AUTHORS:  Tara D. & Jenni Jo

DISCLAIMERS: We don't own these people, we just
	manipulate them. We have no claims on 
	Midway  Inc. 

(Jenni Jo)-- I would like to dedicate this to matt  k., tiny
	tim "One day we will tip toe through the tulips
	together", Dan the Man,  Mr. Wright,
	Wes In a Dress, Chase and our hexagon of friends. 

(Tara) -- I would like to dedicate this to Johnny, Cal,
	Shawn, Mr. Wright, my hexagon of friends, 
	Mulder, Scully and the Very Very Bad Man.

RATING:  PG-13 *couple of bad  words*




	"Sonya, this is great!" Johnny Cage exclaimed as
they sat with their friends, The Kangs', on Liu Kang's old
shrimping boat. 
	Kitana Kang was shaking. "So cold--"
	Johnny looked at Liu. "What's her problem?"
	Liu shrugged. "Ever since she saw that 'guy with a
hook' on the ice deck, she just sits there shaking." 
	"A guy with a hook?" Sonya asked.
	"Yeah, a big guy in a slicker carrying a large ice
hook," Johnny explained before taking a sip of his beer. 
	"Johnny, you shouldn't joke about stuff like that."
Sonya snapped. "Kit could be telling the truth."
	"Yeah right!" Johnny laughed.
	Liu chuckled."Hey Kit, did this guy have a parrot?" 
	Johnny joined in by crooking his index finger.
"ARRR Matey."
	"That's not funny!" Kit said suddenly. 
	Sonya went over to comfort her friend.
	"Polly wants a freakin' cracker!" Liu joked. 
	Sonya chuckled.
	"Don't laugh at me! It's not funny! I saw that guy
and his big shiny hook... I thought he was going to kill me."
Kit said before breaking up into tears.
	"You know what--"
	Sonya said, interrupting Johnny. "Shut up! I heard
	"Oh give it up." Johnny shot back.
	"Shhh!!" Sonya put her finger to her lips.
	"Sorry," Johnny apologized. 
	Sonya walked a way from her friends and started
toward the door that led to the ice deck. But Liu stopped
	"It's my boat." he told her. "I'll go."
	Sonya said, "It's your funeral."
	Kang made sure Sonya was sitting safely with her
friends before he disappeared unto the ice deck. 
	"I can't believe you let him go alone!" Kit screamed. 
	"Well, Kit, I didn't feel like getting my throat
slashed open." Sonya complained.
	Johnny spoke. "Listen Kit, there is NO guy with a
hook! It was just your imagination!"
	"No, it wasn't!" Kit protested angrily. "I saw him." 
	Just then the three heard a scream from the ice
deck. They jumped up and ran toward the sound of the
	Once on the ice deck, they began searching. After a
few minutes--	
	"Oh my God!" Kitana Kang screamed. "Liu!" 
	Liu Kang was sprawled in the ice, his stomach
	"Good Lord." Sonya said softly.
	"Hey!" Johnny cried. "That's my shirt! Man, I loved
that shirt and now it's ruined. Why?! Why!!!!"
	Kit fell beside Liu's cold, lifeless body and wept. 
	Sonya gave Johnny "the look" and bent down to,
again, comfort her frightened and broken friend.
	Sonya looked back up at Johnny. "No guy with a
hook, huh? Her imagination you say. Well, I have
something to tell you Mr. I-Know-Everything:  You suck
big fat Monkey hair!"
	Johnny just gave Sonya a strange look. "Let's get Kit
out of here." He and his wife each took a hold of one of
Kit's arms and dragged her out of the dark room. 
	"What-- Leave me be!" Kit screamed as she was
drug into an adjoining room. 
	Sonya wrapped her arms around her friends as they
both wept. Johnny tried to compose him self. A few
minutes later, the two women broke apart. 
	"I need some fresh air." Kit said and went top side.
	Sonya turned to Johnny after Kit was gone.  "I can't
believe he's dead." 
	Johnny held his wife. "We've gotta find out who's
doing this."
	"I know." Sonya sobbed. "But--"
	Mrs. Cage was interrupted by an ear piercing cry.
Sonya and Johnny quickly ran up the stairs and onto the top
deck. They saw Kit Kang slumped on the deck with blood
every where.
	Sonya screamed and pressed her face into Johnny's
very muscular chest. Shaken, Johnny stood there numb. He
was in shock. 
	He looked away, barely escaping the sight of Kit's
sliced neck and innards that hung from a rope. 
	"I think I'm going to throw up." Sonya said, pushing
her way to a side of the boat. "We need to get  off here--
who's ever doing this is on here waiting for us to make the
wrong move." She gazed over at her husband. "If we don't,
Johnny, we'll end up like them. 
	Johnny walked over and held his wife once more
before thinking of a plan. 
	"I got it!" he exclaimed suddenly. "This can't be a
first time killer. He's a professional. So, we need to think
like the killer to kill the killer."
	Sonya just looked at him." Great, we're gonna die!!" 
	"Just listen for a sec." Johnny said. "See Kit? She
didn't even fight back! I think she knew the killer!"
	"Johnny---" Sonya started.
	"Shh!" Johnny cut in. "I heard something."
	A clanging sound was coming from the front cabin.
Sonya followed closely behind Johnny as they walked
toward the cabin. Johnny paused a second but then threw
the door open. Sonya screamed and Johnny back-peddled,
bile rising in the back  of his throat. 
	A man wearing a black slicker, hat and rubber boots
was holding a hook while standing in the cabin. Sonya and
Johnny backed up, keeping a good distance between them
and the killer.
	Just then Rayden appeared.
	"I will tell you how to defeat this man," Rayden told
them. "You must---"
	Rayden stopped abruptly and started to make
gurgling sounds. In a horrible twist of fate, the killer had
launched his hook into the Thunder god's stomach. Now,
the other half of the hook was poking out of his stomach. 
	"Shoot!" Johnny cried. "Now what are we supposed
to do?"
	The man tore the hook from Rayden's belly and
cleaned it off by wiping it on a rag.  Upon seeing this,
Johnny backed up while pushing Sonya away with his
	The hook guy walked closer. Johnny swung around
and kicked him in the chest, knocking the wind out of  him.
Johnny then kicked him again and this time in the head.,
which sent the large rubber hat from the man's head. 
	"*HISS* Johnny spat at the man as he kicked him. 
	"Johnny," Sonya said without a tone. "Look."
	He stopped his assault and looked down at the man. 
	"Christ." Cage muttered 
	The Man laughed. "Hi Johnny." 
	"Liu." Johnny dead-panned. "You're dead."
	Liu Kang grinned. "I *was* dead. It's surprising how
far a little catsup will go." 
	"Why?" Johnny asked, frightened. 
	"I was tired of defending this Realm. It blows and
sucks. In that order." Liu spat as he stood.
	Sonya found her voice. "But--But you killed Kit!" 
	"I know." Liu smiled."Sometimes you hurt the ones
you love."
	"You-really, why?" Sonya asked. "Your own wife,
for God's sake!"
	"Well, it's hard to explain--have you ever held a
hook in your hand? You just feel so powerful. Like a god." 
	"Why did you kill Kit?" Johnny voiced.
	"I figured it wouldn't be right to kill Sonya first. She
needed to see what I could do, as well as you Cage." 
	"Why would you kill us? We're your best friends."
Johnny asked, trying desperately to stay calm. 
	"When you're a professional killer, you don't get
close to the people you're gonna kill."
	"What about all the things we did together? Dress
like women, throw trash cans at each other... or singing
	"No!" I don't care about those thing--you're going to
die now!!" 
	"Never!" shrieked Sonya. 
	She rushed forward and tackled Liu. He threw her
off and jumped at her, brandishing the hook. Sonya rolled
to her left and barely missed being gutted. The hook, which
had missed its target, was buried in the deck. Liu tugged on
the hook with all of his might but couldn't free it. Johnny
Cage took this as an advantage. He drove his elbow into the
back of Kang's back and watched his best friend slump
forward, momentarily paralyzed. 
	Johnny looked around for his beloved wife, which
was no where to be found. 
	Liu started to spasm and cough hard. Johnny
searched around for a weapon, and he needed something
fast. He  spun around and found himself face to face with a
whale harpoon. Cage grinned and grabbed the harpoon.
Johnny turned back to his former position  and saw Liu
standing there, looking winded. 
	"Johnny---" Kang croaked. "Please--I didn't mean to
hurt anyone. Come on John, we're best friends." 
	Cage glared. "Don't call me John. Or your friend."
	Cage squeezed the trigger on the harpoon. Nothing
happened. Liu Kang laughed and tore the harpoon away
with one hand. The other hand, which had been behind his
back, appeared in sight. It was holding the hook. Releasing
a savage scream, Liu swung the hook down toward Cage.
	"AHHHHHH!!!" Johnny yelled and threw up his
hands in semi-defense. 
	The hook flew downwards but, then, everything
stopped. Liu's look of power disappeared and the hook fell
to the floor. Blood poured from the murderer's mouth as he
hit the deck, face down. Johnny gazed downward. A claw
part of a regular hammer was buried into Kang's skull.
Johnny, amazed, looked up. Sonya Cage was standing
there, blood on her shirt and her hands stained from the
hammer handle. 
	The young lovers ran to each other in disbelief and
held one another for a few minutes which, to them, seemed
like an eternity.
	"You okay?" Cage asked his puzzled wife. 
	"Yeah, I think so" Sonya said, checking the
scratches on her forehead, underneath her blood soaked
	"We need to get out of here--I don't think I can
stand it anymore. It's like a horrible nightmare." Johnny
said. Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes. The
thought of his best friends dead was too much for him. he
embraced Sonya tighter and began to cry. 
	Sonya put her chin on top of Johnny's head and held
him as he sobbed. She patted his back and whispered into
his ear words of encouragement. 
	A few long moments passed and Johnny finally
looked up. He brushed the tears from his face. 
	"Thank you honey." he said. 
	Sonya nodded as her husband stood fully. "Why
don't we take this thing back to shore?"
	"That's a good idea." Johnny agreed.
	Together, they started toward the Control Room.



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