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Chapter 5/?                            A Story for the Fans
                                   To: Tara! thanks again.

" Hey, Sonya. One of my friends is going to fight Goro today. Wanna
come with me?" Sonya was still in bed. She needed to wake up, she kept
slapping me in the face when she'd roll over.

" Sure, just stop ringing that bell!" Ooookay!

" You got it?" what was she down on? 

Liu and I managed to get her out of bed and awake after two buckets of
water. We walked down the familiar trails to a new place... a far more
dangerous place then the other arenas. We managed to get good spots up
front where we saw Derrick Masters warming up.

" Why if it isn't the hero Johnny Cage! How are you, man? I saw your
last film. pretty good stuff. Not as good as my films," he asked me.

" I'm great. You made great films, but I've got awards! You feel like
you can beat the champ?"

" With a name like 'Goro', he should be now match for me and my
outstanding Tae Kwon Do intelligence! It's not like he's 10 feet tall."

The crowd of guards started chanting "Goro". Then, we all got to see
him. our mouths dropped! He had four arms and he was 8 feet tall!
Derrick gave me a look that me feel sorry for him. The crowd quieted
and the lair echoedas Shang Tsung said " FIGHT".

Goro immeadiatly grabbed Derrick with his lower two arms and pounded
on him with upper arms untill he went limp and fell to the floor. The
fight was over too fast, Tsung told Goro to finish him. He pick up
Derrick, grabed his head and ripped it off his shoulders and dropping
his body to the floor. I could do nothing to bring him back and I
dropped to my knees and cried.

That evening I didn't eat, sleep, or talk.

" Johnny? Do you want to talk about it?" Sonya asked me.

" No, I'm thinking." twenty minutes later I got an idea and a plan. "
Will you take a walk with me?"

" Sure, we need the air." I took her hand and we walked to a cliff
where we could see the sun set.

" Don't you dare do this!!"

" If I don't challenge him now, he'll finish us off one at a time.
Derrick was my close friend and I will avenge him tomorrow. I can't
let him hurt you either."

" Your making this sound so simple and it's not!"

" Trust me, I got a plan." and I pulled her in for a hug that could be
our last. I kissed her on the forehead and took her back to the hut.
The next morning, I met with Shang Tsung.

" You want to challenge Goro, eh? Your not supposed to fight him yet.
But never the less, I will let you challenge him. On one condition,
that I have the right to challenge the winner my self!" he said.

" You got it!" and I left to get ready for Kombat.

I was waiting for Goro when Sonya started to shed a few tears.

" I'm sorry," I wipered. " I'm so sorry."

Goro entered and looked at me emotionlessly.

" I will crush you in one pound!!"

" Alright lets dance!" He roared and I did my full splits and hit him
in the groin. I got back up and ran to the Courtyard. When he arrived
I surprised him from behind and started to let lose on him!! Kicks,
jabs, albows, the works! He coud barly stand and with all my might I
put a shadow kick in his mid-section. He fell and stopped breathing!
Liu ran up and congratulated me. We both saw Shang Tsung take Sonya
and run back to his his lair. 

" Johnny Cage, I challenge you!" then Liu answered.

" No!! I challenge you to Mortal Kombat! Do you accept...or do you

I grabed Sonya and took her back to where we were staying. She had
passed out. I laid her down on her bed and sat down with her. I fell

Sonya woke me up, " You did it!!"

" I know. Was I great or what?"

" What!" we both laughed as we boarded her military boat. 

Liu Kang had defeated Shang Tsung, and Shang went through a portal
afterwards to face punishment by his emperor Shao Kahn. Sonya and I
visit each other frequintly, but she is away right now. I miss my
friend Derrick, but he died the way he wanted to. In battle. I just
finished making "Mortal Kombat: the movie" and Sonya is on her way
back from her base in Salt Lake City to join me in going to my
premier. I know the Kombat is not over... I feel it.

To be continued...

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