Chapter 2/?           A Story for the Fans
                             By: Benjamin Myers

As I stood there with my agents, Stacy (the pretty one) and Vic, I
couldn't believe how many fighters I saw and help but notice the
antics these fighters did. Picking fights, making jokes about the
other fighters, and some were even stealing stuff from shops on the
pier. Although with all the fighters there, none of them are as well
known as me, Johnny Cage. We continued to wait for the ship to pick us
up while I had a nice conversation with my agents.

" Johnny... you can't go!! We start the shoot for 'Dragonfist 3' in a
week! It will set back the entire shoot," Vic never has confidence in
me. I should fire him right now, but he gets me the good roles.

" Look, I'm going to win this tournament, prove myself to the press
and my fans, THEN shoot another blockbuster hit!!" If that didn't shut
him up, I don't know what will.

Vic was about to open his mouth when Stacy burst out, "C'mon Vic!!
Give him some credit, would ya? I've lost count of how many
tournaments he's won and how many movies were hits," I think she likes
me... alot!

" Now, did you see that, Vic? Thats the kind of agent I want you to
be! When I come back, you better have blonde hair, sexy hips, and a
big butt-kissin' attitude! Can you do that?" I swear he nearly wet his
pants... sexy hips? He probably thinks I'm serious.

" I've still never heard of this 'Shaolin Tournament'!" Vic mumbled as
the huge, antique boat pulled up to the pier. "Oh my god... oh, please
don't get on that! Look at it, it'll probably sink on it's way there."
My god!! What a Lamer!

"Whatever! I'll meet you back here when I call, all right?" and I put
on my sunglasses while I grabed my duffle bag, buttened my blazer (I
was the only one wearing a suit.), and walked over to the Dragon
headed boat to get in line to board. The limo drove away as I got the
feeling that it was the first day of school all over again. As I got
on the ship I started to take notice of a group of grundy, un-shaven
guys walkin' around like they owned the boat. They were laughing about
some get away from a militia team and crackin' jokes about someone
named Sonya. I went to the front of the ship to get away from 'the
Three Stooges' and to relax for the tournament. I set down my bag and
took notice of some other fighters, one that caught my attention was a
fighter I've seen before. Derrick Masters, the lightweight Tae Kwon Do
Champion of the United States. I was on the same team with him in the
'90 World Tae Kwon Do Championships in the Martial Arts Olympics held
in Seoul, Korea. I've learned more styles since then though. There are
also two guys in Ninjitsu garments, one black and blue, the other in
silver and black. They're both wearing black hoods and masks that
cover there mouths and noses only showing there eyes. 

I get rather tired on this long boat ride and take a nap. I'm then
woken 45 minutes later by an austrailian accent and some laughter. "
Wake up sleepin' beauty!! Time to move, mate! We gotta have a buisness
meeting and your in the way. MOVE!!" 

When I am totally awake, I see the metal plate on his face with the
infra red eye.

 " Who are you and whats that leech on your face? Did you look at a
pretty girl wrong?" I crack at him only because I was having a rather
nice dream, mmmm... Sandra Hess.

" I got this from a rocket to the face, pretty boy! My mates and I
don't take kindly to those who make jokes about my face!"

" Well, lets put another shromp on the barbie!!" I love my sarcasim. I
would miss it if I lost my attitude.

"Jarek!! Kabal!! Lets put another 'shromp on the barbie, boys!" at
that same moment I started to think of that dude who says
'LLLLLLLEtt's get readddy to rummmmmbleeeeeeeeeeee!!'

'The Terminator' came charging at me with with some hovering flip that
I ducked and immediatly took out his flunckies with a 'Shadow Kick'. I
took this time to take off my blazer and pull up my sleeves. " Get
up!! You two!" Jarek replied, "Shut up, Kano!!"

"C'mon, Kano! Don't be like daddy! Finish what you start!" I screamed
as I low kicked the back of his right knee and back elbowed his plate!
He laughed as he got back up and pulled out a knife from his vest. He
took a swing, slashing my shirt and tie then charged at me. Not
realizing the the cargo drop in the floor, I fell to the cargo bay
where others were eating, gambling, and socializing. I pulled a
'frogman' (a backflip kick on my hands and spring back up.) on Kano as
he and his friends jumped down to join me. Knowing what was happening,
the other fighters circled around us. Kabal and Jarek backed in with
the circle leaving me and Kano. By this time my shirt and tie were
gone and my pants were rags showing my black shorts and red sash
underneath. I took off what was left of my pants and continued in my

" Wait a minute. Aren't you Johnny Cage, the 'Fake'?" That was the
last straw!

" When I'm done with you're gonna need a seeing eye dog and a monkey
to help you go to the bathroom!!" That hit a nerve. He threw two jabs
and a roundhouse, none of which connected. So I decided to finish it.
I did a full front splits and hit him in the groin. Everyone cheered
as I uppercutted him and everyone started to scream 'Finish Him'. Then
the tag alongs were mad! They double teamed me and put me in alot of
pain, I thought I was finished. Then some one out of the crowd jumped
in and took Kabal off of me. I asked no questions and started to put
Jarek in a combo. I kicked his knee, then his face. I grabed his arm
and thrust kicked his side, still holding his arm, I put my foot on
his face and started to twist. The move put him to sleep in an instant.

" Thanks alot for helping, really. I owe you one. I'm John Carlton,
you probably know me better as Johnny Cage," I gloated. The man was
about 6'0" tall, black hair, and baggy black pants.

"I'm Liu Kang. Let's get you bandaged. That guy cut you good!" 

I didn't know I was bleeding! Liu and I stuck together from then on
in. I got some food and was able to rest that night away. When I woke
up, we were closing in on the island and I didn't have a cut. That was
strange. Kano and company were still knocked out. I think? I saw that
ninja guy and his silver friend, the blue one seemed to be holding his
neck. I over heard him telling his friend 'Smoke' about someone named
Scorpion and how today was the day he killed him in battle. Three
years ago, he fought with him and Scorpion hit him in the throut with
a spear and every year it starts to hurt. Then, there was a big,
bright red flash and a fire ball landed on the ship's deck. Then a
body came up out of it! 

"Sub-Zero, I will get my revenge in the tournament. You will die!! I
will char your body to the darkest black, that which matches your

"Never Scorpion!" Sub-zero said in a raspy voice. Then the flash went
away and so did Scorpion. After that little fiasco, I went to the back
of the ship to get my mind together when I noticed a boat following
us. It's a military boat and it's in trouble with some of the natives...

To be continued...

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