A Story for the Fans: The return

By: Benjamin Myers

To: Tara, Martha Stewart, Cartman, The Saturday Night Live Guys who
bob their heads!!, and the humping frogs on those banners!

I am dead, in the world of those who have lost their lives. I miss
Sonya, my family, and the fights.

I must move on to a higher place, but I can't... Shao Kahn is messing
that up for me. I see my body in my coffin, even though it is
underground. I am able to touch my hand, I am able to return to my
body! I can be alive again!

I am in my body! I'm alive! Ha, ha! I'm alive!!

" Hahahahaha!! I'm alive!!" I jumped in to the air.

I laughed, as I knew where the other warriors were because I followed
them around. I ran to join them as I also dodged the extermination

There was destruction everywhere. I saw bodies and busted down
buildings, animals and other wild life.

" Sonya?" I saw her near a tower. She was wearing a sport top that was
green, white, and black. She had a pear of tights of the same color. 

" Johnny? Johnny!!" she ran over to me and I scooped her in my arms. "

" I couldn't move on, so I took back my body to help you guys."

" I thought you were gone forever!"

" Never!" I closed my eyes and squeezed her tighter. I felt her tears
on my neck as I set her down.

" We need to get to the other guys, c'mon" she took my hand and led me
to a subway. From there we went the graveyard from where I just came.
Sonya stopped at my tombstone.

" I still can't believe your back!" she said as she squeezed my hand.

" Yeah, try coming back from the dead." I pulled her closer to me.

" I can imagine..." we heard sounds from behind us and a familiar growl.

" Well if it isn't the famous warrior! The one I killed myself!"
Motaro screamed he had only a few guys with him and they were people
like Shang Tsung's guards. No big deal.

" You gonna want to start somethin'?" I stepped up to him this time. "
You don't scare me the slightest! I have seen freakier things on Jerry

He gave me a weird look, not knowing what I was talking about. He
looked at his lackeys and they went after Sonya. I jumped at them, but
Motaro grabbed me and held me back.

" Your mine! I will take your life once more!" he slammed me to the
floor and tried to stomp on me. Sonya was handling those others quite
well, so I decided to stick with Motaro and see if I couldn't put one
up for Johnny Cage. He swung at me with his tail and I pulled a back
flip before he could even swing it.

" I'm gonna make you eat that thing!" I shadow kicked his mid-section
and gave myself more room.

" Now I will take you to the grave!" I uppercutted him and sent him to
the floor. He looked just like Mr. Ed after he went through the car

" You ok, Sonya?" I asked her. She had been waiting for me.

" Yeah. Good job!"

" Thanks, lets go to the others!"

To Be Continued...

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