Part 7 

Sonya teemed up with Jax; he seemed to be the only person she didn't 
try to kill every time he spoke to her. Sonya became bitter and resentful. 
Many thought she had lost touch with reality. She was still perfectly 
sane but burning with rage and hunger for revenge which only Kanos' death 
would satisfy. Jax watched his friend and tried to protect her from 
others at the base. She was her own worst enemy. 
	Fearing Sonya would quit the army her superiors gave her 
the assignment of tracking down Kano. She kept her good looks, which 
often fooled men into letting their guard down. The only person Sonya 
even cared about was Jax and in her own way she showed it. They believed 
they had tracked Kano down to a nightclub that was run by shady 
characters but there was no evidence of any wrong doing yet.
        Shang Tsung visited that night Kano. As usual Tsung 
just appeared. "The tournament commence in a week. Sonya Blade 
must be at the tournament. 
All you have to do is get on the boat." Tsungs voice was 
a command. Kano didn't like being given orders by anyone."
	"Are you sure she gonna follow me?" Kano asked sullenly.
	"You killed her partner didn't you. She'll follow you into 
	Kano looked at Tsung with a twinkle in his eye. "Maybe you 
could arranged it so me 'n' Sonya could share a cabin you know. 
Have our own little honeymoon cruise." Said Kano. 
	Tsung looked angry. "If you so much as touch her Kano, I will 
kill you myself." 
	Kano instinctively looked away. They were above the
dance flour in a friend nightclub. The friend often sold some 
weapons for them and "cleaned" money too.
	Down below Sonya and a team of five men stormed the 
nightclub. There was Jax, Anderson, Cody, Mellours and Kennel. 
They followed Sonya in. The floor was crammed with dancer all trying 
to block their passage. They were separated but Sonya did not care Kano 
was here she could feel it in her bones. She spied the office at the 
end of the dance floor. She could make out figures in the office. 
	A man walked round the front of the frosted
glass windows. He had no specific uniform so Sonya couldn't tell 
whose side he was on. Her instinct told her to fire and she did 
just as he pulled out a handgun. The explosion from her rifle 
was normally deafening but didn't even sound because of the 
booming of the live band. They were quite good Sonya thought 
before marching forward and vaulting on to the platform that
the office was on. The man had been thrown through the windows 
of the office and lay bleeding on a table. He had worn a bullet 
proof jacket but that had not saved him from the hundreds of 
splinters of glass which flew past him or were sticking into 
his body. He had lost a lot of blood and must be in great pain. 
She marched up to him and grabbed him round the throat. His face 
screwed up in pure agony as she lifted him so he was
looking right in to her eyes.
	"Where's Kano!" She shouted at the man her voice demanding.
	"I." He gurgled and spluttered and he had trouble pronouncing 
the words. Sonya pulled him tighter as she noticed the cover for 
the drain up lifted hoping only that her men covered the sewers.
	"Where is he." She pronounced the words slowly and 
deliberately so he knew she was for real.
	"He and the other man are gone." He was having trouble 
	"Where have they gone?" she asked.
	"To Hong Kong to catch a boat." The man was clearly dying.
	"Where you idiot, which pier are they at you complete 
fuck up!" Sonya was losing her temper and fast.
	"Pier 40 tomorrow. That is all I know." The man 
uttered at last.
	"Good." Said Sonya. She threw him on the desk and radioed 
a frantic Jax.
	"Sonya where the hell have you been girl?" Jax sounded 
relieved as he always did when Sonya turned up safe.
	"That doesn't matter I have a guard in here dying. Send 
someone in to get him to hospital and arrange to flights to Hong 
Kong tonight." Said Sonya.
	"Are you gonna tell me what happened or what?"
	"No Jax just do what I asked. Meet me out front in 
twenty minutes I expect everything to be read by then. Lieutenant 
Blade out." Sonyas voice echoing through the silence.
	Jax knew how badly Sonya wanted Kano.  On this mission
Sonya had superiority even though they were both lieutenants. 
In little under a month they would both become Majors. The only 
reason Sonya was unit leader was due to the fact she had only ever 
failed three missions and all three of them where death traps which 
from no one should've escaped. Jax sighed and phoned back to base 
making the arrangements Sonya had wanted.
	She came out and explained to Jax what happened. They were 
picked up in an army car and driven to the airport told they would 
get everything they needed once in Hong Kong. They arrived in Hong 
Kong seven hours later and were taken to one of the army bases there. 
Sonya changed to her green uniform. She took only one gun her 
favorite semiautomatic handgun with
her. Jax chose a simple black garment. He eyed Sonya suspiciously. 
She was wearing the tightest costume he had ever seen. She turned 
around and smiled coyly.
	"Sonya what exactly are you planning?" Jax asked his friend.
	"Nothing just getting ready to kill Kano that's all." 
She answered. Jax looked up at her sadly.
	"Bring him to justice is just as bad you know." He 
	"Jax, I want Kano's blood because he killed Wexler and 
ordered my brother killed. Seeing him dead is all I want." 
Sonya's voice had taken a cold hard edge to it.
	"Mind you," said Jax trying to lighten the conversation "I 
do like the costume." 
	She smiled at her friend.

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