I was just at Tara's page and I was thinking that Sonya and Johnny were 
the perfekt match.I decided to write a fanfic.I own Christine but 
nothing else is mine.Don't sue me for it ain't worth it.I will eternally 
adore you if you send me comments or the like.If ya send me a flame, be 
prepared to be flamed back.I rate this er_pg-13 because of langage and 
possible fataltys. On with the show….

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By Aradia
	What is it about the telaphone when it rings in the night? Sonya had to 
get up from her bed and go to the living room to get the phone. 
Amazingly enough, her boyfriend, the famous movie star, Johnny Cage was 
sound asleep on the couch.Sonya was just about to go to him when the 
damn phone rang. Sonya finally picked it up. "Is this Ms Sonya Blade?" 
Sonya was really out of it cause she didn't even recognize the voice, at 
first," Liu? Why are you calling? Is something wrong?" She heard the 
sigh at the other end of the phone, " Sonya, I need you to find Johnny 
and Jax and get over here asap." Sonya took the phone into her room so 
she wouldn't wake up Johnny.
	"Liu what is it? I am your friend_how did you know about Johnny?" Sonya 
heard a voice speak, an evil voice full of malice, "Little girl, if you 
don't get over here I will find you and make sure you will wish you were 
never born. Now what is it going to be?" Sonya was very scared and said 
in a trembeling voice," Where is Liu and Kit?If you have them I swear I 
will kill you." She slamned the phone down. And she haled ass to her 
boyfriend," Johnny wake up we are in trouble." Slowly his eyes opeaned, 
"What a beautiful sight to wake up to. My very own Angel." He reached 
out and touched her face. Sonya smiled at him and was about to kiss him 
when she remembered. " Johnny we are in trouble. Someone has Liu and 
Kit. He sounded familiar. I am so  scared." 
	Johnny sat up. Someone was threatning his girlfriend and his friends." 
Call Jax. Make sure he is okay.Wait bring the phone in here." Sonya 
booked into her room and grapped her telphone. She was about to call her 
partner in crime, Jax, when the phone rang, She threw it to Johnny who 
answeaed it. "Hello is anyone there?" A very evil voice, from his worse 
nightmares came onto the phone. "Well, if it isn't the famous John 
Carlton. I wouldn't get to close to Ms Blade if I were you. After all, 
you don't want her hurt, now do you?" A laugh came from the phone. " If 
you value you live than your girlfriend(here the voice turned into a 
disgusted tone) and you are to meet me at the temple of light I exactly 
one week. And you better bring your friend Jax as well". With that the 
phone went dead. Johnny looked up at his lovely girlfriend. " Sonya, do 
you want to make the arrangments to go or should?" Sonya muttered to 
herself about getting her stuff together. She picked up her phone and 
Johnn could hear him talking to Jax. Johnny was staring off into space. 
He was remembering when he first met Sonya. He was cocky and was sure he 
would win the tournament. Than he met Sonya and he literly fell to his 
feet. He followed Sonya into her room. She had finished her call to Jax 
and was know calling her parents
	"Mommy, I have to go somewhere for a few days. I know, no I don't know 
where I am going.Yeah, I'll call you when I get home. Give daddy my 
love. I know, love you too." Johnny decided than and then what he been 
thinking of. He walked to Sonya and bowed, taking her hand in his and 
said in the most loving tone of voice possible, "Sonya, ever since I've 
met you, I have been thinking of what it would like to have a family of 
my own. I was wondering if you would marry me?" He looked up at Sonya 
and for once saw her at a loss of words. Well I took her by surprise, 
that's for damn sure. Sonya was looking at him, thinking of when he had 
died for saving her from Kahn. She threw her arms around him, "Yes 
Johnny, I would love to be your wife."She wipped tears from her eyes. " 
We better go though. I had called Jax and we have to pick him up soon. I 
can't wait till my parents meet you. I think they will love you!" Little 
did they know that a malevolent person was watching them.


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