Chapter 3/?                     A Story for the Fans
                                       By: Benjamin Myers

As the huge Dragon ship docked, a group formed in and around the
courtyard. Liu and I were some of the last people off the boat. As we
were on  our way to the courtyard, I saw that same Military boat that
was following us to the island. I couldn't help but think back to what
Kano and his friends were talking about when I got on the ship. I'm
assuming that is Sonya's boat and she is her to catch Kano. Liu and I
pushed are way to the front of the crowd to see what exactly was going
on. There was a dug-out full of monks and above that and in the middle
was a big throne. Some old looking dude with long white hair and a big
blue and gold robe was sitting there, getting ready to speak.

" Bring out the un-inviteds!" he told the guards. They were wearing
helmets and baggy red hoods over their faces. Everyone of them had a
weapon and was rather very well built up. I swear their muscles almost
didn't look human. The guards brought out six people, all in green and
black commando outfits. 

" Bring to me the leader!" demanded the old man. The guards brought
forward the most beuatiful blond woman I have ever seen. I was tempted
to go get the guards off of her, but held back.

" Who are you and what are you doing here on my island?" asked the man.

"Lt. Sonya Blade of the U.S. special forces. I'm tracking down a
murder who boarded your ship, let us go and you won't get in trouble
for protecting a criminal against military orders." I was already in

" You have trespassed and the penalty for un-inviteds is death!", now
I couldn't hold back!

" Who do you think you are!!" I screamed, " She's doing her job! Let
her go you hag!"

" I am Shang Tsung and this is my island and my tournament! She was
not invited, unlike your self. The rules stand Mr. Cage!"

" What about Sub-Zero's and Kano's friends? They aren't fighting! They
were'nt invited! This is a double standered, I say let her go!! NOW!!"
 I don't know why I care for her so much. Tsung turned his head and
looked at Sonya.

" I will make a deal with you Miss Blade, you will fight in my
tournament. If you win, I will give Kano to your custody and let your
team go. If you lose... I kill them... and you." said Tsung.

 " And you are to stay with Johnny Cage and Liu Kang." That's a nice

"Show them to their quarters," said Tsung. Then two guards came and
escorted us to where we're gonna stay. Sonya was taken another way.

It was a big wooden beach house on the eastern shore of the island. It
was on the boarder of the forest and the beach and it had a paved walk
way to every arena we will fight in. I still was shocked by the house,
" I can't wait to see what the bathrooms look like." Liu laughed as we
entered the hut. Liu and I had a discusion on Shang Tsung and I was
stunned by what Liu had to say about the tournament.

" 500 years ago, Shang Tsung was defeated by the champion Kung Lao.
The next tournament came along and he brought a warrior from the
Outworld with him named Goro. Goro beat Kung Lao and chained his body
to the wall in his lair. Tsung took his soul and started the reign up
untill now. I am Kung Lao's decendant. I am a Shoalin warrior, chosen
to represent the order of light," Liu told me. That's pretty heavy!
Then there was a knock at the door. I got up and answered it. It was
Sonya and two guards.

" Hey you guys, we got her from here. Thanks, bye!" and I pulled her
in and slammed the door in there faces. She was out of her cuffs and
she went straight to the empty bed.

" Thanks for sticking up for me out there. You saved my life. I'm
Sonya Blade," she said as she put out her hand for a handshake.

" I know, I'm Johnny Cage," I said as I grabed her hand and kissed it
like mom said I should do went I greet pretty girls. Mom taught me
well. She gave me a weird look as she got up and used her other hand
to shake Liu's becuase I simply couldn't let go.

" Why did you stick up for me any way?" she asked as I finally let go
of her hand.

" I don't know besides the obvious reason your too beautiful to die,"
it sliped!

" Please, spare me the charms, will ya?" then there was a big blue
flash as we all turned to see Liu Kang bowed down to a man who stood
7' feet tall, wearing a chinese straw hat and a white vest and pants.

" I am the reason you helped her. I helped your instinct, you wanted
to help her but held back." he aid to me. " You two and Sonya are this
worlds only hope. If she was killed, we would have lost."

" Who are you?" Sonya asked.

" He is Raiden, god of thunder and lightning and protecter of the
earth realm," Liu neglected to tell me about him. " Why are you here?"

" Come with me," he said and he teleported through the door, an action
that made take off my sunglasses (a rare occasion!).

" Now I have seen it all... except a four-armed man get frozen," I had
to say it. What irony. We followed the lightning trail jumping around
on the floor to the hall of warriors. To our  surprise the statues
were of us, the order went me, Kano, Sub-Zero, A four armed dude, Liu
Kang, Raiden, and Sonya. 

" You are about to contend in a tournament specificly designed for the
protection of the Earth Realm," preached Raiden. " You will find out
more at the dinner ceremony tonight. Take notice of the fighters and
beware of Shang Tsung's minions."

"Why are you telling us this stuff?" asked Sonya.

" One of you will decide the outcome of the tournament. You are the
worlds only hope, for I have looked into your souls."

" I have a question, did you fix the gash on my side?"

"Yes, we need our best fighters well and ready. I must go for now, but
I will be back to compete in the tournament with you tomorrow," and
with that, he left us.

" Well, You wanna check out the island with me, Sonya? I know I wanna
talk to some people."

" Yeah, maybe we scope it out first before we go to the ceremony," she
said as she accepted my hand. To my surprise, me and Sonya and I
enjoyed our walk. We went to the different arenas and saw some
interesting things. "The Pit" literally is a pit, full of spikes.
There's also a rumor that one of Shang Tsung's guys is down there
waiting to fight someone who is strong enough. We didn't see the Lair
with Kung Lao and we can't see it untill we fight Goro or Tsung. 

We went back to our quarters and got ready for the ceremony. Liu wore
what he was wearing, Sonya put on a pair of green tights and top, and
I felt the need to dress up. I put on blacck slacks, and a red butten
shirt with a black tie. I pulled up my sleeves to my elbows, put on my
sunglasses, and took Sonya to the dining hall.

" I hope the food is good. How 'bout you, Johnny, what do you like to
eat?" Sonya asked.

" I like movie popcorn, but I can't eat it all the time, so I like
shrimp," I admitted.

" Look! Sea food, yummy."

We sat down and served ourselves untill Shang Tsung walked in and sat
down. He said to us, " You are all witnesses to the turning point of
your world. During the tournament some of you will get the honor...
and pleasure of fighting our reigning champion Goro and my personal
guard, Reptile. Eat up and enjoy these moments. As if they were your

To be continued....

The next chapter: The Kombat Begins!!

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