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Chapter 4/?                      A Story for the Fans

(To: Tara, for her beautiful site, as well as her creative mind!)

I woke up that next morning to see Liu Kang meditating near his bed.
He must have been up since dawn. I didn't see 'the Beauty' around. So
I did what any normal person would do when a beautiful woman
disappears... I paniced!

"Were's Sonya? Is she here? Is she alive for god's sake, tell me
something!!", what a performance. I should win an oscar.

"She is getting washed and ready for the tournament. I suggest you do
the same thing. Sonya wants to meet with you at the dining hall for
breakfast, too. You should hurry."

I put on my fighting shorts and shoes, tied my sash, wet my hair down,
and almost zoomed out of their without my sunglasses or a shirt. I was
walking down the path to the dining hall when I met up with some old
friends of mine. Kano!

"You should have let her die!!" he said.

"Well, you back for more? I honestly need to get somewhere. MOVE!" I
wanted to pound on him so bad. He moved with a weird smile on his face
as I walked by. When I got to the hall, I immeadiatly saw Sonya and
joined her.

"Good morning, beauty. You should have woken me, I would have given
you a sponge bath," 

"No thank you, handsome," she replied.

"Are you being sarcastic? I was serious, or at least I would have
treated you to something nice. Breakfast in bed, dressing you,
massage..." I was cut off when she gave me a look I don't like to see.
"What? You don't like me sucking up to you?"

"No! Continue, I just wanted to say this won't go past friendship!"

"Really? Hmmmmmmmm," I didn't know what to say. "we'll see. I gotta
finish getting ready," and I kissed her on the cheek when she didn't
ecspect it. I heard her scream "Yuck!" as I left.

The time had come. A gong had been struck to give us the signal to
head to the courtyard. I had gone with Sonya, by ourselfs! We both saw
Shang Tsung on his throne.

"Today, the kombat begins! Johnny Cage will fight Hakim!"

I looked at my opponent as we entered the arena. He was a black man
with long dreads and baggy pants. I took off my shirt and threw it
away to the side as I handed Sonya my glasses.

"Don't lose these. They're $500 sunglasses!" I gave Hakim my 'Sudden
Death' face, you know, the one from the last scene.

We stared at each other untill we heard those mystical words


He started the fight with a high kick that could easily be ducked, but
I did the cocky lean back and strike him in the back of the head. He
got up and tried to grab me. I kicked him in the face, then in the
chest with the same kick. I shadow kicked him and sent him to the
wall. I then heard a voice I'd soon hear again, "FINISH HIM!". I
couldn't kill him, so I grabbed his nose and played the familiar baby
game "I gotcha your nose!"

When it was Sonya's turn to fight, I wanted to fight for her so she
wouldn't get hurt. 

"Sonya, be careful. We've gotta stay alive long enough to what our
favorite colors are,"

"Pink!" she said as she walked in to the hall of warriors.

"Mine too!!" anything to get her to laugh. She went into the hall only
to meet our good friend, Kano!!

"Hello, baby! Did you miss me?" he said in that annoying austrailian
accent. I like the accent, but he makes it sound BAD!! He laughed as
he pulled out a knife similiar to the one on the boat!

"Now look at this! This little baby brings back memories now doesn't

"What? You used it to knife your mother in the back?" She is sooooo
cute when she makes comebacks!

"No, but it put a big smile on your partner though. Ear," he made a
slashing motion and slicing sound, "to ear!"

Now the fight began, she pulled back from the move Kano pulled, she
kicked him in the gut and knocked the knife out of his hands. Kano
pulled her to the ground and kicked Sonya's ribs. 

"Does it hurt, baby?"    "Kano!!! ARRGGHHHH!" it three guys to hold me

When he turn back to Sonya, she was in a handstand position with her
feet around his neck, she pulled him to the ground and Tsung's voice
rang through the air once more,
                          "Finish Him!!"

She twisted his neck and killed him there and then. She and I were
very tired and we went back to the hut to discuss the day.

" I can't beleive you killed him! I didn't kill my opponent." I pulled
out my stashed 'Oreos', something I was gonna save til I won.

"Can I have one?" she asked. So polite, yet a killer in more way than

"Help yourself. Whats mine is yours," Why did I say that?

"So sweet! Want a drink?" Then the rest of the night was a blur, but I
remember it being special.

The next morning, I woke up with Sonya in my arms and my 'Oreos'

"Hey beauty! Wake up." She looked so sweet and innocent, I almost
didn't want to wake up.

"I'm not sleeping! I never realized you can heat two people! Soooooooo

"Wanna get up?"


To be continued....

Chapter 5: The end of   MK1  the start of   MK2!

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