Part 3: Kano and the Black Dragon

	A year later Sonya and Jax are raiding a warehouse
suspected of smuggling. They weren't told who was behind the
raids. Sonya clicked the safety off her gun. It made her feel safer
and more prepared. Little did she know that Jax had already been
disabled round at the other entrance. 
	She found a small window and entered the warehouse. She
had been given orders to kill. She had killed only 10 men before
that night in her life. She saw man in a strange uniform holding
some sort of gun. She couldn't quite make out what kind of gun it
was. She crept behind him and noticed several other guards. 
She put her hand over his mouth, dragged him round the back of
the crates she had hid behind. She broke the guards' neck. His head
lolled about and he fell. 
	His head was hardly noticed for the spine jutted out under
it. There was a little blood that steadily dripped on the floor. She
looked round and all the guards where gone and so where the
creates. In the space where they had been only a few short minutes
ago lay 10 bodies all of them bearing Special Forces uniform.
	Have to stay calm she thought to herself can't let the fear
get the better of me. She scurried around the crates there seemed to
be no one left. She stepped out to examine the bodies. She was
almost sick. A thought then came to her What if one of them is
Jax. All the bodies had their throats slashed. She checks, it was her
whole unit except Jax. Where is he she thought? Everybody was
dead. How could this have happened? She heard footsteps and
looked up. 
	A man wearing trouser and an oriental style waist coat with
no buttons. His most startling feature had to be a metal plate on the
left side of his face featuring a red eye where his normal eye
should be. Sonya wasn't scared she'd never been scared
in her life. This man was unarmed make no threatening body
language. He had a playful twinkle in his eye but apart from that
he could be harmless. She knew this was untrue.
	"Hello baby we meet at last. I've heard so much about you."
His voiced oozed and had an accent she couldn't quite place. She
drew her gun and aimed it at his head.
	"Lieutenant Sonya Blade US Special Force. State your
business here." She barked her voice steady. He replied only with a
	"Raise your hand above your head and be prepared to be
searched." Sonya walked over to the man who had raised his hands
and proceeded to search him.
	"I could get used to this sweetheart." He winked.
	"Asshole." He then got look in his eye that warned Sonya.
	"5" he said enjoying the letters come out his mouth. Sonya
stood her ground.
	"4, 3, 2, 1, 0" Sonya fell to the ground a roaring pain shot
threw her body she couldn't even stand. Two men appeared from
no where. They held her up as the man advanced towards her.
	"No." she said nearly whimpering. 
	She could hardly breathe and she was on fire every pore
was screaming with pain. She was almost grateful for the two men
holding her up. The man with the eye patch just stood there. He
was enjoying this, getting of on it almost. Why was this happening
she thought? It was then she knew that something awful had
happened. The man with the eye patch held her face. He whispered
in her ear
	"You and me darlin' we're connected. I'm Kano. I could kill
you right now but you have to wait. Something for you to
remember me by." He held her face tight and kissed her brutally
	It was the most violent thing she had ever experienced. She
bit his lip. He slapped her. The two men let her drop. She was
weak and could hardly move.
	"I even let Jax live and that's how you repay me. I'm going
for him now and his blood'll be on your hands." Kano taunted. She
heard cars speeding towards them. 
	"See you soon baby" The three men vanished and for the
first time in her life Sonya passed out.

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