Part 5:

	"At ease Lieutenant Blade." Said the General. Sonya stood at ease.
	"You wanted to speak to me sir." Asked Sonya standing at ease.
	"Yes as you know when your brother, Lieutenant Daniel Blade was 
killed on the trail of The Black Dragon. They are currently public enemy 
number 1 and the biggest threat to us. We are assigning you to capture 
their leaders. From your report of your last encounter with the Black 
Dragon Kano knew you. We have to find out how. As you know Lance Wexler 
has requested you as
a partner. Due to your 94.3% success rate. It has been decided that 
you are perfect to take up this mission."
	"Permission to speak freely sir."
	"Permission granted Lieutenant."
	"Do I have complete access to the Black Dragon files."
	"Yes you will have."
	"Is it known who was responsible for my brothers death. I know 
it was a member of the Black Dragon but which one?"
	"That is unknown at current time. Dismissed." Said her 
General. She saluted and left.
	The General turned round and faced a tall oriental looking 
known only as Shang Tsung.
	"Master Tsung. It is an honour to receive your presence." 
Said the General.
	"Enough of your snivelling when will the girl be ready?" Tsung questioned the terrified General.
	"When is the tournament to be held Master?"
	"In little under a year and she had better be ready."
	"May I ask why? She is one of our best and she is a deadly 
fighter but also extraordinarily beautiful woman. It would be sad 
to lose her." Said the general scared he may induce Tsung wrath as his predecessor had done.
	"She is exquisite but the Elders want her to compete as she 
is her countries greatest fighter especially after her military training. I have other 
fighters to draw in. I expect her to be ready."
	"She will be."
	"If she isn't she will die it as simple as that." With that he disappeared as he always did. 
	The general could breath again. Tsung always got what he
wanted and it usually hurt his people. He hated himself for doing 
this he couldn't hate Tsung. He was to terrified too. He got out 
his magnum and put it in his mouth.
	Sonya was meeting Lance for the first time. She knew he 
and Daniel had been close. He was nervous. He should be because 
of what he had heard about her mood swings. Her brother had told 
him many tails of when they were kids and Sonya heard a guy, a 
football player take this piss out of him and she broke his nose. 
She was known for her viciousness when on a mission. 
	He went round to the gym to find her sparring on large beams 
with the black guy Jax. He stood and watches as she came again and 
again at Jax. They stopped and came over to speak to him.
	"I'm Sonya this was my partner Jax." She said coolly. 
The big man was very unsure of him.
	"Lance Wexler." He replied.
	"Jax has put in for a transferral to our unit. Will that 
be possible?" Sonya looked like a cat ready to pounce.
	 "It won't be necessary since I'm leader of this unit I've 
put Jax down partnered with Mikka Stone." Jax smiled and Sonya 
relaxed slightly.
	"You and Daniel were close? I saw you at the funeral." 
Sonya asked him relieved that Jax would be there. 
	Only once had they ever been on separate mission. Sonya 
had saved Jax's life more than once. They as far as teams went 
were one of the best. Trent Matheson went past. Sonya rejected 
him last year and ever since he had a downer on her. 
	"Hey Blade I hear you're on your brothers mission. He 
fucked up bad and everyone knows you'll fail too."
	"WHAT!" Sonya leapt for him and he kicked her in the 
mid section. 
	She jumped up only to receive an uppercut. Then Sonya 
pulled off the leg grab and brought Trent crashing down to the 
ground on his head. She straddled him and started punching his 
head over and over again. Jax and Lance pulled her off. Officers 
were starting to arrive. I'm getting court martial this time for 
sure. She thought. Dumb blond. Due to the suicide of the General 
and her success rate she was let of with a warning. 
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