Chapter 6/?            A Story for the Fans:  MK 2

It's been two months since the Mortal Kombat tournament. I didn't win,
but I got a great script thats already broken box-office records!!
Sonya seems to have disappeared and worried about her. I just finished
a scene for "Dragonfist 3" were I meet some female assassin who is out
to kill a world champion fighter who is going to fight in the Kumite. 

"Man, I'm soooo tired!!" I fell on my bed and stared at my ceiling.
"Where are you, Sonya?" I fell asleep and had a dream that was kinda
weird. I was in my room and Raiden was telling me to go through the
'O' in the Hollywood sign. As stupid as it seemed, I went to the
hollywood sign. I put on my USA Tae kwon do jacket and a pair of black
pants with purple shin guards on them, from the movie. I looked at the
'O'. It had a swirling pattern in it and lightning was jumping around
it. I'm brave... and stupid! So I went through the portal! 

I was met by a group of guys wearing redish robes and a guy with some
freakish looking teeth. I swear he could bite through steel. He was
wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a red trim and some black pants.

"Johnny Cage!!" he said. "Come with us. Shao Kahn waits!"

"Shao who?" now, I was scared. "Who are you?"

"Shut up!! Follow."

I did as he said to do just because I didn't want to get sliced with
the blades hanging from his arms. He took my to an arena full of weird
looking people. There I saw Liu Kang and some new people. A guy in a
hat with a bladed edge and a big, buffed, black guy. Then to my shock,
I saw Kano alive and well, but chained! I also saw something that
broke my heart! Sonya was chained and placed not too far from Kano. In
the throne that seperated them sat a man that was very muscular and
was wearing a helmet.

"Lord Kahn, the earth warrior Johnny Cage is here." said the bladed
man as he bowed.

"Excellant, Baraka! Johnny Cage, you have been selected to fight in
Mortal Kombat. And I know how dear Sonya is to you!" said Kahn.

"Let her go!! Whats up with this freak show anyway? We already won
Mortal Kombat, I defeated Goro!! And I'll defeat you!"

"Take Cage to his quarters with the rest of these pathitic mortals!!
Kintaro will be pleased to know that you defeated Goro."

Baraka took all of us out of the arena. The crowd was cheering
everyones name. They are all hear to have a good time. When we were
all inside, we introduced ourselves.

"Hi, I'm Johnny Cage,"  

"Major Jackson Briggs, but you can call me Jax," I shook his strong
hand. "Wow... Johnny Cage!" he said silently.

"Liu, who's your friend?" I asked only because I offered my hand and
he turned his back to me. 

"Kung Lao, direct decendant of the great Kung Lao himself." he
explained. "He's upset to find out you defeated Goro. He wanted to

I cleared my throat and turned my attention to Jax, "How did you get
into this story, Jax?"

"I work with Sonya. When she heard Kano was still alive, she went
after him. When she was 'officially' missing, I set out to find her
and met some dude named Raiden. Then he brought me here," he
explained. "Sonya really likes you, man. I know she's glad your here,"
his words were a rather good comfort.

"Well, I know I'm glad your here," we were going to be good friends.
"You look pissed!!"

"You know I am!"

"I suggest that we all get some rest! We're in a new world and we will
need all our strength for the tournament." Liu said. There were six
beds and four of us, so we all got our own bed.

The next morning we were to go back to the arena to see who we would
be fighting. To my amazement, I saw some warriors whowere supposed to
be dead. I heard during the first tournament that Sub-Zero was killed
by Scorpion. I also heard that Reptile was killed while fighting with
my late friend Derrick Masters. And there they were, alive and well! I
couldn't stop staring at Sonya we just locked eyes and never strayed.
I didn't hear anything around me, which got me in trouble with Baraka.

"Answer Shao Kahn when he speaks to you!!" and he slapped me across
the face. " You are to fight the next fight after this! Are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready. Who do I fight?" he neglected to mention.

"ME!!" he screamed as he threw his head back and laughed. I was still
looking at Sonya and I started to walk over towards her when I was
stopped by two right arms... two?

"Where are you going!!?? You are to stay in the pit untill it is your
turn to fight!" I was stunned by the sight of this guy! 9 feet tall,
with tiger stripes across his body, and the smell of a fresh kill on
his breath.

"Kintaro?" I was hoping it wasn't.

"Yes!! Now back!! Oh yeah I hope you kill Baraka. I don't like him."

I went back as he said and waited til Kung Lao was finished wasting
his opponent, someone named Geneisus.

" Johnny Cage v.s. Baraka!!" everyone started to cheer us on to the
platform. The kombat had begun!

to be continued... 

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