Part 6:

	After six months of working together Sonya and Lance started 
sleeping together. They kept it secret from everyone. 
	They were called up to a base that had been found in the dessert. It was a 
two-person operation. The orders were get in find out what it's used for. Take out the 
leaders, rescue hostages and get out. Sonya and Lance arrived for the briefing.
	"At ease Lieutenant and Major." Said the General. Sonya and her partner Lance were 
at ease. "This mission requires up most secrecy and skill. You two are the best-suited 
officers for this task. We now know that three officers presumed dead are being held there 
also. So with regard to your orders you must also rescue these three captive officers. 
Is that understood?" 
	The new General asked well aware of what faced the two standing before him.
	"Yes sir understood sir." Lance and Sonya barked the customary reply at the same 
	"There is a stealth helicopter waiting at the base you're to go and everything 
you need will be in the helicopter. Dismissed." They saluted and left for the base.
	"I don't like this Lance. There's something not quite right about all this."
	"It's a rescue mission. It's your first so of course it feels strange." The 
helicopter was taking off so they had to sit in silence. 	

They were dropped off fifteen miles from the base they had been left camouflage motor 
bikes that could be used until one mile from the site. Then they would have to walk.
	"Be careful Lance I don't want to lose you." This he realized was when she 
actually vulnerable. Though in five minute she would divert her total concentration 
to completing the mission.
	"Bye and take care." She said somewhat sadly.
	"Rendezvous back here in twelve hours." He said 
	"Keep in touch by radio COM." She replied and was gone. 	

From the satellite pictures most of the base was under the ground. There was one exit, 
which seemed not to be too heavily guarded. She could see the distinctive dress code 
from here. She brought out her trusty semiautomatic and added the silencer and took 
out the three guards and approached. From nowhere a large
appeared. He was wearing Japanese Ninja grab, which she recognised from her Sensei 
when she studied Nin-jitsu. He looked like an experienced fighter. She took a defensive 
stance and prepared to defend her self. 
	She didn't like the look of the huge samurai sword he possessed. He slashed 
at her once, twice she blocked with her shoe.  She somersaulted backwards to avoid 
the sword once more. She flipped over his head and kicked him in the back. She spun 
around and caught his jaw with a spinning back fist. He dropped the sword. He punched 
her in the stomach and she doubled over with pain. He uppercut her and she 
over. She was on the ground. This was her speciality recovering from attacks. She 
fly kicked him in the head. He dropped to his knees. She axe kicked his shoulder. 
He held up his hand and removed his mask.
	"Please let me die with honor." He pleaded with her. 
	She knew his customs from her training days. She picked up the sword and 
he got to his knees. She swung the sword and cut his head clean off. She was surprised 
a man with honor with in the Black Dragon such a thing was rare. The entrance appeared 
to have no more guards. 
	"Retinal scan identification required." Said a synthesised voice from a little 
camera a square lens came down. Sonya picked up the head of the dead Ninja and pressed 
its' eye onto the lens.
"Identification confirmed." Said the synthesised voice again. She was in.
	Her pulse was racing. She endured this feeling often. Inside were steel pillar 
and no doubt some form of security device. She heard voices and crouched behind a 
pillar as the guards grew closer and walked level with her she grabbed his legs and 
pulled him back.
	 "Who's in charge here?" she whispered hard in his ears. 
	He looked at her and only smiled. She shook him harder. Still no reply. She 
shattered his temple. The other two guards were coming. She leapt out and smashed 
their head together and shot them in the head while they were unconscious. She wanted 
to kill every last one of them for the death of her brother. 
	Up ahead she could see a door. After a through check for cameras and guards 
she put her head to the door. She could hear nothing. She slowly opened the door. 
There was a giant court filled with dead plants. This puzzled Sonya more than a little.
 She was ducking behind a tree. When again out of nowhere literally two people grabbed her.
	"Oh I don't think so." She said coyly to the guards. 
	They had her one at each side. She jumped and split kicked them while in mid 
air. She used the tree to flip over their head. She grabbed the first persons neck 
and kicked them in the back, shattering their spine. The other one, the woman was 
running towards her. She pulled out the semiautomatic and tripped the woman and spoke to her.
	"Where are the captives held?" there was no reply from her not that Sonya 
had expected one but it was only polite to ask. 
	She shot the women right under the chin. The cleaners gonna have a hard job 
tonight. Sonya ducked. The knife hit the tree above her.
	"O.K now I'm angry." She spat out. 
	She turned round and saw a whole in the wall close. That was nothing what 
she saw next chilled her right to her soul. Kano, Jarek and Rojack (Jarek and Rojack 
she recognized from the Black Dragon files back at base.) were all in front of 
and Kano had Lance.
	"Hello again baby remember me?" Kano was laughing at her. The tall man with 
the bandanna, tight trousers and bomber jacket known as Rojack stepped forward.
	"Now" said Kano "The fun really begin." He whistled and the three captives
 were brought out. It wasn't officers she knew but that didn't matter they all fought 
for the same thing.
	"Firstly," Kano started speaking to her again. "I kill one of them right 
off because you bit me and I had to get stitches. Then since I'm such a nice guy 
I'll let you fight your brothers' killer. I'll have your gun now or prisoner two 
gets it." 
	He pulled out a knife from his boot and from five meters away hit the first 
prisoners between the eyes. She pulled out her
and tossed it on the floor she tried not too looked at the body. She was filled with 
rage and sadness. She looked over at Lance who was struggling with his captor. Kano
caught the look.
	"This your partner Sonya or more than that huh?" the look on their faces 
would told a blind man just that. "Well then this should be interesting. This is 
Rojack and he killed your brother on my orders of course."
	Sonya was possibly going to die this day and knew it but all that mattered 
to her was her brothers' killer.
	"I will kill you even if it means dying myself. You bastard I'll rip your 
fucking head off for killing Daniel." She said directly to Rojack.
	"Well maybe if he could fight he would still be alive." Rojack said to her.
	"O.K children fight." Kano shouted. 
	Rojack made the first move and Sonya ducked. He leg swept and she jumped 
over it. She roundhouse kicked him missing him as he stepped back. She avoided a 
spinning back fist. He pulled out a gun. She growled. He shrugged his shoulders.
	"Nobody said I had to play fair." He said matter of fancy. 
	"Asshole" she muttered. 
	The first three shots he took missed. The fourth skimmed past her arm ripping 
her sleeves and piercing the skin. She grimaced in pain. It was a six-cylinder gun, 
which meant he had two bullets left. She was quite close to him. She ducked from 
the fifth bullet he was down to one bullet, which meant he would need to reload. 
She was close enough to strike him but she wasn't expecting the punch in the face 
she received. She fell on the ground and could see Rojacks shadow above her. She saw 
the foot coming toward her and mustered up strength to move out the
She moved as the foot crashed down where her head had been. She stood up and looked 
at Lance he looked deathly white. She swung for Rojack and pushed him back with an 
onslaught of fierce punches and kicks. She grabbed his shoulders and flipped him 
to the ground and brought her foot down to his head. He grabbed her foot and pulled 
her down. She was to fast for him, she stole the gun for his holster and 
him in the stomach. He gurgled and choked and yelped in pain. She looked up to face 
Kano. Blood dripping from her mouth and if looks could kill. The whole court had 
filled with Black Dragon. No one had yet made a move to restrain her. She looked 
to Kano. What was going on she couldn't help notice how suspicious this whole thing 
was. Why ain't I dead yet she wondered?
	"Now for the main attraction." He said. 
	With two flicks of his wrist the other two captives had been dismembered 
and their intestine were hanging out. They were all new recruits you could tell because 
they didn't have their own personalized uniform yet. He looked at her as four members
grabbed her as she went for him. Jarek then handed him a large club. She looked at it 
as he came toward her.
	"Don't worry baby I wouldn't a women." He said once seeing her face.
	"I've read your file Kano and you've done a lot worse to women." She replied.
	"Well this isn't for you." He smiled wickedly.  
	Her own life was never worth much and dying wasn't something she feared. 
She knew terror when Lance was brought forward in chains. Jarek shoved Lance down 
to his knees. She heard a snap as Jarek kicked Lance. Lance could barley keep from
screaming in pain. Sonya struggled with her captors but to no avail. Kano brought 
down the club on Lance's body and legs over and over again. Lance looked right into 
her eyes. He was suffering.
	"You ready baby." Kano said
	"Leave her be." murmured Lance. There was no mistaking it he was dying. Kano 
dragged him in front of Sonya. He touched Sonya face and was about to speak when 
Kano slit his throat. The blood spurted on her face and Lance fell to the ground.
	"NOOOOOO!" cried Sonya. She let out a scream of pure anguish. The hurt was 
almost unbearable. 
	She screamed for the loss of her brother, for her lover and partner and the 
loss of the only people she had ever trusted. She could see red all she thought about 
was killing Kano. Wave after wave of Black Dragon stood protecting him. She was destroying 
them every time they came at her. She was almost at Kano. For the first time the 
beautiful blond lieutenant scared him. He could see the hate burn those around her. 
He had only ever seen Sonya as a plaything, Something to amuse him with but what 
if she were actually a threat. She was taking on the whole camp and winning. The 
only thought in her head was to kill Kano. There were only
people between them now. Sonya had never feared him he knew that. He decided to leave 
	"Jarek." He barked "we're leaving. Set the auto distruct." 
	He could she her clearly now. He blew a kiss at her then left. Sonya heard 
the part about auto distruct and seen Kano and Jarek leave by helicopter. She ran 
for her life. As she left and kept running, she felt the heat of the explosion. It 
was a thousand clawed hands scraping at her back and burning as hot as the
of hell. She crawled back to the bike. She could hardly move. She finally made it 
back to the bike and radioed for help.


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