Part 9

	After what seemed like hours they finally reached the top. 
Sonya stared at her new surrounding in awe. What evil lives here 
she wondered. This is how she had pictured hell. The only light 
since darkness fell was coming from torches whose flames flickered 
and danced in the small draft. It was inhumanly cold. There where 
great statues every where their eyes all pleading for release from 
some unseen torturer. Everything was made of stone. There were several 
tunnel weaving into a cave and several doors surrounding them. 
	Sonya took a step back bumping into Liu and Johnny who both 
put a hand up on Sonya shoulder. Johnny's hand lingered and Sonya turned 
around and looked into his eyes that were full of concern for her. He 
is rather cute she thought before scolding herself. They carried on until 
they reached a great hall where all the other warriors there. A guard 
dressed in a long robe with strange patterns and a black and white mask 
on spoke to the masses.
	"Each one of you will be escorted to your chambers for your stay 
here then, when the great gong sounds you will all assemble back here. 
That is all." And he left via a small door behind a large thrown like 
	Better keep that in mind Sonya thought taking a mental note. 
Another man in similar attire had a huge list of names and everyone 
once their name had been read out was escorted be three guards to 
their to there chambers. Finally only Sonya, Johnny and Liu were 
left. Sonya's name was then read out. Five guards moved forward 
and grabbed her and when she put up resistance she was shoved 
forward. She roundhouses the first guard who hit his head on 
the wall and fell to the ground out cold. The guard attempted 
to kick her in the face so she ducked and let lose an uppercut 
to his chin. It connected and he fell to the ground. The other 
guards backed off a little.
	"Any of you want to try any of that with me again? No 
takers to rough house the woman?" Sonya was lived not only had 
she had more escorts than anyone else she was also given grief 
that no one else had received. 
	Johnny and Liu were still in a fighting stance. They slowly 
started to relax. More guards had entered the hall. One of the guards 
	"Come with us Ms Blade." His voice was unplaceable and 
strangely inhuman.
	"Okay I'm coming but you try anything and I'll tear you 
apart understand?" Sonya turned to Johnny and Liu. Her tone 
softened slightly she could tell by their faces they were concerned. 
	"Don't worry I can take care of myself." She said as she 
exited with the guards. 
	She didn't really have time to examine her surroundings as 
the guards were hurrying her. She noticed that there where no other 
rooms here. She must be the only female on the whole island. That 
would explain why her room wasn't with the others. The door opened 
and as she stepped in the guards outside locked the door.  She was 
locked in. Damn those bastards.
	She tried to open the door a few times but it was definitely 
securely locked. She turned round to her room. It really was a 
beautiful room. There was a large window with a breath taking view. 
She must be on the cliff face for she had a view right out to sea. 
The moon shone brightly and danced delicately on the waves, it was 
breath taking. The room itself was also dazzling. The bed was huge 
and fitted with white fur softer than any animal she had ever touched. 
There were green and white silk cushions over the bed. The walls 
were decorated with pictures of beautiful and almost majestic plants. 
	There was a huge wardrobe that had carvings of animals she had 
never seen before. She instinctively checked inside the wardrobe 
searching for anyone. She checked on top of the wardrobe and under 
the bed but found nothing. Then she checked the bathroom and yet again 
nothing. She went back to the wardrobe and found many outfit that again 
were her size.
	After a change into a tank top and lace shirt she decided to 
try to contact Jax again. She still had the emergency distress device 
but she didn't feel she needed it just yet. She tried the radio and 
not one frequency seemed to work. She lay on the bed and tried to 
think about the strange day she had had. 
	Kano was still on the loose somewhere on this island and 
she intended to gut him like a fish. When of course he got his 
courage up to face her. She made up her mind to slip out after 
she had eaten and find that son of a bitch herself. She wondered 
wear Johnny and Liu, her two new I suppose you could call them 
friends were. She liked Johnny and if it wasn't for his ego and 
the fact she was here on work she might consider him. 
	What about the two ninjas? Where did they fit in? And most 
important who in hell was Shang Tsung and was he hitting on her? The 
answers she decided would probably be revealed in time. She heard a 
storm brewing. This made the sea go violent and she realised that Raiden must 
be close by. There were so many questions she wanted to ask him. 
Then the almighty gong sounded. 
	Firstly Sonya went to try the door and found it unlocked. This 
place is bloody weird she thought to herself. She grabbed the 
wristbands from the pocket of her combats. She slid them on. All she 
had to do was put her left arm out straight and then put her right 
wrist under her left one and a bolt of energy would shoot out. If 
she put her left wrist under her right one then she could shot 
across and fly for a few seconds. Very nasty if you were on the 
receiving end. She smiled and left the room.
	When she entered the great hall it was now filled with row 
up on row of tables all with people eating. She was clearly late, 
the guard growled at her and most people stopped to stare. She 
noticed no other women and felt clearly alienated. Johnny and 
Liu spotted her and Johnny stood up and waved her over. She made 
her way through the masses to the table which seated Liu, Johnny, 
three guys she didn't know and a space left next to Johnny. She sat 
down and noticed Raiden behind the door as the guards shut it. 
She looked at the men and Liu introduced them.
	"This is Art Lean. He like Johnny is an actor." The man 
Kinda looked like Jax except not as muscular and he had a shaved 
head and brown eyes. He smiled at her and extended his hand. She 
faltered for a second and then shook his hand. Then he pointed to 
the man across from Art.
	"This is Fo Sha Misibi. He like myself is a member of The 
Orders of Light." Sonya looked at this man. He was very tall and 
skinny. Not oriental but there was a hint of it there. His eyes 
were the brightest green and almost glowed with something. Sonya 
then spoke.
	"I know a little of your Order because the Black Dragon 
were once seen to be attacking it although I wasn't part of the 
unit which was sent in, I have read the file."  Fo looked at Sonya 
before saying.
	"My father was Chinese but my mother was British. I take 
after my mother." Sonya looked at him angrily she wasn't warned 
he was a mind reader so she only glared. She was angrier with 
herself as she had let her guard down. Her Sensei had warned 
her about mind readers. He raised his hands apologetically.
	"I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you Ms Blade." He said 
	"It's not you I'm mad with." She offered. Liu then pointed 
to the man next to him. This guy was facing Johnny; Liu was across 
from her. 
	"This is Neil Denver. He has travelled all around the 
world. We met when he visited my temple." Now this guy was 
gorgeous. He had shoulder length light brown hair. His broad 
shoulders and massive arms impressed Sonya a lot. He had a 
strong jaw line and appeared to have no faults. Yet his 
eyes portrayed something she didn't like. She put out her 
hand that he took and kissed.
	"Honored Ms Blade although I've heard numerous description 
from your friends none of them do you justice." He smiled. 
	Sonya looked to Johnny who was seething about something. 
She raised her eyebrows to him and he sorta smiled back. She wasn't 
sure about this Neil guy at all. She looked to Fo who she had let 
read her mind and he nodded in reply. His thoughts were the same. 
She would inform the other two later. She had just started to eat 
when Shang Tsung appeared with the Blue and Yellow Ninjas Sub-Zero and
Scorpion if she remembered correctly. Behind each of them was around 
thirty of the ninjas that escorted them to their rooms earlier. 	
They aligned themselves. Sub-Zero and his ninjas on one side 
and Scorpion and his ninjas on the other. Shang Tsung then 
appeared in front of the giant throne that was situated at 
the back of the hall. He turned round to face the whole hall.
	"Welcome to my island. I am Shang Tsung and you are here
 to compete in Mortal Kombat. You are here to witness one of the 
greatest turning points in the history of your planet treasure these 
moments as if they were your last." The sorcerer smiled evilly "and 
now for a taste of things to come."
	He nodded to the two rows of ninjas scattered into the 
hall. They started to throw up the tables and scatter food 
everywhere. Once shoved Sonya so hard she nearly fell over. Luckily 
she fell into Liu who was standing behind her. Once the hall was 
cleared of tables the ninjas aligned themselves down the hall. Sub-Zero 
and another ninja dressed like the followers of Sub-Zero and 
Scorpion stood forward. Sonya was curious and watched as the 
Sub-zero and the other ninja prepared for battle. The ninja 
was showing off an amazing display of flexibility. Sub-Zero merely 
watches almost sniggering at this ninjas display. Shang Tsung nodded, 
to start the fight Sonya presumed. The ninja soared forward in a 
flying kick as he was doing this Sub-Zero summoned a giant ball of 
ice which; he threw at the ninja who froze in mid air. The ninjas 
momentum carried him to Sub-Zero who
flipped to the side. The ninja hit the step before Shang Tsung and
shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Sonya looked on in approval 
now that was something she thought. Tsung then spoke again.
	"Flawless victory." He said and left via the little door 
behind the throne.
        Sonya seen Johnny, Liu and Art standing by the door. Art 
was a little shaken up by all this.
	"Did you see where Tsung went Sonya?" Liu looked at her.
	"You can't go after him after what Raiden told you." Was 
thrown in by Johnny
	"Yeah well he didn't say anything to me Shang Tsung knows 
where Kano is hiding." With that the Lieutenant ran for the little 
door behind the thrown. Johnny looked thoughtful.
	"You know you gotta admire her when she sets her mind on 
something." He said almost philosophically
	Liu came back with "It's not her mind you're admiring." And 
then he too took off for the little door.
	"It's true." He said to himself before following Liu.
        Sonya could see Shang Tsung heading over some stairs. 
She was following him silently. Not making a sound. She could 
hear footsteps quite far behind her. Tsung heard them also and 
turned around Sonya managed to keep out of sight. When she looked 
back up he was gone. She spun round furiously to see who was 
following her. She might have known Liu Kang and Johnny Cage.
	"Why the hell are you following me I already told you 
I work alone!"
	"We can't help it it's a guy thing." Johnny said seriously.
	"I nearly found out where Kano is." Sonya said angrily.
	"Shang Tsung is mine!" Liu said his voice filled with venom.
	"Well the reason I lost him was your fault!" Sonya was 
losing her temper. 
	"Eh why don't we just forget about Shang Tsung." Said Johnny 
trying to keep the other two from killing each other.
	"What do you mean forget about him didn't you see what happened 
back their I for one am going to get to the bottom of this!" Sonya was 
getting really annoyed. She didn't realise how far they had actually 
gone until they reach another flight of stairs. Once they were halfway 
up Sonya heard voices. 
	They stopped to listen.
	"So when do I get paid?"
	"After you've fought the girl, remember she has not to be harmed 
only humiliated I have plans for my beautiful Sonya." That was Shang 
Tsung's voice! The other one was Kano!
	"I have a few plans for her myself." The other voice leered. 
	"That's Kano!" screeched Sonya and made a dash. Liu and Johnny 
tried to restrain her. 
	She broke loose and found her self above a room with a large 
table in the center. The table was covered in food. Kano was at one 
end a huge four-armed creature was at the other. Shang Tsung and Kano 
were still talking.
	"Kano you motherfucking rat when I get down there you are 
fucking dead!" Sonya hollered at the top of her voice causing Kano, 
Tsung and the four-armed thing to look up. Normally Sonya would've 
waited but her hate for Kano was clouding her judgement. Sonya 
followed a long tunnel in the hope of getting to Kano. She heard 
footsteps running for her. She took a fighting stance. It was only 
Liu and Johnny again. 
	"Are you crazy?" Johnny shouted at her. She only glared 
at him.
	"I'm trying to find Kano. The other two don't matter to me." 
Was her reply.
	"I think we should try to find a way out of these catacombs." 
Said Liu. 
	He knew how Sonya felt she must've lost someone too. Sonya 
smiled at Liu for changing the subject.
	"I didn't really notice the way I came in." Sonya said sheepishly.
	"We were to busy trying to stop you killing someone." Johnny said gently. 
"But I think I can smell food, Steak. So I imagine if 
we follow it we'll be far away from that little hall."
	"Okay." Sonya replied. She and Liu followed Johnny for 
at least half 
an hour. The silence was deafening.
	"Johnny are you sure you know where you're going?" Liu finally asked.
	"Trust me I can smell New York stripped steak anywhere." Johnny boasted.
	Sonya raised her eyebrows at Liu who only shrugged and kept 
following Johnny. 
They were tearing threw cobwebs which Sonya hated. They finally reached the end only to find they were in the place where Kano had been. 
	"Yeah I smell something bullshit!" Sonya sneered. Johnny pulled
 a face behind 
her back. The three dusted the cobwebs from their clothes. Ninjas started to appear from everywhere. There were around nine. 
	"We got company you guys." Johnny said to the other two. 	
Three ran for Sonya. One kicked and Sonya ducked and sweeped him. He 
fell and she uppercut the second. The third did a spinning roundhouse 
while the first was heading towards her in a fly kick. She grabbed his 
leg and threw him into the third guy. Then the second guy was back with 
a staff with a serrated blade on top of it. He lunged at her and she 

side stepped and he swung at her again. She blocked with her foot. Then into a handstand for her infamous leg grab. She pivoted him to the ground on top 
of the first guy breaking the second ninjas neck and at least two of the 
first ninjas ribs. The third ninja was a little more intelligent than the 
other two. They exchanged kicks. First he would and then she would match 
it until finally Sonya gave him a powerful kick to the head and he stumbled
backwards. He regained his balance and punched Sonya in the head. She 
ducked and grabbed his arm and kicked him in the ribs and smashed him into the wall.
	"Heads up Sonya."  Johnny had thrown a ninja in her direction. 
She held her arm out and the ninja smacked into it and spun round her 
arm and crashed onto the floor.
             They walked to the big table once all the ninjas had 
been dealt with.
	"Piece of cake." Johnny commented leaning on a Bo staff.
	"Piece of cake huh?" Liu looked doubtful.
	"Well it was easy for me." Johnny boasted.
	"Oh get over yourself." Sonya told the actors' ego.
	"What is it with you guys we're standing there not what more do 
you want?" He asked. They heard clapping and looked to ward the stairs 
opposite from then. Raiden was seated there.
	"Brilliant absolutely brilliant." His voice dripping with 
sarcasm. "Now why don't you show me what you plan to do about them?" 
He continued pointing behind them. 
	They turned round to find at least fifty ninjas, dressed 
the same as the last lot. This time they all had weapons made from 
steel which
looked rather dangerous. Sonya looked to the thunder God and prepared 
to fight. 
	"Ah-Ah-Ah I don't think so." Said Raiden laughing at the ninjas 
as his eyes and hands sparked with electricity. Sonya knew it would 
take a long time for her to adapt to Raidens strange brand of humor.
He lead the through the ninjas.
	"You guys are lucky he stopped us." Said Johnny throwing 
him the Bo staff he had acquired. Sonya grabbed his arm.
	"Come on!" she hissed. He reluctantly followed. Raiden 
lead them back outside to a place filled with those absolutely grotesque statues.
	"So now you've seen who you'll be facing in the tournament."
	"Who was that big four armed thing that I saw with Tsung 
and" Sonya looked disgusted "Kano."
	"That thing was Goro. General of the armies of Outworld and 
prince of the subterranean realm of Shokan. He has ruled Mortal 
Kombat under Tsung of course for the past five hundred years. 
He is very dangerous but not too bright."
	"Will Shang Tsung fight in the tournament?" Liu asked 
impatiently. "If he choose to as a former champion he has the 
right to do so. And he is far more dangerous then Goro remember 
that. Now I suggest that you all go to bed and sleep because 
you'll need all the rest you can get." The other two started 
to leave but Sonya lingered.
	"What is it Sonya?" Raiden was curious.
	"I don't want to fight in any tournament. I just want 
to string Kano up by his balls from some tree and watch a group 
of animals tear him apart." Sonya stated.
	"Graphic! But Sonya think why you joined the army."
Raiden was almost being nice.
	"To protect my country." Was the real answer but she had never told anyone that.
	"Then do your job Sonya because if you three lose then it's 
not only your country that's fucked but the whole world." Replied Raiden.
	"What about this Shang Tsung?" that was another main query.
	"He has something for you which is rather unusual. You are 
one of only a very select few women ever to compete in Mortal Kombat. 
Which means you'll be constantly discriminated against. Use this to your

advantage. Now I want to leave so go with your friend for they have a lot 
more worry than you."
	"Okay I get the message he with far too much power." replied 
Sonya her doubts for the moment quashed. Raiden rubbed his temples he 
could tell these ones were going to be a handful.
        Sonya caught up with Johnny and Liu who were waiting 
just round the corner.
	"What was that about?" Johnny asked suspiciously
	"About tying men up by their balls to trees." Sonya answered 
looking evilly at Johnny.
	"Is everything okay Sonya." Liu questioned her.
	"I think so yeah." She replied.
	"Where are you two staying." She asked them.
	"In the dungeon." Johnny said absolutely seriously.
	"You are kidding." Sonya didn't believe Johnny who just looked 
at her.
	"You're not kidding are you?" Oh my god she thought I'm in like the palace.
	"It's not that bad really." Offered Liu.
	"Where are you then Sonya?" Johnny asked innocently.
	"You want to see?" Both the guys nodded. "Follow me then." 
With that they took off towards Sonyas room. 
        When they finally got there after about an hour due once 
again to Johnny insisting that they follow him as he knew where 
he was going they arrived.
	Sonya went in first checking in the four corners, behind 
the door, under and on top of the wardrobe, under the bed and 
finally in the bathroom. Satisfied that no one was waiting in the 
room, she invited in Liu and Johnny. They like she had been were 
gob-smacked at the beauty of the room.
	"I think I'll complain to the management 'cause I sure as 
hell am not going back to that cell after seeing this place." Johnny 
said sitting on the sofa like thing. 

	"Maybe we should stay here. You could keep the bed, Johnny 
could have that sofa thing and I'll sleep on the floor." Liu 
spoke up.
	"Wait a minute I would like a fractional amount of 
privacy." Sonya protested.
	"Come on Sonya we only want to sleep here!" Johnny 
raised his hands in the air.
	"Okay then but it's mine during the day."
	"Done." Johnny agreed. They all decided to sleep in 
their clothes.
	"G'night Sonya." Johnny whispered softly. 
	His voice almost sounded like Daniel's. I will avenge you 
Daniel I'll kill every last one of The Black Dragon. Sonya had every 
intention of keeping her promise. 


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