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Part 4 "Sonya! Sonya!" someone was shaking her. "Mr. Briggs if you don't stop that I'll ask you to leave." Said a voice she didn't recognize. "Please Jackson settle down." That was her mum. Jax shook her one last time. "Piss off Jax's or I'll have to hurt you." She said groggily. She opened her eyes. She was in the back of a van. She wondered why her parents were there. She started to remember what had happened. She grabbed Jax. His leg was wrapped in a bandage he looked like he'd been shot. "What happened?" she asked. She knew something was wrong. There is a very strong bond between identical twins. Hers and Daniel's was especially strong. She couldn't feel anything. She then clicked what had happened. "Mom, Dad where's Daniel?" she asked. The looks on their faces confirmed everything. "DANIEL NOOO!" Sonya screamed with pain. Right then and there she swore that whoever had killed her twin would pay, and pay dearly. As she watched the coffin lowered into the ground a part of
her died. A very important part. Something in her snapped and from that day on Sonya was a vicious fighter with little mercy for anyone who dared get on her bad side. People noticed the change. Hers and Jax's friendship remained intact despite Sonya's violent mood swings. "Hey Sonya!" bellowed Jax "Slow down and wait up." "Morning Jax. Tell me again how you very conveniently managed to get a house in the same street as me." Sonya said in a teasing voice. "You know fine well I chose it on purpose to spy on you. Anyhow bad news we're being re-assigned. The worst thing is we've been given new partners." "When did you find this out?" "I just got the phone call two minutes ago." "Hell. Are we at least in the same unit?" "I think we are yes but wait till you hear who your partner is." "Its not that bitch Irvina is it?" "No it's Lance Wexler." "You're kidding, as in the only survivor from my brothers unit. As in my DEAD BROTHERS PARTNER." Sonya's face had a look of horror to it. "Yes seemingly word is he requested you as a partner." "Do you think he'll have access to the files on Daniel and the Black Dragon?" Sonya's voice sounded interested "You will too because we're being assigned to that case." "Good." said Sonya smiling evilly.