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Chapter 8: The final chapter??      A Story for the Fans: MK2

       ( To Heather; who accepted me back and still cared even when we
were apart! ) Also, to the great people who enjoy this stuff! And
publicly say they do. Say more!!

Another morning in the outworld!! Sonya was still a sleep and I was
furious!!! I will take my next opponant to the graveyard if he works
with Kahn. The usual routine went on, Liu got some loser, Kung Lao got
some loser, then it was my turn! Let's dance, huh?

" Johnny Cage v.s. ....," He was silent for a second, " Smoke!!"

What is with this!!! Smoke? He's fighting!!?? Oh well, who cares! I
walked up to the platform and then smoke clouded around us until we
couldn't see. We were now in Goro's lair!

" What's the trick for?" I shouted.

" Let's just call it, 'home court advantage'!!" he literally hissed as
he started to laugh.

I had to start just to make him stop laughing! Shadow uppercuts would
take a man out, but he just flew back a little. He came at me and
landed a punch, two jabs, a knee, and a spinning back-elbow. I wished
I were somewhere else!! I could still see the blood stains from
Derrick! I got up and stood in my stance til he charged again, I'm
smart!! So, I uppercutted him and grabbed him on his way up. I pounded
on his face untill his mask was tilted and I could almost see his
face. He tried to adjust it, but it was locked in place. I had the
advantage now! I hit him in the balls!! Boy, can he scream like a

" AIYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

He stood up and like I swore, I'm taking him to the grave!! I grabbed
his waist and just yanked upward and with the sickest and cooliest rip
I've ever heard! The smoke came again and I was back at the arena
again! I can't take it anymore!

" I quit!! I refuse to fight and I want to go back to my realm, now!"
the crowd was shocked and Shao Kahn just laughed.

" You won't go back untill it is over!" I ran out of the arena, back
to the cabin and watched Sonya untill; she woke up.

" Hi, am I alive?"

" Nope. Your dead as a doornail!" she laughed and I just smiled. We
talked about what happened over the last week and so on. I had asked
her questions on what happened to her and I was inraged!! Torture,
starvation, public ridicule!! Now I was able to fight for a reason!!

The next day when they called me out to fight I was surprised to find
out who I was to fight. Kintaro! I stepped to the ring and no taunts
or anything, when Kahn said fight, Kintaro grabbed me and beat me to a
pulp. He slammed me and threw me, he even stepped on me!! 

And that's the last I remember of the tournament. I was in a coma
untill I was taken to a hospital and told the rest of the story in my
gown. Liu Kang had defeated Kahn after Jax had beat Kintaro into a
tiger skin rug! Sonya was fine, but Kano got away. Sub-Zero was spared
from Scorpion, no one knows why. Reptile went into hiding and Baraka
was sent to a bad part of the Outworld to quiet down the natives. And
I was left here with a script and some bad bruises. That's not the end!!

" Johnny!!" screamed the mega phone!! "Come on! You have to fight with

"Baraka!! Say it right or pay the price!" I was shooting for another
MK film that was destined to be a great hit. Then the screams started,
and a purple portal was opened and out stepped some ugly fellows and a
half horse, half man.

" There is Cage!! Kill them all and spare no one!!" he came straight
for me and I had no time to react. 

He grabed me and threw me to the floor. I was picked up again!! Only
this time to be twisted in half and have everything go dark. 

I'm dead now. I see everything, everyone, and they're giving me a
funeral. I'm now buried and mourned over. I didn't have a chance!!!!
He fought cheap and I can't beleive it!! 

No Sonya, no movies, no LIFE!!!

To be continued??? Maybe not...

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