Part 8

They arrived at the pier just as the sun was setting. They took refuge 
behind some old crates and wired nets around the crates so they couldn't 
easily be seen. After an hour of watching Jax finally stated his worries.
	"Sonya you know Kano could be a million miles from here right now 
we have no guarantee that that guy was telling the truth." 	Sonya 
merely replied with one of her I'm right and we both know it looks. 
She picked up the night vision goggles and scanned the area no sign 
of Kano or any of his men. Jax nudged her as a limo pulled up and a 
man stepped out. 
	"That's Johnny Cage my favorite actor." Jax stated in amazement.
	"Whatever." Was Sonyas reply. She was still scanning. Jaxs' radio 
went off. 
	"Lieutenant Briggs here." Said Jax answering the radio. Sonya 
stood up.
	"Lieutenant Briggs you must not let lieutenant Blade get on 
that boat." Said Mikkas voice urgently.
	"That's him" screamed Sonya and jumped and ran for the boat. 
	"Sonya!" screamed Jax "Don't get on that thing! Hey Sonya 
come back. Mikka 
she's already gone." Jax said wearily into the radio.
	"Jax I'm sorry. We just found out. That guy he was Black Dragon 
and if he told Sonya where to find Kano then she's most certainly going 
to get killed. You're to return to base. 10 4 out." Jax put his head in 
his hands in sheer despair Sonya had always been there for him and saved 
his life and he was willing to do anything to get her back.
	A few minutes earlier Kano rubbed his hands together and smiled 
at Kabal and Jarek. They were to reach him at the island at a later 
date. He nodded to his men and stepped out of the shadows.
	"That's it baby come to papa." He smiled and boarded 
the boat. 	
        Kabal spoke to Jarek.
	"What's he got for the blond lieutenant?" 
	"I have no idea. Do you think he'll kill her?" asked Jarek.
	"No but I bet you would." Was Kabal's answer.
	"Damn right. I'd love to slit the bitches throat right 
open." Jarek smiled at the thought.
	"Kano's so cold I'd think she'd be dead by now. I mean 
he killed his own step mum for fun. Did you see him gut that girl 
last night? Yet the lieutenant isn't dead yet." Jarek caught 
the underlying message in Kabal's voice.
	"Listen Kabal if you want to try and overthrow Kano your 
on your own but he's been leader of the clan since he was twenty 
years old. That's fifteen years and if notice what happened to 
the last guy who tried."
	Kabal answered only with silence. Jarek would remember 
to inform Kano of Kabal faltering loyalty.
	Sonya boarded the boat just in time as it was leaving port. 
She scanned the top deck for any sign of Kano. She then realized 
that Jax wasn't behind her. She looked for him. Oh well she thought 
to her self at least I'm on my own now. She set of in a determined 
stride. She banged smack into some one.
	"Alright tough guy you wanna get." He looked down at Sonya as 
she thrust her semiautomatic under his chin. "Rough." Said his 
faltering voice.  He regained his compositor. "Hi I'm Johnny Cage 
and you are?" he asked her.
	Sonya recalled Jax saying something about Johnny Cage earlier. 
Maybe he knew where Kano was. "Where's Kano?" she demanded shoving 
the gun up harder against him to emphasise her point.
	"I don't know who you talking about but I'm sure I could help 
you find him." He smiled at her and started to push the gun away. She 
shoved him on his ass.
	"Outta my way." And continued to search for Kano. 
	She noticed a small door on the ground and opened it. There 
was a ladder leading down. There appeared to be no one there. She 
descended down the ladder. There were chains suspended from the 
ceiling. She checked her corners. There was a beam with railings 
on either side of it. She proceeded forward slowly and out of the 

shadow stepped a man. Sonya nearly gasped but held herself in check. 
He was tall and definitely oriental. Chinese she guessed. He had just 
below shoulder length. His eyes were brown and slanted but 
contained something she just couldn't quite read. He 
spoke to her.
	"It's an honor to finally meet you Sonya. Shang Tsung at 
your service." He bowed his head. She was still deeply suspicious.
	"Are you the captain of this ship?" She asked. He nodded 
in reply. She lowered her gun, which up until this point had been 
aimed at the man heart and Sonya very rarely missed especially at 
this distance.
	"I'm looking for a murderer he boarded this ship." Sonya 
wasn't sure about this guy at all.
	"Well this is my boat and if you'd like a tour I'd love to 
give it to you myself." He answered. Is he hitting on me? 
	She wondered not really caring about the answer. She was 
about to tell him where to go when a voice sounded behind her.
	"Be nice to the lady she's just doing her job." She 
recognized the voice from earlier. She hated that, really hated 
it when people assumed she couldn't look after herself. She turned 
to him and growled.
	"When I want backup I'll radio for it." She could hear a 
door opening and the man from earlier looked at her.
	"Got that radio handy?" Was his reply as two men in 
Ninja garb came out of the door. 
	One was dressed in yellow and black and the other in 
an identical costume except it was blue and black. Opposing clan Sonya 
noted to herself. They stood one on each side of Shang Tsung. 
He introduced the two Ninjas.
	"Scorpion." He pointed the one opposite to Johnny Cage the 
man she ran in to earlier. Then he pointed to the one in front of Sonya 
"Sub-Zero. Deadliest of enemies but slaves under my power." 
	He smiled at Sonya who was getting royally pissed off.
	"Stand aside." She ordered pointing her gun at Sub-Zero. 
He reached out and grabbed the barrel of the gun and froze it and 
broke the end of the gun off. Now Sonya was really mad she was 
ready to kill Sub- zero that was her favourite gun.   
	Then two bolts of lightening appeared one blue and the 
other yellow hit Scorpion and Sub-Zero. A flash of lightening 
hit the
ground a man appeared. He was very tall with white hair and 
long white robes on; the one thing she did notice was he had no 
eyes! He spoke directly to Shang Tsung.
	"Enough!" His voice boomed and Sonya momentarily forgot her 
hate of Sub-Zero and stared at awe of the man. Who was this guy? He 
didn't seem human.
	"Lord Raiden how good of you to grace us with your presence." 
Said Shang Tsung his eye's clashing with the white pools where 
Raiden's should've been.
	"Your side-show freaks attacked my fighters! That is 
strictly forbidden before the tournament begins. As your." He sneered 
at the word emperor. "Emperor well knows." 
	Wait a minute Sonya thought he refers to me as one of his 
fighters and what the hell is this tournament!
	"My sincerest apologies Lord Raiden it will not happen 
again." Said Tsung his voice edged with sarcasm.
	"I shall see to that." Raiden replied his voice laced with 
	"Of course until we reach the island where you have no 
dominion." Replied Tsung.
	"My dominion are well known to me thank you sorcerer." Said 
Raiden his voice light but dangerous. 
	Ok now I'm really confused. Am I the only one who is totally 
fucking clueless as to what the hell is going on? "Ok." Said Sonya 
speaking up at last "What the hell are you talking about and what 
tournament?" She asked angrily. Nobody 
was sure what to say. Shang
Tsung finally spoke.
	"You've chosen Sonya much to my delight." She didn't like the 
way he said that. The other guy who had came down with Johnny looked 
at Raiden.
	"You really are Lord Raiden." His voice slightly humbling.
	"Come with me." Said Raiden. 
	With that he turned into a bolt of lightening and shot 
above deck. Sonyas' eyes nearly popped out of her head and Johnny's' 
did the same. The other guy put forward his hand.
	"I'm Liu Kang." He said in a warm voice. She smiled.
	"Sonya Blade. I don't shake." She said with a shrug. 
He didn't take that offensively. 
	"We should follow Raiden." With that Liu Kang climbed up 
the ladder. Sonya followed and a shocked Johnny came last. 
	When they were above deck Johnny recovered the use of 
his voice. Unfortunately Sonya said to herself.
	"Ok we got a guy who freezes stuff we got another guy 
with things coming outta his hand. Then theirs a guy who as 
far as I can tell is made out of electricity. I mean what is 
going on here who is this guy?" Johnny finished out of breath. 
	Sonya understood how he felt she was a little freaked
herself. She put a hand on his shoulder. 
"Lets just stay calm ok if we just think this through there is a 
rational explanation for all this." He smiled at Sonya and she smiled back. 
	Kinda cute she noticed then checked herself. He's nice till 
he opens his mouth she remembered.
	"He's Raiden god of thunder and lightening and protector of 
the realm of earth." Replied Liu calmly and seriously.
	"Oh great." Sonya nearly laughed at him when Johnny 
piped up.
	"Well there's your rational explanation!" She nearly 
hit him. She turned round to Liu.
	"Listen to me. What you three are about to experience 
is vastly more important than your ego." That must be Johnny 
she nearly laughed. "Your enemy." That reminded her she'd look 
for that scumbag Kano later. So that means he was talking about 
me she thought to her self. "Or your quest for revenge." 
	Which meant Liu was out to get someone. Is he out 
for my blood she wondered? That's all I need another enemy 
on this blasted tub. It'll all be worth it though to get my 
hands on that rat Kano. She drifted back to the conversation. 
Something was said about Tsung. Oh so that's Liu's target then. 
She had missed most of that.
	"To enter the realm of earth the demon sorcerer Shang 
Tsung and his best fighters must win ten straight Mortal Kombat 
tournaments in a row. They have won nine. This will be the tenth 
tournament." Said Raiden very seriously. 
	"Great a handful of people on a leaky boat will save the 
world." Sonya said very sarcastically.
	"Exactly. The essence of Mortal Kombat is not about death 
but life. Mortal men and women." He acknowledged 
Sonya "Fighting for their realm." Now he had Sonya's curiosity.
	"Why are you telling this to us what about the others?" she 
asked adding Kano mentally to herself.
	"I have looked into their souls and your one of you three 
will decide the outcome of the tournament. The fate of billions 
will depend upon you. Heh, heh, heh. Sorry" Was Raiden reply.
	"What about Shang Tsung?" Liu questioned the god. Raiden 
lost his humour. 
	"Still concerned only with vengeance if you challenge Shang 
Tsung now you will lose your life and soul." 
	"He is going to pay for the death of my brother." Liu 
informed the God whom only snorted.
"You are not ready." Liu was about to reply. When Raiden spoke again. 
"Look it has begun." Said Raiden pointing to the sky. 
	Shang Tsung was standing arms raised with a look of pure 
ecstasy on his face. He managed to speak.
	"It has begun." He uttered as weird shapes swirled around him. 
Flaming skulls laughing and bursting in the sky. Sonya looked 
into the sky. 
	What the hell have I got myself into this time? Sonya asked 
herself. Johnny touched her arm. She looked over at him and smiled 
weakly and realized he's scared and then thought maybe I should be 
too. Raiden had disappeared and she was left standing with Liu and 
Johnny. She looked at Liu.
	"Do you know where exactly we've to go now?" Sonya asked 
Liu hoping he'd know the answer. 
	"There are cabin down below I'd imagine we'll be in them." Liu 
stated looking around for something.
	"I want just to shower and sleep." Said Sonya although she 
wasn't sure if she could do either. She hadn't seen any other women 
on board.
	"I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight after that 
little display of lunacy." Johnny said. 
	They headed for the cabins. The wandered looking for any sign 
they were in the right place. Toward the rear of the ship the found 
three cabins with each of their names on it. Sonya opened the one
bearing her name. She checked for anyone waiting inside. There was 
no one.
	It had a shower and two sets of clothes both her size. She 
wouldn't ask how and didn't ask questions. She locked the door and 
shoved a chair under the door handle. 
	Once showered and in fresh clothes she decided to explore the 
ship as there was no way she was sleeping with Kano or that mad man 
on board. She went to open the door and out side it was covered in 
purple lines that hissed and spat like electricity. Sonya stood back 
and threw a near by chair at the field. The chair was gone. She banged 
on the wall to the cabin next door.
	"Liu Kang." She shouted over and over again. 
	Liu heard Sonya shouting at him and Johnny just heard 
Sonya shouting. Both came to their doors to discover the same purple 
beams covering their rickety doors.
	"Hey what gives?" Yelled Johnny.
	"I don't know." Was Liu Kangs reply.
	"It's covering my door too and when I threw a chair at it, 
the chair disappeared." Said Sonya to the two disembodied voices.
	"I think there to stop us causing trouble tonight." Answered 
Liu wisely. Sonya wondered about him.
	"How did you discover them anyway." Asked Johnny his voice 
laced with curiosity.
	"I was gonna search the ship for Kano." Sonya told him trying to 
keep her voice even. Johnny hoped she wasn't seeing this guy. He really 
liked Sonya.
	"So Tsung probably figured that or that I'd go looking 
for him." Liu sounded angry.
	"What happened between you two to make you hate him 
so bad." Sonya questioned him.
	"He killed my brother and stole his soul and it's all my 
fault." Liu answered his voice full of grief. Sonya was speechless 
although her motives for wanting Kanos head were similar.
	"What about you then Sonya who exactly is this Kano you 
keep talking about?" Johnny tried to keep his voice casual and 
uninterested. Sonya considered answering after all Liu had told 
her but she was still unsure of who these people were. She told 
them a little.
	"A criminal who needs to be brought to justice." Was her 
answer. Johnny was relieved, so it wasn't her boyfriend after all.
	"So what about you Johnny why you here risking your life?" 
Liu finally asked Johnny trying to make up for Sonyas silence.
	"Well mainly because of."
	"His ego." Sonya butted in. "Aren't you a film star or 
something?" she asked.
	"The best actually." Was Johnny's response.
	"What did I tell you his ego." Sonya said her voice mildly 
	"That's enough I'm going to try and sleep now." Sonya said 
over her shoulder as she went back into her cabin.
	"G'night." Was the last thing she said and she thought she 
got a reply but wasn't sure. She used the remaining chair to barricade 
the door she didn't have her gun, which made her slightly nervous. 
She actually put her head on the pillow and slept.
        When she woke up she found a clean set of clothes on a small 
chest of drawers next to her bed. Also on a tray was a glass of apple 
juice and a wheat bagel with tuna. Although it was her favourite meal 
she didn't eat, as she had no idea where it had came from. The chair 
still barricaded the door so no one had been in. This was starting to 
turn seriously weird. 
	She opened the door and the purple stuff was gone. Johnny and 
Liu were outside waiting for her. She took the remainder of her stuff 
that included a radio; a compass and watch, two special bracelets that 
were a top-secret weapon designed for the Special Forces but her specially, 
a homing beacon (for emergencies only). She had a few knifes as well but 
she thought I have a feeling that if something here attacks me then these 
would only slow me down. She went out to the two guys waiting there. Johnny 
as always was wearing sunglasses even in this dark and dingy hull he had 
his sunglasses on. She merely threw him a dirty look. She spoke to Liu.
	"What's going on?" 
	"I think this boat can't get right into the island so we'll 
have to go out in smaller boats." 
	They went atop deck to find Liu was right. One boat was ready 
to leave but it had only two places. Liu gestured to Sonya and Johnny. 
	"You two go and I'll get the next one out."  And he left to get 
another boat. Sonya groaned inadvertently Johnny was however a gentle 
man and tried to help her get on the boat. It was a nice gesture 
despite how very much it was displaced. She grabbed the side of 
the boat and swung her legs over landing with a very quiet thud 
in the boat. Johnny stepped into the boat and someone hauled in 
his cases. They took the two seats at the front of the boat.
	"Oh shit." Sonya said out loud realising that she 
hadn't contacted Jax and he hadn't seen her since last night! 
Shit! "Blackhawk to cardinal, blackhawk calling cardinal. Is 
anybody monitoring?
Jax this is 
Sonya do you copy?" Sonya spoke into the radio. There was a loud 
hissing and then she could hear a quiet voice.
	"Sonya is that you." It was Jax's voice.
	"Jax it's me and I alive." She informed him.
	"Good God Sonya I nearly died worrying where are you?" his 
voice was full of worry and relief.
	"I'm not sure I." She started to reply but the radio went 
static and Jax and her connection was severed.
	"Jax are you still there JAX?" she shouted but to no avail. 
He was gone but at least he knew she was still alive. That's the worst 
thing about the forces when someone goes missing and you don't know 
whether or not they're dead or alive. 
	Johnny interrupted her thoughts. "While you're at it why don't 
you call my agent." He had a cheeky voice and a wide grin but she was in no mood for jokes.
	"Do I look like your secretary?" she snapped back at him. That shut him up. 
	The boat journey lasted around twenty minutes with Johnny in 
a huff with her and the quizzing looks of the other people on board, 
she was glad when the boat came close to shore. She jumped over the 
side wadding to shore. When she stepped onto the dry sand, she was wet 
up to her knees. She watched in amusement as Johnny tried to get his 
cases out of the boat and fell in face first. She quietly laughed to 
herself. Liu Kang came up behind her shoulder as she tried to get her 
compass to hold still. 
	"Where the hell are we?" She hissed in frustration. Johnny 
approached the two just in time to hear that comment.
	"Do I look like your travel agent?" Was the snide remark 
Johnny made. Sonya glared at him.
	"Fine!" Sonya snapped and stormed off. 
	She walked up until she gazed on a few hundred flights of 
stairs. While she was staring Liu and Johnny caught up. Half up the 
stairs Sonya was short of breathe and Johnny fell backwards losing 
another three cases leaving his total down to two cases. Sonya
sniggered as he regained his balance.
	"Do you need help with those?" Liu asked a struggling Johnny. 	
He replied only with a look. Only three hundred more steps to go thought 
Sonya unhappily.

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