Disclaimer:  Even though I have used these Characters in my story,
	The characters do not belong to me and I only write about
	them for the fun of it.


	When I sleep, I dream of horror an destruction. A terrible
death at the hands of an evil and powerful emperor on a day that
was meant to be a good one for us, the winners of the Mortal
Kombat tournament. Even thought Liu, Johnny and I won the
tournament, Shao Khan didn't care. He just came through the 
portal and destroyed everything.
	 We were chased by Khan extermination squads and we
were almost killed yet the only thing that was on my mind was
Johnny's death. I still think of the way he tried to save me, That
brave act ending in  his own death.

	I awake from my nightmare, taking a look at my digital
clock on my dresser. It is 12:50am. I am unable to get back to sleep
so I climb out of my satin sheets and wander outside. I dodge the
video cases, work papers and other obstacles lying around. I lean
over the porch and catch some fresh air. It's a nice change from the
air conditioning. It is very windy, the gusts of air blowing my 
blond hair all over the place. I stand over the porch in a strange but
comforting  trance.
	I am thinking of the peculiar and occasionally funny things
that happened  to Johnny and I in our short time together. I loved
Johnny but I was afraid to tell him. I should have when I had the
chance. What if Khan didn't kill Johnny? What would have
happened? I shrug. Who knows. I snap  out of my thoughts as I
spot a star shoot out of the sky.  I just sadly smile to myself. A
shooting star. That means I can make a wish if I want to. Silly
children's stuff, but it wouldn't hurt to try. 
	"I wish to see Johnny again, even if it was for only one day"
I whisper softly.
	I bow my head and turn away from the porch. It is as if I
don't want the world to see the tear that runs down my face. To see
my sorrowful pain. I run down the stairs and into the garden. 
	"Why didn't you just let Kahn kill me? You didn't have to
die." I scream at the top of my lungs. I am sure that I have woken
the neighbors. 
	"I didn't want Kahn to kill you Sonya. It was better that you
lived and I died." The familiar voice says. 
	I turn to see who it is behind me. "Johnny?"
	I question the Johnny Cage look-alike. "You wished to see
me for one day. Now I am here in mortal form until 1:00 tomorrow
	I step closer, studying his face for a few minutes. My
brown eyes widen and a wide pleased grin appears on my face. I
run to the gate  where he stands and I give him a hug. 
	"I missed you." I tell him.
	"So did I." We look at each other for a long time. A crash
of thunder spoils the moment. 
	"Come on, we can't stay out here all night." I say and start
walking to my little house. 
	As soon as we enter my house I find myself dodging items.
I am embarrassed by the state of the house.
	"Sorry about the mess." I apologize to him. 
	Johnny laughs. "That's ok."
	He picks up one of the many video cases. "I thought that
you didn't watch movies Sonya." 
	He says.  "You seem a lot happier Sonya, You weren't
like that in the tournament" He says. 
	"I had a job to do. If I didn't kill Kano, he could be out
there still trying to kill me" I answer. 
	"I know Sonya, I never really got to know you." He tells me
and takes my hand. I slightly shake my head. 
	"Neither did I and I never got to tell you how I feel." I say. 
	"I already knew, you shouldn't have been afraid to tell me."
He explains. 
	I look past Johnny and over to the window. The storm is
getting worse. Thunder crashes noisily, the lightning lights up the
whole sky. The rain hits heavily against the window pane. 
	"Why don't you sit down and get some rest." I suggest.
"I'll get some soda."
	I go to the kitchen and fetch two glasses. I pour the drink
into them and go back to the living room were I find  Johnny,
asleep. It's only then that I realize how tired I am. I sit on 
another chair, placing the drinks on the coffee table and I fall
asleep instantly.

		NEXT MORNING 11:00am

	After breakfast and a rather interesting chat, Johnny and I
are on the road.  
	"Jax didn't mind you borrowing his rollerblades." I yell over
the noisy car engine. He frowns. 
	"I can't rollerblade" He argues. "I can teach you Johnny,
trust me."
	 I stop in front of the skating center, handing Johnny his
pair of borrowed Blades and with mine, we run towards the long
white building. 
	I hand my membership card to the woman at the service
desk. She appears to be in a bad mood. A frown is painted on her
face. Her fingers smash the keyboard hard. I hand her the money in
exchange for my card and we walk through the gates. Before us is
a huge circular roller blading rink. I slip on my blades and roll over
to the rink, taking Johnny with me. He needs time to get used to
the rollerblades as he almost falls on me as we enter the rink. He
learns quickly from the instructions that I give him and he is soon
the king of the roller rink. He shows off with tricks and fools
around with me constantly. He is a fast learner. We grab each
other and we spin around, faster and faster until we let go of each 
other and fall over, laughing like idiots.
 	A tall shadow looms over me suddenly.
	Standing behind me is an amused princess Kitana, dressed
in a white top with a blue skirt.  "Hey Sonya, having fun?" She
asks in a laughing tone of voice. 
	"Yeah." I answer pulling myself up, using a railing 
nearby. Johnny skates over to me. Kitana's mouth drops open in
	"Is that Johnny?" She asks. 
	"Sure is." Johnny answers for me. Kitana rolls back
slightly. "Whoa, I haven't seen you in ages. How are you?"
	She yells in surprise. "I'm fine." Kitana says. 
	Johnny looks around for a while. "Well. I'll let you two
talk, catch ya later Kitana."
	Johnny disappears to speak with Liu. Liu looks just 
as surprised to see him. 
	"He, he, he's alive" Kitana stutters pointing 
at Johnny. "Did Raiden bring him back?" 
	I shake my head."No, I wished for him to come back for
one day so we gotta make the most of it." 
	Kitana looks thoughtful for a few minutes. "Come on over
to Edenia, we got all this new stuff that's been built and I can get
you into the theme park for free." 
	Kitana doesn't seem to mind us going with her but it is her
time with Liu and she is very rarely allowed through the portals to
see him.
	"I don't mind, It won't be any trouble" She adds. 
	"Okay, but I'll talk to Johnny first." I reply.
	After another hour, we find ourselves in a changed Edenia.
The work that Kitana has done to restore her home is amazing.
Beautiful apartment blocks, malls, nightclubs and high-rises stand
before us. Only thing is, everyone is walking to their destinations.
There are no cars anywhere. 
	Kitana just laughs. "We don't have cars yet." She explains.
	A roller coaster can be seen in a distance. That must be the
theme park. 
	"You three won't want to walk will you." Kitana says.
	Johnny and I just look at each other for suggestions. Kitana
pulls out her fans from under her clothing. They snap open and 
she places the fans in front of her. Suddenly my feet are no longer
on the ground. I am thrown over large green gates after a two
minute flight. After the  shock leaves me, I realize that we are in
the theme park. Kitana looks satisfied and smiles evilly.
	"Told you that I'd get you in for free, didn't I?" Kitana says.
	"Clever." I answer. 
	Kitana and Liu wander off to do their own thing, leaving us
	"Where do you want to go first?" I ask.  Johnny removes
his sunglasses and hands them to me so then I can put them in my
	"Do you want to go on the coaster?" he asks. 
	"Sure." I exclaim and we race to the booth to get our
tickets. As soon as we get in, we choose a place to sit on the roller
coaster. It starts slowly. Soon it zooms down a hill 
at a very fast pace. It is going so quickly. The ride is dizzying as it
goes around the  loops. It is also very high. We stop at the top of
the steepened hill. For a split second it appears to have stopped
until suddenly it goes down. I can't help but scream. Then it stops
and we exit the ride.
	"That was fun!" I yell. 
	"Yeah, Johnny says. "Wanna go again?"


	I am exhausted. I flop onto the attractive lounge as Sindel
brings in some drinks for everyone. Johnny and Kitana sit next to
me. Liu and Kitana are talking quietly to each other. I explain to
Sindel what happened and why Johnny is here. 
	"How long will you be here Johnny?" Sindel asks politely.
Not loudly like Kitana. 
	"One day." Johnny answers. 
	Sindel is sitting across from Johnny and I. She leans over
and says some things to Johnny. After that Sindel interrupts Kitana
and Liu. Sindel doesn't seem happy. 
	"Kitana, I heard that you ripped the theme park off again."
Sindel says in a rebuking tone of voice. She was not impressed.
Kitana hid her face.
	"We will talk about this later" She said glaring at Kitana.
	I look at my watch and gasp. "7:00 at night! I can't believe
it." I scream. 
	"There's a disco at the club down the street." Kitana
	"You want to go?" I ask Johnny. 
	"Sure thing." He answers

			THE DISCO 9:00pm

	The music is deafening and blasts out of the speakers. The
techno music is speedy and hard to dance to but I manage it. The
disco has only just started and already I am tired from the fast
dancing. My dance moves are unique to the Edenians. They have
different dance techniques to us humans.
	 Johnny and I are hot stuff on this dance floor and soon
everyone has gathered to watch us. We are forced to slow down
after a while. A slower song has started to play. 
	Johnny pulls me close to him and we are both in our own
little world. We just perform a spectacular dance and look at each
other. I didn't know that Johnny could dance the way he is dancing.
 	Soon the music gets faster once again and we find
ourselves watching Liu and Kitana. They are both awesome
dancers but Liu looks a bit lost as he tries to keep up with Kitana.
I remember Johnny's sunglasses and I return them. 
	"Here, I forgot to give these back to you" I yell over the
	Johnny takes them and he tells me that he totally forgot
about them. We both order drinks at the bar and start talking. Soon
we realize that  it is a quarter to one in the morning.
	We are hidden in darkness near an attractive lake. A full
moon reflects off of the surface of the silvery water. Johnny and I
hold each other tightly.
	"Sonya, when I go I want you to know that I will watch
over you." He whispers in my ear. 
	"I'll never forget you" I softly answer. 
	We kiss. Soft and affectionate.
	"I love you." Johnny says. 
	"Me too." I answer. 
	My attention is diverted to the forest around me as a noise
interrupts us. I realize that it is nothing and I turn back to Johnny to
say something. He has disappeared. Lying on the ground is a single
pair of sunglasses. I take them and hold them close. I look up to
the full moon and the diamond stars.
A single tear falls on the green grass. 
	"Thank you." I whisper.

			  NEXT DAY 10:00am

	I sit with my partner Jax in our favorite cafe a day later. I
tell Jax  what happens and I sip my Coke. 
	"Do you think that he will come back?" Jax asks in 
pure curiosity. 
	"No, I will be reunited with him one day, now is too early 
but one day I'll see him again." I tell him. I am so true to those
	"It's good to know that someone is watching you." Jax says.
	I simply smile.
	I tighten my grip on my bag. It contains the only thing that I
have to  remember Johnny by.
	A single pair of sunglasses
					THE END

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