Chapter 7/?                       A Story for the Fans: MK2

As I stepped up to the platform, I took a good look around. I took off
my purple and red jacket and tossed it to the side. I removed my
sunglasses and went forward to the center of the arena.

" You will squirm on the end of my blades!! And my fellow mutants
shall feast on your flesh!" Baraka was ranting as I bowed and went in
to my stance.

"Let's dance!!" was all I said but it never the less made Baraka more
aggitated than what he was. 

"You will be no match for Baraka!!" someone from the audience said
clearer than what was said.

Shao Kahn glared at us, "FIGHT!!"

I opened with a shadow kick, he went backwards and he let his blades
come out as he got up. I ducked a backslash and a high kick. I hit him
in the face with a palm strike and elbowed his face. He was starting
to bleed and went into a fit. He was speeding up with his punches and
I grabed one of his arms while he was back handing me. I kicked his
his back and pulled him in and fliped him over my back. He landed on
his bald head and stopped fidgeting. I pulled him up and started to
put him into a brutal beating. Elbow, knee, knee, punch, palm strike,
punch, round house. He stood there dizzy. I performed a move I had
been working with for a week, the Shadow uppercut. We went soaring in
the air, I did a back flip and landed fine. While Baraka landed on his
lower neck area and rolled backward to his stomach.

               "FLAWLESS VICTORY!!"

I walked back to the side of the arena while putting my sunglasses
back on. 

"Freak needs to see a dentist and cut those fingernails. Nearly bit my
hand off!" I said to Jax as he just stared at me in utter disbelief.

"I thought those shadow thingies you did in the movies were special
effects!" he managed to spit out.

"Nope, my own special ingrediant." and I left him with that as I went
back to our hut and fell asleep. It was about midnight when I woke up
and I decided I need to talk to Sonya. I went out side and took the
long walk to the arena and went to Sonya as fast as I could.

"Hi, beauty. How are they treating you?" I said in a soft whisper.

"Johnny? Did you come to save me?" she looked so sad and she looked

"Are you getting anything to eat? I need to get you out of here. C'mon
stay awake!" she started slipping on me. As she was falling I saw her
hands were small enough to get through the cuffs. I slipped them
through and carried her back to the hut. I burst in and woke everyone. 

"She's starting to slip!! Get me some water for her, now!" Liu got me
a cup and I helped Sonya drink it down.

"I need some sleep, Johnny. Just let me rest and I'll be fine in the

"Take my bed, tomorrow we'll finish the tournament. And get you alot
of food! Okay?" it was too late she was in a deep sleep. I set her on
my bed as everyone sat there watching her and seeing the tears run
down my face...

To be continued...

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