Part 2: 

	"Daniel, I know you're my big brother by only 4 minutes I
may add, but if you don't stop trying to control me I'm gonna kill
you." Said Sonya heatedly.
	"I'm worried about that's all."
	"Why? I'm just as capable as you of looking after myself."
She argued.
	"I see the ways those guys look at you and I really don't like
it." Daniel's eyes flashed Sonya knew she was getting into
dangerous water but couldn't help but argue.
	"What so when that brunette slapper looks at you I should
be worried for your wellbeing. Don't give me that double standard
crap. We're not in high school anymore and you can't tell me who I
can and cannot see." Sonya face grew red she was getting really
	"You just won't listen to sense will you?"
	"Fuck you Daniel I'm away down the Gym." With that she
stormed out of her dorm and wished she hadn't given him a key.
On route to the gym she caught sight of Jax.
	"Hey Jax wait up!" she shouted. He stopped and turned
round and smiled. 
	The blond girl Sonya again.

Back in Daniel's dorm. 

	He and his partner Lance Wexler were talking.
	"Hey man was up with you? You look like you been
sucking on a lemon." Questioned Lance.
	"Any ideas on how to talk sense to my little sister? I'm
supposed to keep an eye on her but how can I do that when she
never tells me where she goes? It drives me to distraction it really
	"I really don't think you got worry about that one Dan. I've
seen her fight."
	"I know. I should say sorry right."
	"Yeah you should. You don't need any stress before your
first mission."	
	"Oh shit. They announce that tonight don't they?"	
	"I remember my first mission." Lance said. He was a
lieutenant already and had been in the forces two years longer than

	Back at the gym Sonya was sparring with Jax. It looked
like Sonya was losing. She was on the ground but Jax went for the
final hit Sonya leapt up and put him and arm locked hooked his
legs and put on the floor. She held him for ten seconds and let him
	"Guess I win." She said triumphantly.
	"Yeah again" replied Jax.
	"You know I get the feeling your not try Mr Briggs" Sonya
said slyly
	"Uh-Uh Sonya Blade I am not fighting you again. I don't
have the energy. Sonya turn round here comes trouble." Sonya
turned round and saw Daniel approaching.
	"Is everything O.K Sonya. You know I don't like Him."
Said Jax
	"He is my brother Jax."
	"Girl you gotta admit he sure got it in for me." Jax raised
his eyebrow at her. 
	*Your not the only one.* thought Sonya. Daniel marched
up to them. 
	"My first mission is tomorrow and I wanted to clear the air
before then." He looked at her with big brown eyes
	"O.K I forgive you big brother but you have to stop
worrying about me. Am I in your unit?"
	"No your were assigned else where but I know that he is in
your unit and quite possibly your partner." He pointed at Jax who
was almost growling.
	"He has a name. When are you leaving?"
	"Tonight and we are all going out for dinner. Will you
	"Yeah but I'm bringing Jax." 
	"Now wait a minute." They both said at the same time.
	"I've made my mind up I'm coming and so is Jax and that is
that." Jax and Daniel looked at each other. When Sonya made her
mind up then nothing on heaven or earth would change it.
	After dinner that night went with no trouble. Sonya and
Daniel were alone.
	"So what does this mission involve then?" Sonya was
questioning her brother.
	"They're a little bit shady before briefing but all I know is
that it involves a group called the Black Dragon."
	"Daniel I have a real bad feeling about all this. I've heard
that name before. Aren't we too wet behind the ears for going after
crime syndicates."
	"That's what I thought but Lance has been here for well
over two years."	
	"I'll miss you even if you are an asshole."
	"I'm not the only one you'll be off roaming the country too."
	"Promise you'll write home."
	"As long as you do too."
	"I will."

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