broken. Suddenly her
whole arm was ripped off and it fell to the ground.
             The monster held her head and crushed her skull. Kitana
was now totally unidentifiable.
             Her face now just pulp. It seemed to be happy with its easy
victory but then noticed the other two. It scowled and started
towards Sonya, watching her with its evil eyes.
             "You aren't taking Sonya!" Johnny cried and shadow
kicked the beast. It was shocked.
             Never had anyone hit it. It knocked Johnny as he landed on
the ground. Then like as if he were a football, the beast kicked
Johnny high into the air. Johnny was impaled on a sharpened point
of a stick that happened to be sitting up. 
	"No!" Sonya screamed and ran towards him. Miraculously
he was still alive.
             "Sonya you can do this, don't worry about me." Johnny
	"Johnny don't die, please don't leave me." Sonya sobbed.
	"Fight the creature, beat him." Johnny advised. 
	Sonya nodded, holding in the tears.
	She turned and faced the ugly sight."You killed my friends.
Now it's my turn to kill you. You'd make an excellent trophy on my
wall." She said in anger. 
	The creature lunged at Sonya.
            She suddenly felt power build up inside her. She went to
punch the beast and out of nowhere came the purple fireball. It hit
against the monsters chest, leaving it breathless for a moment.
             It made a comeback, slashing Sonya across the face. It
stung her as she was pushed back forcefully by the beast's hand.
She leaned against a tree breathing heavily. She could be this thing
with effort.
             The creature came for her again. It's arm outstretched,
ready for another slash.
             Sonya ran up, and with all her strength, pushed the
monster. It fell to the ground. The dirt flew around and got into
Sonya's eyes but she didn't care. The monster was weakening and
that was the important part. It's red body was now covered in dust
and it coughed. It continued to cough for a few minutes.
             The beast was dying. It struggled to get back up. A loud
bang came out, followed by the yelp of the beast.
             It grasped it's shoulder and fell to the ground, dead.
             Sonya turned to see what the bang was.
             A young woman stood in front of her, holding a rifle. She
had beautiful long red hair and crystal blue eyes. She kicked the
creature with her boot too check that it was dead and then smiled
at Sonya.
             "You ok?" She asked with a Austrian accent. 
	Sonya nodded. "I think so" she said.
             "Good, My names Annie. Come with me I can get you to
safety." The young Austrian said.
             Sonya followed Annie through the woods. "How did you
know that I was here?" Sonya asked.
             Annie shrugged. "I heard the screams and I knew that the
Dalmator was at it again."Annie said. 
	"Dalmator? You mean that creature?" Sonya said. 
	"That's right, I have been after the Dalmator for a long
time, he has killed many people" Annie said. 
	In a distance was a small cottage. Annie's house. "Is there
any more of you?" Annie asked. 
	"No, only me" Sonya answered.

*				*				*
	Sonya smiled again as she finished her story. "Annie and
her Uncle Tom escorted me home in their car. Her friend drove the
porsche back.  I miss my other friends and still can't forgive the
Dalmator for what he did." Sonya said. 
	Jax was amazed by the story. " I can't believe that happened
to you." Jax said. 
	"Johnny told me that I would survive and I did, I got
revenge for the death of my friends with a little help from Annie,"
Sonya said. Then an evil glint became visible in her eye. "and the
Dalmator's head makes a good trophy for my wall." She added, 

				 THE END

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